7 Checkpoints at Contact for Hitting a Baseball

Hey, what’s going on guys? We’re going to
talk about the 7 checkpoints at contact that you can use to check your swing on video.
Ok? For this to work whether it be in a game, or practice, or off a tee, you need your camera
to be perpendicular to where you’re hitting. So, if my pitcher is straight out there and
I’m hitting this way, I want the camera to be straight this way, on my open side of my
body. Ok? The 7 checkpoints… The first check point is that you want to have a straight
front leg at contact and you want that line that that straight front leg creates to go
straight up your body to your head. So, it’s going to be angled back slightly. Number two,
your back foot, you should be on your toe, or some guys are even slightly in the air
at this point, so you should be on your toe. You shouldn’t be on the ball of your foot
right here, after contact you’re going to catch yourself and be on the ball of your
foot, but at contact you’re going to have that toe on the ground or slightly just off
of the ground but you should have a straight line going up that toe to the heel. Number
three, your head should be over your back knee. So, you should have a straight line
going from your head over straight down through that back knee. So, if you’ve got the good
straight front leg and you’ve got your head over your back knee, then you should almost
make like a little triangle right there. It’s going to be, you know, you’re line should
be straight going through that back knee and the front line is going to be angled a little
bit. So, it’s not going to be a perfectly angled triangle, but you see what I’m talking
about. Number four, at contact obviously, you need to have your head on that ball, your
eyes on the ball. Ok? Your head should be down and eyes on that ball. Number five, your
hands need to be above the barrel. If your hands are below the barrel, you are not having
a good bat path and you’re probably swinging down on the ball or cutting the ball off.
So, your hands need to be above the barrel. Number six, your front arm, your forearm of
your front arm needs to be inline with your bat at contact. Number seven, which leads
me to number seven, is your back arm should be in a “Power L” position. So, it should
look kind of like an L which will put your hand, the hand on your back arm into a punching
position towards the pitcher. So, those are the seven checkpoints that you can check for
from the side. See what your swings looks like. Preferably get your swing in slow motion
on the camera and then pause it right at contact and then you can check these seven things
out and see where you’re at and see what you’re doing and then you can fix it from there.
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4 thoughts on “7 Checkpoints at Contact for Hitting a Baseball

  1. Good Vid.  This is part and parcel to being a smart hitter and working the count in your favor so you can implement YOUR swing on the ball and take a good rip.  So whether you are ambushing a first pitch fastball, or working the count to get something over the plate to your liking, that makes it much easier than having to protect 0-2 or 1-2 and your "perfect swing" goes right out the window. That might help Luis. 

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