A Paraglider and Air Traffic Specialist Becomes a Hypnosis Professional

Next up is Meggie Houle.
Meggie what would you liek to say ? it’s been wonderful it’s
life-changing for sure and there’s a lot of people out there that don’t know
how to reach other people to help them and they don’t really know sometimes I
think that they there’s something disturbing them so they distract
themselves with other things um just for example like a pro guy and I see a lot
of people that just jump into Park guiding so much um they just do it all
the time I heard of this one so they’re all over Paraguay is it the same for
people of running I can run too much and it could be like it it looks like a
healthy habits but there’s actually something I’m in the grid of that and
they try to avoid so I’m I want to reach those people that don’t know it actually
like you know if you find their way to you as purple them say hey you know
maybe you need to you know just a little help there you know yeah that sounds
fantastic yeah and where are you gonna be practicing um so I’m gonna be
traveling all day which my business is called navigation hypnosis on the
eastern side of Washington Moses Lake minashi
but I want to try to reach through some public speaking business and you know
just travel and like you know bring awareness yeah not just of people that
actually don’t have that in the community right yeah so just how people
know what hypnosis is because there’s a lot of misperceptions out there yeah
yeah that’s a big part of hypnosis hypnotize job and so I can’t wait to see
you out there yeah I know put it on your

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