7 Pitching Exercises | Baseball Pitching

Pitching exercises. There are a variety of pitching exercises
that players can do to make them more effective. For one, many players use what are
called therapeutic bands. These bands can be used to strengthen the
arm, and also used to protect it from injury, what
we call pre-hab. In doing
these pre-hab exercises, players can do internal and external rotation, as
well as go through their follow through by using this elastic band. Another drill that a lot of pitchers like
to use are called medicine ball drills, whereby they will incorporate their
hips as they pivot and release the medicine ball to a partner. These drills reinforce the notion that
pitchers must use their lower half, or hips, when pitching a baseball. Many pitchers like to do balance drills, where
they would stand on a balance beam or a bleacher, and get into the
balance point position. While
holding the balance point, they may get their arms into what we call a flex-
bow position, so they can get comfortable going through a delivery, even
though they’re on a balance beam or bleacher. Another effective drill is known as spot trills. In these spot trills,
pitchers will throw to a kneeling catcher of fellow pitcher, and work the
inside and outside part of the plate with all three pitches. Two seam fast
ball, four seam fast ball, and change up. In doing so, they’ll be 20 to 25
feet apart, and really work on location, and being able to have excellent
control of their pitches. Another drill that builds arm strength and
helps all pitchers is long toss. Pitchers can start at 50 feet and work their
way back to 200 to 300 feet, depending on the arm strength of the pitchers. By doing so, they will
strengthen their arm and get it ready for their next big start on the
mound. Other players like to incorporate weight trainings
such as squats and other strength training activities, while
others like to run, including sprints, pile metrics, and even long distance
prior to the season beginning. An excellent pitching exercise that all pitchers
can do, independently or with a partner, is the towel drill. With the towel drill, the pitcher will
hold the towel between their middle and pointer finger, with their elbow
above the shoulder, and come through with an effective follow through
across their partner’s glove. Independently, they can do this over a
bucket or over a chair. In doing so, they will work on having an effective
finish, and getting over the front side leg in their delivery. Another excellent drill is the ball up drill,
in which the pitcher will go through the arm slot that he will execute
when delivering a pitch, and he will make sure that his arm slot is in the
same location every time, and he might go through six to twelve different repetitions
by lifting the ball up above his shoulder and look at it, to make
sure that his arm is in the right spot. Pitchers can also do these drills in front
of a mirror to maintain proper clean repetitive mechanics. Those are variety of different pitching exercises
that players can perform.

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