Aar Paar – Judgement Day (2004) | Nitin Kumar | Genelia D’Souza | Hindi Dubbed Movie

How dare that Bhikshu Yadav
threatens you in my area? Rascal! Kadher brother!
don’t worry, l will take care, l will chop him into pieces. l don’t know about
these mafia and tussles, that Bhikshu Yadav is threatening me,
if I complained about him to police.. ..he’ll kill me. l’ve no other way.
Hence, l’ve come to you. He is just one of the
rowdies of dad in town, He is transgressing only recently. l have asked him to come,
He would come like a dog. He would salute you in front of dad. l thought that guy would be
scared by our threat.. ..but he has gone
and complained him. This Narayan Rao is dangerous!
Do you think we’ve erred? We are just 6 people,
Nobody will be there for us if he kills us. He is powerful than us. -Greetings sir! -You rascal!
How dare you threaten Kadhar? Will you do business
in my area? How dare you? l will stamp you to pieces. Live carefully if you
care for your life. How dare you mock at me? l will kill you if you dare to
interfere in his affairs again. Are you so arrogant? Are you confronting me? Kadher! Are you getting scared of this fool? He is just a my dog. Mad dog!
Mad dog! What are you staring?
Kill him! Stop! Don’t touch it
before you kill him. People would mock at you
for being unfaithful. Come to us after killing him. No, what is this? Why are you being unfaithful? What are you doing? Please leave me. Uncle! Narsingh! You grew up in our house,
Leave me! Basha, you too! Oh God! -Stop!
-Let’s take money. Come! What happened, Uncle? You have 2 wives at
this age, still..! Why do we need people,
who would betray for money? Nothing brother! We are
here to settle a matter, Yes, yes! We’ll be here
again after a week. Listen to me carefully! We’ll come again after a week.
You go! Now it’s our house, Clean it, it looks dirty. This is our college
M.K.College of Arts & Sciences. Our college has a
specialty for the past 60 years, We strictly follow a syllabus
which is not in our book. That is to debate whether
arts or science is superior, To scold and beat each other. Even if two brothers join in
our college for arts and science.. ..they should be foes.
lt’s an unwritten rule. This is the well known
open secret in our college. That is our arts group. We are decent.
He is our leader Shashank! Our group’s name is ‘Claws’ to
show that we would scratch science group. Eagle’s claws is our symbol. That is our science group,
The name is Wings. Our discipline level is little low lf we both groups confront… Good morning, sir!
– Ya, good morning! -ls there any improvement?
-l’ve got good marks. He is our principal Mr.Sathyam! College physical trainer, Rafiq! We both groups like them both. Principal’s son Prithvi is
the leader of our science group! Wings and Claws! Both groups found Rugby as a
tool to show their grudge publicly. Rugby! We would fight each other, But won’t tolerate if
outsiders interfere in our affairs. Hey! Just write brother’s name only. We can write the name and symbol of the
party that pays us, later! Do you have permission
to write on the wall? What permission!
Politicians can do anything. Not only on wall,
l can write even in their hearts. College bell would be
hit if my name is said. ‘Black Bear’! Listening to this name people
piss in their pants, l am just quiet, because I have
to compete with brother, Even Chief minister and home
minister are ready to help me. l’ve such a rapport. Mind your business,
you are a kid, you won’t understand. Remove your hand from the pocket,
Put the buttons properly, l’ll kill you if you keep
your hand again, go. Who asked you to write on the wall? None.
l did it on my own. Remove your hand… ‘Black Bear’, is more dangerous then the
‘Black scorpion’! Have you thought before hitting? Don’t hit.
lt hurts! Are you ‘Black Scorpion’? The colour matched so l said that, Leave all that,
let’s come to a final decision… Don’t hit me so hard, I would be deaf! Oh God! Do you want me to hold legs,
hands or beard? You decide it, l adhere to your decision. Hit me, if l bargain or disobey! This is M.K.College. Not only the wall but
every inch here is our life, lf someone confronts us
their hands will be chopped, Erase totally and clean it. That’s all, consider it done!
Look how we talked over to solve it. God has given mouth just for that,
Why do you waste hand unnecessarily? Please go to class. You! Not you, l am calling my boys
Please go to class, Please go Come, clean it fully
like a mirror, go! What does he eat?
