100 thoughts on “7-8 Year Olds Training in Russia with Alex Antropov

  1. Самое главное сохранить у этих мальчуганов интерес и к хоккею и к тренировкам в переломное для них время 16-18 лет(когда на уме будут девочки ну и все такое ) , и тогда все у них будет хорошо, такие ребята точно не затеряются!

  2. Ребята, очень крутой российский проект по развитию электротехнологий. Если надумаете зайти то регистрируйтесь по моей реферальной ссылке @t обещаю 50 % от реферального вознаграждения перечислять Вам. Мой е-мейл будет вам виден, пишите.

  3. wwwwow… I learn quick for someone that's only been into hockey for 4 years, but every single one of those kids would destroy me…

  4. It looks cool and all, but this is kind of pointless. I mean this kids are talented hockey players, but none of this is needed for when the get into a really game.

  5. With this amount of training at 7-8 years old these kids are bound to have a high rate of injury’s. They are great skaters and technical players at young age but It all boils down to simple physiology.

  6. You can find camps of kids like this all over… anyway most of them won't make it to any pro level and will be burnt out as young adults 🙁 hope they are having fun though never bad to do some hockey

  7. I do this for my hockey, it’s hard! It takes lots of hard work! And I’m 13, this kids are 8-9 years old! That’s amazing!

  8. The USSR national team is the only team in the world that has never returned from the World Championships and the Olympic Games without a set of awards.

  9. I know this player type well, circus player. They are all stick-handling, even to the point where the puck is unnecessarily handled while skating in open ice. They are not team players, but only play for themselves. I've had guys play on my team that take out the ball and stick before going on ice, and that's the only skill they have = is not enough. Have kids learn to pass and receive passes, look for open ice, pass in open place where skater can go get it. Puck moves faster than the player.

  10. Привет вам с России, кстати предки Грецки были русские)

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