Ahoj!. This is Zdenka. You’re
looking at this very empty set which will turn into Hockey Night B roll
filming said very quickly, very soon actually. As soon as I’m gonna
start bringing all the stuff in. And I’m gonna take you on the journey with me.
I’m gonna show you behind the scenes, what am I using, how I am filming all the
steps. I’ll share all the tips and tricks and also show you how I am editing this
b-roll sequence. As I was looking at my black background over there, I just
realized that I’m at the end of the roll. I have no more paper left so I got to be
very careful today not to damage anything because I don’t really have a
new one here. Got to order one. I have a guest here today. When I was looking for a model I didn’t have to look too far. I didn’t have to go anywhere because he’s
here in this house. His name is Milan. I thought he would be the perfect person
when it comes to hockey. Now, I’m gonna get in so much trouble for this because
he doesn’t like to advertise that, but once he was a player, a hockey player.
Professional player on a very high level in Slovakia, then he had a major injury
with achilles tendon. He is still very much active player. I am more of a figure
skater so I don’t know much about hockey. So I needed someone who can really help
me out, come up with some shots. This is a team work, we are making this B roll
together, hopefully you guys enjoy it and hopefully we can come up with something cool and epic. Well, the first set is built. Here is hockey
bench, sort of looks like a hockey bench and hockey bag. And we are
obviously missing the main person. There he is. Thanks for joining and we will get to it. The first camera I’m gonna be using
today actually it is the only camera I’m gonna be using is the canon M6 mark II. I’m gonna
be using just a kit lens 15 to 45 millimeters. The only challenge I’m
having a little bit is that the background is quite narrow, so and he is super tall
as all the hockey guys are tall, so I have to be really, really cautious what
I’m seeing. So we started with the shot as the bag was going down, the next
one will be unzipping the bag, getting the tape to tape the hockey
stick. I have to go a little bit higher because
I’m short obviously and I need to do a shot where he’s taping the hockey stick. This part where he is applying puck to
the hockey tape is something I would have no idea about. I don’t play hockey. I
wouldn’t even think of recording this, so this is how important it is to hire someone for a shoot where you need to film something pretty specific. I am filming
the entire shoot at 60 frames per second because I want the option of being able
to slow down the footage and still record audio at the same time. This video
is meant to show you that you can just have a basic tools to create something
creative. As you can see I have only one light here. The truth is, I was supposed
to get another one, another product but it didn’t arrive so I’m using whatever I
have and even though I have only that one light, you can still create pretty
dramatic result, so there’s no excuse. It doesn’t matter what the camera you have,
it doesn’t matter what light you have, you can make it work. So now the shot will be tying up the
skates and actually for that, I’m gonna try brand new tool which is a slider and
we’ll see how that will help to get very steady nice slow move showing off the
process of tying the boots. 1,2,3 go… 1,2,3 go… Right at this point I feel like I need
to explain something because we just realized that you guys might get really
confused. He’s wearing jersey which looks like Maple Leafs. We are huge fans of
Maple Leafs especially Milan but he’s wearing actually DANCO maple leafs.
Danko maple leafs. It’s not maple leafs. This is, this is a team he’s
playing for, so yeah don’t get confused here. The next shot I’m gonna be revealing him starting to watch his hockey game on TV.
Obviously it’s too difficult to bring TV. Yeah, we have a TV in the house but it’s…
I’m not gonna take it off the wall and bring it here. So I found this old
monitor somewhere in the storage , brought it here. The back of the monitor computer
monitor looks like TV so we are gonna fake it that way. And I have a slider
here again for that shot because it’s gonna look very nice and smooth…. 1,2,3, go… The revealing scene is done. In the next
set of the clips I’m strictly relying on his acting ability and we’ll see how
he’s gonna go because I need him to do a whole bunch of expressions as he is
watching hockey. And to be truthful when he’s watching hockey, especially Czech
playing Slovakia, I leave the house. Actually, I practiced last night. I was watching Leafs in Arizona. There you go. For the watching part I am using the F7 pokelite light. I did the review on this
light. Actually, I’m gonna link it in a video description below so you can check
it out. This light is awesome and it has a lot of special effects. There is one
special effect, it’s actually TV. It’s gonna be flashing the lights, making it
look like he’s seriously watching TV. So as I’m shooting this, you will watch him
to do a whole bunch of different expressions. I’m gonna be throwing stuff
on him and hopefully we will get what I need. Come on, come on…. get the puck. Goal! Goal! Finally! Boys, that is how we play. That’s how we play. That’s what we need to do boys. Let’s win this game. Now that they scored, we are actually
having a little break here too. It’s the commercial break. I think he’s sweating in that for sure. I’m sweating myself so it’s time for
some refreshment and as any hockey guy who is watching hockey, probably would
drink a beer. We have a beer here but just for your information, for filming
purposes, showing on YouTube, this is non-alcoholic beer so you can absolutely
drive after that. He’s not too happy about that but hey it’s filming set. On
filming set you usually don’t have a real beer with alcohol. So I’m gonna go do
a few handheld shots where he’s actually opening the can and that shot I have to
do on one take because we really have only one can here and then the next few
shots will be obviously as he’s getting refreshed and then we’ll go back to the
expressions for the hockey game. Rolling… The refreshment is over so the next job
will be him…. he’s getting hungry or what? No…the beer was good. It was good
apparently. Once a while nealko. Cool ,alright. So he’s gonna grab the gloves, he’s gonna
grab the hockey stick, he is gonna go back to watching the hockey. Fight him… fight him.. It is coming close, it is coming close,……….. goal…. and big celebration…. like really go go go…. sit down, go crazy… go crazy… yeah… Greet them… happy…. that’s how you play.