He’s so tall and hefty. Again the hand!
Just now we had settled. Please don’t use your hand, Let’s deal with
the God gifted mouth. Why did you stop writing? They respectfully asked me to stop. Who are they to stop you?
It’s not their father’s property. Write, I am with you. Can l write?
-Yes -Can l write fully?
-Just enjoy. l won’t stop, if
l’ve your support. You maintain your support. Write in bold letters. Why are you running?
Stop! Hey tall guy! Were you
staring at me? Come! l spared you because you’re kids.
l’ll thrash everyone of you. Why are you staring at me? l’ll hit in your eyes,
l am so powerful. Are you a big shot?
l am a rowdy myself! l will slit everyone of you! Why do you hit me? For writing on our college wall.
They too hit for that. Who are they to hit you?
Only we should hit you. Hey! This is M.K.College, it’s our life, Why do you look here
when he’s talking? Look there! lf you do like this again… Why do you look here again
when he’s talking? Look there. Listen carefully! The walls
should not be damaged. . . -Speak to them, aren’t they calling?
-Anyhow you have decided to hit, But don’t hit in installments,
Hit me directly, l bow before you. l’ll crush your bones. Go, carry on the work.
-l will clean it totally My assistant told me to seek
permission, but l didn’t listen, I’ll hit myself with slippers,
if l dare the students again. Because of this group tussle
our M.K.College of Arts & Science.. ..has become Arts versus Science. Traffic has been jammed here, Ok! Ok -Why are you irritated? -Shut up
-Not you, what were you saying? Don’t let him run, go catch him! Goal! Score 0 – 2 Ok! The game is good but it’s confusing. lt’s like Football. Football is
played with legs and Rugby with hands. ln Football goals should be
hit in goal post only, But in Rugby from that
corner to this corner is goal area. We get 2 points if our
guys put the ball on ground, They would get 2 points
if they put it on that side. Then whoever put the goal will get the
chance to convert the ball. Extra points if you hit
between these two posts. So, we get 3 points now. Ok everybody ready? Engage! Play on! lsn’t it foul? There is no foul at all in Rugby,
That’s why our guys like this game. Rafiq! l’ve told many times not to play here,
Look at the grass condition. Game will be over
if you wait for a while. Hitting each other, is it a game? Go, hit each other on road.
– Out….Out! Go there and play your lame game rugby, Go! You don’t even have a
ground in your college. Prithvi! Shashank, stop! Let’s go Come on! let’s go! They are enraged with our comment
about their college in our ground. . . Are you so enraged? See what he wants? C’mon, guys! Don’t hit me… …No, don’t hit me. You asked us to vacate the ground. Fine!
Why did you comment on our college? Sorry!
-Go, get lost! Oh God! Who started
this Rugby game? lt has swelled so big for me Why should the leg
fuss so much? Get in silently. Well covered.
Why don’t you go to doctor? No need for that,
lt’s in between massage and X ray. Get massaged by your mother. You should give good advice,
Mother would feel sad if she knows. Mother! -ls meals ready?
-Yes, dear -Why in such a hurry? l am going to second show cinema. But you are crippling? Have they restricted
entry for crippled ones? Have you come?
-Yes, mother! -l call you often but you are
always deep in studies -Oh God! You should eat on time. -Youth are getting spoiled.
-What happened? Always tussle. They form groups
and fight with each other. One boy’s leg and
another boy’s hand got hurt. One particular guy’s leg got so swelled,
that, l saw him covering his leg in shoe
to avoid his mom from seeing it. -Where dear? -ln Sandhya theatre,
where a new film is released. Yes! He is going for second
show in such bad condition. What is he saying? Dear, don’t go there, You are my only son. l can’t bear if anything happens to you. In your childhood, I never use
to sleep whenever you where ill. Tell him! -So many prayers, fast,
sacrificial fires -Mother, stop it, l won’t go, stop this drama. My sweet son! -Father! -Tearing the cinema
ticket is so amusing. -Dear, eat and
go to bed. l asked him not to go to movies. Am l
outdated to stop him watching TV? We have so many channels, Discovery channel, HBO channel. What is that channel, where
they’re clad in kerchief? Fashion TV You can watch that one also. lt won’t play, I have pulled out the wires. -You only asked me to watch it
-l will never lie. -This is Discovery channel,
HBO and Fashion TV -What!? l mean, these are physics,
chemistry and zoology records. You’re keeping it pending for a month. l will reveal about your Rugby
if you don’t finish before dawn. By the way! -What are you searching?
