100 thoughts on “A Beginner’s Guide to American Football | NFL

  1. You bastard NFL y u call priyanka "Arab terrorist " I think u r not human being nd normal person. I hate NFL🔫

  2. who else never played on a team before but has the balls to join a club and needs to know how.

  3. I am a soccer fan since I was kid. I try to understand this beautiful game to do not miss the superbowl but it seems that's more complicated than I thought. Any more detailed and simplified videos ?

  4. Playing football for my middle school team and I watched this cause it’s my first time playing and it’s actually helped

  5. they didn't even explain defense. oh wait nvm i might not have heard it because of how god damn the music is.

  6. I’m playing middle school football and I haven’t played foot ball in 2 years so I’m trying to remember the rules

  7. Trying to understand it bc my best friend loves American Football but can´t explain it to me bc I am really f´n stupid..

  8. ok so im confused does a team begin the game by starting a hike or what ever and try gaining 10 yards in 4 downs and if they dont then possession changes

  9. Me and my friend just started middle school and we are going to practice football all school year them summer break before we start 8th grade then join when we start 8th grade there are no rules that say girls can not join football

  10. Much simpler than I expected to be honest.
    It looks so complicated from the outside.
    It looks fun. But the player roles look a bit too specialized. Like the receiver literally just receives the ball and run? He doesn´t play defence? Doesn´t do anything else?
    Or is called receiver because he is the best at that role, but does other functions in the pitch too?

  11. This is a little inaccurate. They didn't mention that teams have the choice to keep the offense on the field for all 4 downs, and they shouldn't have said the goal is just to score touchdowns. Touchdowns offer more points than field goals, but the goal is to score the most points, regardless of how those points are earned.

  12. I’d love to learn this game but kinda don’t know where to start. Got myself Madden 19 on my PC to help me out but the tutorials in that game don’t explain much. Yeah, I’m a real noob. 😣😖

  13. They didn’t even get into the advanced stuff like…

    What is a catch? Penalties, onside kicks, interceptions, fumbles, 2 point conversions, safeties, 4th downs, overtime, the list just goes on.

  14. I grew up watching football (it’s my favorite sport) and I always knew the basic rules, but this video definitely helped me understand the game a little better. I wish they would make a longer version that explained all the other official rules of football.

  15. You forget to tell what the players are doing that are not carrying the ball. It looks like each team pushes against opposing team players.

  16. A one minute video explaining football lol it takes me at least 4 hours and 2 full game to explain this sport to my friends (im not from us)

  17. This is a very good video. Thanks for sharing. I think this video can even be better if the speaker's voice was louder, or if the sound effect was not too loud!

  18. Brit here. I've always been interested but still haven't seen a game and the rules are hard to read (dyslexic) so need visual examples.

    Hopefully I'll get to see a game someday, when I'm back over (if I can afford it). If they do the NFL in London again, it'd be cheaper for me to fly over to the states. London and traveling there from the North of England is insanely expensive.

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