A New Friend!? | Minecraft Undertale Hide and Seek

Hey Guys! Aphmau here, and Jay today we are playing Undertale Hide and With…. Max!…. Where’d he go? Max?! Hi! Ross… yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah | AANNNDD…… …in his very first recording ever!~ *gasp* Oh boy…. It’s the ”Button guy” from my channel! Will! What’s up! Is that your name, “Button guy”?! No…. Yeah! Very nice! Your name is “Button guy” now! Heh! It… “Butt guy!” | Its… *laughs hysterically* No, not… …Not “Butt guy.” No… *laughs* *giggles* Haha! | *Inhales* Huh? It’s KamiWasa! He’s playing with us for the first time in this first recording! So everyone give him a big round of applause! Yay!!! *short quiet claps* Woooo! *sarcasted claps* I’m excited! Yay!!! *giggles* *breathes* Anyway! We are playing Undertale Hide and Seek! Max… Y-You don’t, I have… *whispers* I don’t hear anything Max | I apologize! It’s okay, it’s good! Anyway! We are playing Undertale Hide and Seek! Remember guys! If you enjoy this episode, to be sure to leave a like, a comment, and check out the description down below… …For everyone’s channels. Without further ado. Let’s go ahead and begin! *whispers* So I can make out with my annoying dog!*breathes intensely* I’ll make out with my annoying dog! I like dogs! [Undertale Hide and Seek begins] *gasps* I’m seeking. What am I? I’m Frisk! You’re Frisk. Ohhhhhh! I am termination! look at your hands ,ok What? It’s still you. yes!.. be distracted by my adorableness for the next 17 seconds nope I’m outa here ooh.. oh no nope I’m goin no why’d I say anything *laughs* no… uhh.. ooh. yass yass uh…bu-but if u stay jess…you could become the annoying dog but I-I is this actually snowed in this is assss snowed in this is actually snowed in yarr yeah this is- mk I never made it dat far w ross never made it that far into the game…ha ha wat!!!? he never beat it.. no I- I- sonnnn I passed toriel,i stopped playin’ an then I was there when you beat it you were not filled with determination wait-no.no.no ross watched me played that’s right I forgot very good he knows he knows bits and
pieces but like easy never played himself you gotta play the rest Ross and fill in
the gap on my balls go to call it yes i have your colleague long leg not
colleague you go calling but Carly grass fire me because I like to get an
education I don’t know Bob’s my favorite I don’t want to get too lies now on the
verge ‘ok to tempt that’s what’s your breasts kami impression and I’m gonna
I’m gonna get you can just do voice lines for Kenny and I’m just like making
little any animation . right is it your view looks good this time Josh I’m get I can’t find anybody I saw
somebody I just don’t know how to get up there forever and you actually passed me
max – easy 100 be ax Hollywood in no it’s too easy I’m not criticizing action give me a
distraction of well eating your tears don’t let her be said it’s fried I saw
something on you said she satisfy what does that have to do with my god oh my
god oh my god so yeah but right yeah all right all of this like when you run
you can see his i owe anything to drink will ya i know i think it’s fine well
now you don’t know yeah you’re right they’re going to go where do you go I see a frisk all right but i had to get
up there I’m just had to get up here I gotta let
me quit on top of that my god hey guys we get yeah but it would have
asked you to follow us yes seconds to find Rocco on the course
he’s just really is probably new tree may be arranged with big blue in a glue
and just want to give you a magma hugs didn’t I just see bulk and running to be
a glue my temple oh there you are good job read a book called Ross is cool Rose it’s cool i put all the blame on well if
that becomes York Times number one bestseller and lost his cool uh-huh ya allah wills sikhi i’m gonna go
get jacks if i pay him off maybe one tagging don’t
care don’t take it look it look it scare you Ross Ross you been from bromborough problem you know yet you’re not gonna listen to my song i’m
listening to your song but I’m so wrong you son ramram but will the program from
remind us all right two more two more two more you’re so
good at a talent it’s so good he’ll just think I’m art oh I’ll be right here to support you how much do support rock I support him
with all my heart well then why did you why did you hang
up the picture on the fridge I do I don’t know Michael I didn’t hang up the picture on
the fridge drop by drop she didn’t die rise take us
right to where are you just don’t give a stuff I don’t see well so I think we’re in the
clear just to be able to flee carefully all you’re going to say hello oh it’s got a prize first I’m just a
tiny i want to give you the pros and cons of tag video yeah fine then I’m gonna have you really
been having yeah yeah have a rockin you there we go right here you just sit
there is something so just a roster win here I look there what yeah oh yeah oh yeah
nice shot from start barking barking bark gesso shark figure out if i could
get like where do they even make the food and groupies um well they make the food and the back where’s go back just tell me flakes that’s that’s all there is this all
there a magician that was just the main ingredient is just one box chemical leak
on the table I left there a while ago oh yeah yeah I
kind of figured that because you want to stick around for 10 min flakes Ross nada
no I never stick around because kids love the taste of my Tammy flake cry
love Timmy flake when did you bring it out to making
cereal what I didn’t want to get tagged yeah I thought that any sponsorship would
save me hey hey now let me see let me satisfaction is
not going to be said to have run with you on the quiet I see the purpose formats this
negotiation tactic which tags you yeah max is a really negotiation tactic
but your little tiny blood is look at that horrible . i’m covered booty no I’m adorable sweetie sweetie get away
from my booty booty I got that body part no you don’t you come here let’s go find
wheel I’m distracted by your butt no i was
gonna help you stop looking at it oh no don’t tell me to keep looking at
