A Dancer, Musician, Jogger & Handball Player Try Halo Sport – The Mario Marzo Series Trailer

ladies and gentlemen please let me
introduce to you the main characters of this video
22 year old incredibly talented boy named David Rees will sing some Beatles
for us. Do check him out he’s an awesome YouTuber. Frank de la Rica, oh if
you’re into Pilates I bet you know this name. He’s 44 and he’s also a runner,
you’ll see why that is important later. This girl right here is Silvia, she’s 20 years
old, she’s a professional flamenco dancer and she teaches flamingo, jazz
modern, hip hop, she does everything man and last but not least at all, Carlos Prieto:
handball player, Olympic medalist Do I really need to say anything else
about this guy? Now that you know my people, I invite you to follow us in a
video full of personal growth motivation, effort, sweat, but no tears,
results, and what some would say is magic. When in reality it’s just… Science.

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