A Visit to Wat Phra Bat Pan Kham in Northeast Thailand

we’re going to to go up these steps behind me to a temple up at the top that has a buddha statue i might try to do a hyper lapse up there it’s still cool, it’s not super hot yet, so i think it’s a good time to try and go up here and check this out, early morning with some good light i’m halfway up the steps now and the buddha that you see behind me here is actually a Burmese style buddha he’s a bit different looking than the Thai style buddhas that you see at most of the temples i’ll take a few closer shots here this is a classic Thai reclining buddha you see these, not at every temple but at a fair amount. one of the nice things, we are here so early so we are literally the only people at the temple i’m able to take a lot of shots without being intrusive on other people which is nice. we finally made it to the top of the stairs the sun isn’t even that high yet, it’s not even 7am and it’s super hot you can see i’m sweating, it’s crazy but, this buddha, this buddha looks awesome so we’re gonna walk around, check this out, and then back down and breakfast time. i had actually planned to hyper lapse this buddha because the pictures i had seen online looked like there was a flat surface all the way around. but there’s not, it goes up and down, and only on three sides so i couldn’t actually get a full 360 hyper lapse this buddha temple is really cool and Jib and I are actually the only two people here and Jib, i think is is probably more likely in these rural temples? Jib: Yes, 50 kilometers from the city yeah, any temple i have ever been to in Bangkok is packed with people, tourist, Thais, it doesn’t matter but here we are literally the only people, there’s not even any monks. which is cool because it gives us the opportunity to film and not really intrude on other peoples time here

20 thoughts on “A Visit to Wat Phra Bat Pan Kham in Northeast Thailand

  1. Gorgeous views, excellent camera shots, and great musical transitions. It must have been amazing to film & narrate the place. 🙂

  2. Perfect to have the location all to yourselves to film and to enjoy. Thailand is still on my must visit list.

  3. Love those shots of the big white Budha and indeed it looked so quiet! Beautiful.To bad you couldn't do any hyperlapse, we're just learning how to do those at the moment and it's definitely a lot of fun!!

  4. We love how you talk to us and explain how the temple is working! We will keep watching for sure!

  5. sawadikap bro , ha ha . Man , even I half Thai , I not even know all this so details . You know what , from this video I learn the buddha statue info from you .

  6. Nice tip about visiting more rural areas to experience places like this without having to deal with crowds. Your video is sooo clear – thanks for listing your gear in the description!

  7. That's awesome that you got to explore it alone, looks like a nice little spot to spend some time exploring. This is the first time I've stumbled across your videos. Great work! I've subbed for more. 🙂

  8. Looked awesome! I'm not a fan of going to crowded tourist attractions either. Looked so peaceful there with no one around

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