boo it will look about you who booty say no
you want I just oh my god I forgot oh yeah tags allow rapid hey oh please oh please Benny so far so good i don’t see your first uh-huh they don’t let that place is gonna be
just me again you did it it gives me and Max keep my
little wire no don’t do it don’t make us remember
when i said i left the spot and you looked anyway it’s not like why why
should I leave with like what I don’t know what you want to have a bad time no I’m gonna have to do you want to bet
you want to that’s gonna have a bad temper No are
you sure you want to attempt a bad week like I don’t want us to go away you
doing thank you to that time I guess what I sit down to grow it Oh gonna waste loading oh whoa whoa whoa the world to me what well well yeah well
will you come out willingly hahaha – and one right you’re not in here not appear he’s not
in sand rooms not this time not that i would I hide
the same place twice good point because only work one yeah we
have a problem this one smart oh no wait a minute Mac haha guardian /
Ross you can’t be ng are all together thank you because you’re all the old
enough to feel part of what we’ve got here look look guys no fine right here it’s not gonna be
crawling remember I’m a big boy well then we will affect that you guys
are in the bars dead giveaway despite this is without a far as it
thank you boy Ross and I were you I they always do we actually lost her no will look I love him out also the
matter over here c’mere dog work of art work tom white bike a bike park a
blackboard put house for war get a damn it yeah between you and me a bitch and I’m
so cute look at me well my weight and my daughter are you
know I dress my side haha cool trick up truck hello uh-huh a wolf once guys like okay
everybody take this into consideration jess is the secret we can all work
together a bike bike bike bike bike bike bike bike bike bike ride on a place of
like I’m going to see me the backpack quack quack quack mark work hard for your card for
keyboard Shh I’m just gonna enjoy my team your
tiny little time here because I’m like wobbling everywhere and I’m so happy
about this I like it this is heaven yeah if you
don’t get us you could be the annoying dog her longer yeah sure but i think i might just take
up that offer in like next three – 29 minutes of this video will just be
me waddling around the annoying dog so I hope you guys enjoy this um because I greatly much am and I would
like her to more fanart of me as the annoying dog um all look I didn’t you know i’m not
i’m actually showing chef I welcome to my short sure what would you like Mike put it doesn’t work for me I could
bring it cryst barking at me it’s weird I want fan out of me as the annoying dog
annoying Aaron if that if that could be a thing and me is froggatt and will is
strong it and and Ross’s Ross and max can be max I want to be a plane about
rosters anyway I want to be a helicopter like .
however the Dead Sea plain like a nice look like this fighting to everyone just by being super
chill about it at the LA you don’t find them like we don’t plan
on finding and you find him I think you’re the annoying dog you just
like come on you just stumble across every one that is a little i’m so happy
i like not happy right now like my happy meter is all the way let’s tear down this happiness no like
my happy meter just went that’s what we look like it went up in
flames when it went both local Iraqi I play the harp it was my it was my passion is to send
their play the harp it was my passion for fashion fad was
hiding spot ten bucks i’ll sell them out oh but I don’t have you in bucks right
here always know where is the box that month all right i got a smell money you give
me more each money hey don’t got money to do it yeah I got some money I got money I
don’t think you have money they got money look here now go now go find them and not me Oh
hacker haha you betray your raw she will betray
what you know she will i bought I bought um you don’t buy it I usually consequences more money ma’am
ma’am more money i have a brand oh he saw
through your dirty little trick I knew you were holding out on me I had a bread dough bread dough get it
haha Dora and oh uh huh we could do it we’re determined I i am about up that
too good do i do it do you know what I don’t want to good duh duh duh duh duh duh duh I understand that were playing undertale
might even that song had doing nothing to do with anything what do do do do I’m singing due to
being a door to be with it’s no good dead as I mean you never know now it makes sense that the house or
just I don’t have finally and then repay your song and then we’re going to delude
good good i don’t like donor yes well what wow . our that’s cheating every cheating you’re just jelly yes
this is my life well I’m Karen only oh ok with this I’m idea i’m gonna lay here with me did you pick ok guys will thank you so much for
joining us for this episode of undertale I didn’t think remember of you ended up
stuff leave a mark Wolfie deep and grab any
adorable everything everyone move around we’re all gonna
stop on the counter okay so we all just plop it okay yeah yeah you’re right one plop way
to help you get them all just don’t get your thigh is amazing
three digging through one walk in and take care guys bye yeah yeah

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  2. Max : Swigli sougli let me go with my body D:

    Aph : swigli sougli let me have tath body <3

    ME : swigli sougli let me HAVE THE ANOYING DOG <<33

    (Live à like if you say dath or no plzz ? )

  3. Me in 2016 what are these characters two years later oh my God is frisk I already know what undertale is aaaaaaaaaa

  4. So cool video 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

  5. Im doing a Genocide and im worried about my own mind state because when im doing a Genocide i smile because I think its funny.. But in pacifist i dont smile at all because I take it seriously….

  6. Temmiiiieeeeeeeee went tooooooooo colegggggggggggg
    Me:I am the embodiment of Temmie XD XD

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