9 Yr Old Hockey Prodigy

when we get twenty thousand subscribers
will give away a three nfl jersey of your choice so subscribe now i let me introduce you to all over wall
street is nine years old the portland maine junior pirates
existing in easy it is a nine-year-old playing
against twelve-year-old so it shows you how good he actually is this is a many
one-on-one tournament and uh… it’s possibly one of the best
shootout goals i have ever seen here’s the first of through videos a fantastic
trickle has become instant video sensations take a look at nine rohatyn
clear alma ralston of cumberland me and love sing the glories reaction
because the literally looks like someone just took his cookies
he’s standing there like what the hell just happened you see wall
street he gets the park on this he unmistakably
is blade heat whirls around the throes of behind his right shoulder behind his
back throws it into the net the goalie with
dumbfounded it’s possibly one of the vessels of ever
seeing the kids nine again by the way he said he practiced in about fifty times
he saw anyone on youtube in sought self goes to show you the youth of america
um… and uh… it in this it ought to do you do it it is dead so here’s the second goal that all over
wall street has done the kid is a freakin hockey prodigy is that is from
sweden here’s the second gold more of a lacrosse like golf here does ulster
about will try to make it twelve straight golden something’s gotta there
there were a job but when i like to ask what the state to
the first are the kinds of a mile and thinking about this is that legal is it not legal technically it is legal obviously got
away with it he could do it saying how he gets it on his stick i
mean look hockey is a heart sport which a lot of
people don’t understand uh… you know you can’t have the hand-eye
coordination the east you’re skating you have to stick to their and that he’s
skating any whirls it back and forth anne is the rate of release the oregon
go down the middle you know the left side ignored the right
side an n_h_l_ goalie might go out and try to hit him very uh… he’s nine
years old and saying if you were like twenty three you try to go out and hit
him while he’s trying to balance the pop on his on his stick and unbelievable go soul i’ll leave you
with this what is the best shootout goal you guys
have ever seen is it and me personally i think patrick
came from this past year gets a minnesota wild where he deak the hell
out of that room was one of the best goals i’d sing uh… to it to a deadly average trump uh… your favorite show no goals and i will put the best one up

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