A Football League of Their Own

(upbeat music) – [Sam] Girls are just as
good as boys in anything. We know how to hit, we know how to run, and we can definitely play football. (girls chanting) – Go, go, go, go. – So, when I heard boys chanting, ‘Beat that girl, beat that girl.’ All it made me want to do
was beat them even better. (girls chanting) (upbeat music) – I’m Sam Gordon, I’m 14 years old, and I started the first
female tackle football league. I’ve been playing with the boys
since I was nine years old. In my very first season
I scored 35 touchdowns, about like 1900 yards. Sometimes after I beat them the parents would come out onto the field and grab their son’s
face mask and be like, ‘Don’t let a girl beat you.’ I wanted to start the girls
tackle football league after talking at a school assembly and asking the question, ‘How many girls here would
want to play tackle football?’ Almost every hand in the room went up. So, I got the idea, like, okay, if there’s this many at this one school, imagine how many there are in Utah, or just in the nation. So, I talked to my dad and he
talked with some other people. After a while we had the first season of the Utah Girls Tackle
Football League up and running. (whistle blowing) (man shouting) – Football is the last
frontier in girls sports. And if you think about it, girls can play on girls
teams in every sport that you can think of, except for the country’s
most popular sport. (people shouting) (whistle blowing) We limited participation to 50 girls, those spots filled up in less than a week. The following year we had a hundred girls, and then this season we’ve had over 200 girls who are playing. (people shouting) – [Sam] Every year we keep getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger. (girls chanting) It would be amazing for it
to go into high schools, colleges, and even its
own professional league. And that’s going to be
a tough goal to reach, but I am really ambitious, and
I feel like we could do it. With the girls, you could tell that everybody really wants to be there. And so, everybody is just super into it and always willing to learn. (upbeat music) And with the girls every
practice is just an awesome time. (upbeat music)

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