Perfect, so happy with you. Have a sip, have a sip, have a sip…..
perfect, okay. We’ll do it again. So cheer again, happy for them, yeah… so
happy need the results, cheers to you guys. And I think that that will be a
wrap. Thank you Milan for being such a sport. I gotta say it was a good laugh. We
had some good laughs. Even we’re shaking our heads what we are doing here but you
know what ….Well I tried my best, next time I will be much better. All right. So we will let him go and I’ll be right back. So the video editing software I am using
is Adobe Premiere Pro. Now you’re looking at the final edit of the hockey night
b-roll. I chose a very fast music, very dramatic music, so I wanted to edit the
video very fast with lot of drama,explosiveness, a lot of high
rhytm and obviously, this little piece which is only a minute and something
long, took me literally three nights. It was a very long editing because there’s
a lot of fast cuts and there’s also a lot of time ramping. I filmed everything
at 60 frames per second. Some of the clips I left in the real speed, some of
the clips I slowed down to 80%. Others I slowed down all the way to 40%. First
clip right here is just slowed down to 80%. The second clip has a speed ramp.
Slow at the beginning, fast and then slow again. Next two clips have speed ramp.
Again the next few Clips follow. These are fast cuts, until we get to this
flashing effect. I simply went frame by frame here and I cut it into separate
frames and erased every second frame. So when you play like this, you see that flashing effect. Another flashing effect because of the music and
it is right here. So what I did here, I cut it again frame by frame, erased every
second frame but then here I split actually the clip here in half and I
edit dip to black transition because I wanted something longer and at the end
of the clip again I did that flashing effect. When I was just erasing the
frames very simply put when I left that clip as it was, it was just very long and
if I didn’t do all these effects, it will be quite boring. It would not fit into
the whole thing with the dramatic music, so that’s why I decided to do a lot of
flashing here, a lot of cut frames. Next we are getting to the clips where
Milan is actually tying his skates and here I did a lot of speed ramping. I
wanted to emphasize the sound of guitar. And the sound of the guitar is kind of
long. That’s when he was pulling the strings. So let me play it now. That’s exactly it. So speed ramping
helped me to achieve that effect. Let’s talk about the sound effects. Now the
music is super powerful so I didn’t add that many sound effects to it. There’s
one here where he’s actually unzipping the bag. I have sound here. Then the next
sound was a tape, another sound which I also added was when he was opening the
beer can. That was a real sound. And then crowd cheering and booing and all that…
and then obviously the goal horn sound. So that’s it when it comes to sound
effects and by the way all the sound effects and the music I’m using in this
video and actually all my other YouTube videos are from epidemic sound. I linked
the epidemic sound in a video description below. I also placed the name
of the song because I know you guys always ask about that. I think it is
worth checking out, they will give you first month for free. They have a really
large library, let’s move on to color grading. Now I was using the adjustment
layer and I had to use actually two adjustment layers. The first one here has
a strong reason. I made a huge mistake when I was filming the first one, two,
three, four clips. They were actually wrongly lit. I forgot to turn off the lights
in the ceiling so there is a lot of orange there. So what I did here I was
trying to cool down the clips quite a bit to match it to the rest of the clips.
And for those interested, I created LUT from this video and also Lightroom
preset as I was colouring the image, the thumbnail and I placed it on my patreon
page. For only $2 a month you can get access to my Luts and Lighroom presets
which I’m gonna be adding on weekly basis. And now, let’s just go ahead and
play the final video again. Well, all I have to say now is hit the
thumbs up button if you liked today’s video, subscribe to all future videos
like this. If you have any questions, comments or simply want to say hi or
ahoj you can do so in a comment section below or let me know what kind of B rolls
you would like to see. What theme you want me to film. Challenge me, I don’t
mind and I will see everyone in the next one. Cau…. Ahoj….

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