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(Dez) – What’s up, everybody?
You’re probably wondering, “Where’s George?”. Is this even a coiski video? Don’t worry. George is still around.
This is still a coiski video series. I’m Dez. I’m the host of your
new favorite YouTube show, “Saturdaze” “Saturdaze” gives you the
student point-of-view of your favorite universities on a Saturday. So that means I’m taking you to the best tailgates, the best college football games, the best places to eat, and the best nightlife that your
favorite universities have to offer. So today we’re in Austin, Texas at Texas vs TCU and this is “Saturdaze”. *Intro Instrumental Plays* – Tell me the best thing about Texas woman.
– Texas women. They’re strong, independent, and they’re driven. They know what they want.
– Tell me the best thing about TCU women.
– They got daddy’s money, I guess? – Go, go, go, go!
– (Indescribable) – I don’t know what they’re saying. Tell me why Texas is the best school to
go to. – We have the best people, we have the best team, we have the best colors. – I’m just here to get drunk and have a good time.
– I’m down with it. – HOOK ‘EM!
– OU SUCKS! – Five-star recruits and TCU-
– He has a small wiener don’t listen to him. – Texas gets five-star recruits, TCU gets three star. – Bro I stopped listening after what she said. HOOK ‘EM HORNS! Alright, where we going tonight?
– You guys are going to Sixth tonight.
I mean if we win it’s gonna be freaking shit man. – If we lose?
– It’s still gonna be shit my guy. You’re in for it my guy. – Do y’all know anything about TCU men?
– Oh yes. I dated one. Umm. Just don’t. Just don’t do that. UT is definitely where it’s at. – Tiny C— University! – If you come to a Texas tailgate this is what you have to wear right? – Yeah, you got to have your cowboy boots obviously. Today, I’m wearing a white dress but if you’re not wearing a white dress you got to have orange. – The Horned Frogs are like basically losers like they don’t do f——- s—. – You want to wear it? There you go. Put your horns up. There it is. – Lets go. – Eleven. Twelve. Woooooo! Lets Go! – I’m drunk. So I’m at Pluckers Wing Bar in downtown
Austin at the Rio Grande location and I’m joined here with Dave. How are you doing?
– Good, how’s it going? – I’m good. So I heard if I want some really good
chicken wings and if I’m ever in Austin that Pluckers is the spot to go to.
– Pluckers is the spot to get the best wings in Austin. You heard right.
– The best wings? – Biggest and the best, yes.
– Awesome. – So the best wings in Austin has to have
a great story. How did y’all set up shop in Austin? – We came to school at UT as college freshmen
and we didn’t see any wings in Austin and my business partners
and I decided, “Hey we’ll drop out of school and open a wing place.”
Our parents told us you’re not dropping out of school. Worked on it for four years throughout
college and then a week after we graduated college we open the first
Pluckers here on campus. – So we’re at Texas campus and y’all are very
involved with Texas athletics. How did that partnership come about?
– Well we started to realize that the UT kids loved Pluckers and we like to associate
our brand with things that are winning and at the time UT was winning a lot of
football games so we decided to start a promo where we do five free wings for
everybody when they leave any football game or basketball game and it’s been great
promo for us. – So let’s talk about this menu a little bit I see a pretty big menu, but it’s pretty concise. The thing that I noticed though is y’all
have one whole page dedicated to wings and wing sauces. Tell me what are some
of these wings sauces that people are having. – I love to travel a lot. I cook a lot and
so if I’ll go to Asia I’ll get inspired by a Korean type of sauce.
If I go somewhere else I’ll get inspired by something else, so our goal is try to
have like great buffalo sauce it’s like everywhere else, but then also have
signature sauces you can’t find anywhere else and so that’s what Pluckers makes
it’s different and special. – What is the best thing about owning a wing bar in Austin and around the UT campus? – I think I love being affiliated still with
the university, through our sponsorships. It’s great coming on campus. I’m 45 and to get to come down and hang out at UT all the time is a ton of fun.
– That’s the life. It’s like I never left school so you know being at Pluckers sort of feels like college-y no
matter what store you’re at and it’s a great time. – That’s “Saturdaze”. I’ve been dreading it. I’ve been dreading it. I’ve been dreading it. The moment I walked in I saw
the photos on the wall. I saw the big words, the Wall of Flame.
What is this “Fire in the Hole” challenge? – “Fire in the Hole” challenge is if you eat 25, we’re gonna take it easy on you, you only have to do five. It’s cayenne pepper. It’s some of the
hottest Scoville unit peppers you can get. Fresh habanero and fresh jalapeno
and I’m excited to see you take these down. – I’m gonna need some milk.
I’m gonna need some milk. – Alright, here we go. A big cup of water and five Fire in the
Hole wings covered in jalapeno peppers and habenero peppers for you.
– Come look at this. (Laughs) I don’t wanna do this. Alright. Dipping in ranch would help? – Nothing’s gonna help. Just being honest.
– Alright, I’m gonna do this one because it has less on it. It hits your nose like a Mike Tyson hook. Oh my god. – It’s like Mike Tyson said
everybody’s got a plan until they get punched in the nose, right?
– (Coughs) Oh man. – Oh man.
– Give it about 30 seconds it’ll come on. – They’re really hot but they’re really good. Look at that. You weren’t lying when said biggest wings in Austin.
– Them big wings, yeah. – I can’t do it. My lips are on fire. People come and enjoyably order this? – We’ve had people that-the record-holders 180 of those. – Of this?
– Of this. The spiciest one we have. – We need to find that man. I feel like a tingle in my face. Am I crying yet? I feel like some weird things going on with my face. – You’re doing good. I don’t think so. Once it’s on your lips,
it’s on your lips. – It’s like it’s like my face is like it’s tingling like, oh my, I hope I’m
not allergic. (Laughs) Alright. Last one. – You got it. – Last couple bites. – Congratulations. Good job. Five Fire in the Hole. You got through all five. You actually got most of the
meat off the bone. I’m very impressed with you. – Hey man, I’m just glad this is over. Great time at Pluckers Wing Bar.
If you’re ever in Austin, at a UT game, get those five free wing coupons. Come do exactly
what I did. You won’t regret it. WOO! – I said yes!
– She said yes! We got a proposal on Sixth Street dude. I’m not gonna lie. That’s kind of a lame proposal at Sixth Street
like just on these bricks. This guy just threw up on Sixth Street. – Yeah maybe a little. – Did you guys hear you won the game today, right? – We won?
– Yeah, y’all won. – No way! F— we won! We won the game! – Go Frogs! Go Frogs! – Tell me whats the best thing about Sixth Street. – Honestly, the people.
– The people? – F— TCU! F— TCU! – He’s not nice but hey. – So why is this the best place to go to?
– Man, it’s Texas. – It’s Texas. It’s such a combination of
people you feel me. like you always gon’ enjoy yourself out here. – Hope you guys have a great and safe night. I’m gonna go get an egg roll but I’ll see y’all later. – Keep Austin Weird. 2016 anything can
happen. – It’s, wait, it’s 2018.

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  1. Anyone else notice the tv saying โ€œOhio State vs TCUโ€ which was the week before the Texas/TCU game so he had to of went to pluckers the week before…

  2. I was at that game it was crazy and I got that pluckers coupon it was mad loud at the game my ears are still sensitive

  3. Iโ€™m just now seeing this, and I saw you at pluckers bro trying to do the scene where you enter pluckers about 20 times haha, come back to Austin bro! Iโ€™ll get you to another football game ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿฝ HMU

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