8-year-old Hockey Players Hitting 3D Printed Hockey Pucks

hey I’m Joel Rush your spokesperson here at
3D Printlife today we’re at the home of the Golden Bears Hockey Club it’s a youth team
here in Southern California now what I’ve heard is that these guys take their game pretty
seriously what we’ve done is ask them to replace their regulation pucks with our 3D printed
pucks let’s step inside the rink and see what happens these hockey pucks were printed on
a Hyrel System 30 3D printer the only printer that we offer that prints in up to four extruder
heads in multiple materials (Joel) Have you guys ever seen a 3D printer before? (Shaw)
No (Joel) This is your first time seeing it? (Shaw) I didn’t even know it existed (Joel)
so I want to ask you guys when you were out there Conner did you hit the pucks too? You
were playing with these? What did it feel like compared to a normal puck (Conner) it
was kind of easier to get up and it was lighter (Joel) because Shaw didn’t you say when you
went back to a regular puck it seemed so much heavier? Conner, if you could print anything
what would you print? (Conner) A flat screen TV (Joel) You’d print a flat screen television? I’d print
a flat screen TV, that’s what I need to do when I go home get a couple of those going
(Shaw) OK I’m going to print a Creeper actually I’d like a giant Creeper two feet tall (Joel)
hey I’m Joel Rush with 3D Printlife (Together) where we invite you to print things with us
(Joel) yeah buddy

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