A patient’s experience with breast cancer

When I lay down on the bed, I found some little
beans, kind of a little bump here. That was really unusual. I had a phone call and I was
told they found cancer. My family is living in Japan so I called and talked to my mother.
I talked to my friends, but I was really scared. I was not able to sleep the day I heard. I was told my cancer is not aggressive, but
still I want to take it out as quick as possible. Because I don’t know how fast it is going
to spread, even though it’s not aggressive. So I was a little bit panicking, having anxiety:
how I’m going to work. I’m alone here, so who can take of me? I’m not good at asking people for help,
but this time I asked a lot. They recommended mastectomy as the best option,
but they can do a lumpectomy if I wish. I didn’t want radiation at all. My family
is in Japan and never visited me here. I’ve been here four years. They finally came to
visit me after the surgery. My parents and my younger brothers and my sister-in-law and
2 little nephews came to visit my place. And they were playing and talking, so that was
actually a fun week after the surgery. I feel better and also I feel I’m getting
stronger—it’s a really quiet moment, it’s a meditation.

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