AA Stellar Rescue – Smart Breakdown

[Lister] No power. Zip. Everything’s dead. [Kryten] Initiating Starbug’s emergency backup lighting. [Rimmer] Kryten, are you picking up any major errors? [Kryten] Only Mr Lister’s haircut, sir.
[Laughs] [Lister] Don’t worry guys, I’ve got Smart Breakdown with the AA. It sends them your vehicle’s fault data, so the mechanic should know what’s wrong before they even get here. [Rimmer] So they’ll already know you’re a complete gimboid, then. [Dramatic music] [AA Man] Alright, lads? [Rimmer] Yes. [AA Man] I see you’ve got a problem with your — [Rimmer] I’m pretty sure you’ll find, me laddo, it’s our anti-matter fusion drive. [AA Man] It could be if you had one. No, it’s actually — [Rimmer] Our Electromagnetic Proton Chamber. [AA Man] You don’t have one of those either. You’ve got a flat battery. [Rimmer] Ahh. Just as I suspected. [AA Man] Must have been drained by something pretty heavy duty. [Lister] Any idea what? [Loud dance music plays] [Cat] Don’t just stand there looking ugly. Get me a coffee! [Red Dwarf theme music plays]

15 thoughts on “AA Stellar Rescue – Smart Breakdown

  1. That was awesome. Life long dwarf fan and professional driver who has been saved by the AA many times, so right up my alley

  2. Being a massive Red Dwarf fan forever, this is great. If they did that here in Canada, more than half the population wouldn't have a clue. Are there plans for another?

  3. and here i thought that hologram matrix was bringing down starbug, you can see why with rimmer blaming it everything else

  4. It's not the first time that something he was using drained too much power, the start of Series IV, Episode II "DNA" showed that…along with the Mutton Vindaloo Beast.

  5. The ship breaks down after the female mechanic ballsed it up, had to send a bloke to fix it. (Casts line)

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