8. Yardwork: Remove stump; English vocab – stump vs (base) tree

good morning welcome to Phammyz shed in
the video today I want to show you the first stump Shawn dug out and my
interesting finding how to use the word stump many large stumps like this were
left after the large and old trees here had been logged we hope that our
grandfather backhoe is strong enough to take care of its heavy workload
Doing yardwork to Shawn is like playing the backhoe the trailer the
lawnmower and the four wheeler are all his toys and he’s just like a kid having fun in his
own world it’s interesting that in our conversation Shawn used the word stump
not the base to mean the bottom part of a tree the difference is if the tree is
cut down then its bottom part is called stump
if not then that part is called base in Vietnamese the word gốc means either no
matter if the tree is cut down or not thank you for watching have a great day
and see in the next video bye

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