-Cigarettes. What do you mean? l mean, it is white and long,
lf puffed smoke would come. You mean, l puff the cigarette? How could l,
when mother is here? You are the first who
doesn’t believe his son. You’ve made me hurt. l think cigarettes are puffed through
boots and not through mouth, Stupid! l will debar you if you
don’t complete by tomorrow. What will he do? He doesn’t know about my network. What man? Hey, Spectacled!
– Ya! lt should be completed by morning, There shouldn’t be
difference in handwriting. How could there be difference?
Everything is written by me. Sorry…sorry….sorry!
-Okay…okay! Our tattoo girl,
She has settled in opposite house! What a girl! They have made you strongly
with concrete and clad you in cement. Hey! Kissing a pillar! Why are you jealous?
Will l reject if you want to see me? what? Why are you jealous? Will you kiss me? What happened? Jump over here, l will kiss.
– Okay! Kiss me!
– Noway! l didn’t mean it, go! Are you kidding?
Who is your father? He will decide. Oh God! No… How could you say no!
This girl’s dad! No! – Girl’s father, please listen! Oh god! Cancel….cancel. What is there to cancel? Oh no! What? Regarding the own ground. Why this urgent need? Weren’t you
playing in Gosha Mahal ground? They won’t permit anymore. We won’t play, even if they permit.
They spoke ill of our college. Sir! -Play in front of the college place.
-We can’t play Rugby there. No problem, nobody is concerned. Sir…sir…please sir listen to us. Everybody plays well,
if you consider. . . Ok, then! There is a vacant place behind our
college, you may clean it and play. That? Do you want us to clean it? What’s wrong in it? Both group can clean it jointly. The ground will be named
as Sir C.V.Raman if you finish first, lf you finish first,
it will be named as Amarthya Sen, ok! – We understood your decision, sir!
We will prove ourselves. Just wait and watch, who wins. Don’t just challenge each other,
Prove it in work.-Ok, sir! Ok boys! C’mon let’s go! Prithvi, stop it! I said stop it!
What is this? I hate this kind of behaveour. Who will win? Just wait and see. Ya! Wait and see. Why have you not kept
the vehicle started? Don’t overdo
l’ll pluck your eyes.. -Whom are you scolding?
-Your college guys What have they done? Nothing, they might err in future.
Let them get scolded. Stupid, he is sneezing! Go, start the scooter. That stupid sneezed when l am going out. Dad? Again sneezing! You should be thrown out
for doing this. -Come quickly father!
-Let’s go! Don’t get confused
and spoil your health. Everybody is nice in
our college except Prithvi! He is not so bad but sweet
How do you know? l know about myself
better then your father. -You! Where is my father? -l sneezed.
He fell down- How did you get here? Because backseat was comfortable..
Go slow. l am scared of 2 wheelers. -ls it so? -Yes
-Wait l will show my skill. Hey…hey…hey….Indhu!
Go slowly, l am scared. Indhu, please slow slow!
-Slow? -Go slowly
Will you sit in my vehicle again? l will…
l will never sit. Oh god! That Prithvi!
l tortured him. Out of fear,
he was screaming in road. He won’t dare sit in my vehicle again.
He is scared of my driving. What are you staring at? Yes, yes!!! Hey…hey…hey….Indhu!
Go slowly, l am scared. Hi girls! -Hi! -Hi! -What Indhu so late!
-I am sorry! What do mean, sorry? Hey boys! Hey girls!
Please listen to me. Ok ok! We do this party every year.
Let me explain it to the new guys. Boys would come wearing this mask, Girls would select a partner, He will be your boyfriend till the
party ends despite your choice For example. l like lndhu! l have to remain silent
if any other guy is selected. Everyone, please take it easy. It’s just for fun, ok?
-Okay! Wastrels! Look how they’re enjoying?
Look at their den compared to ours. l don’t like it. They shouldn’t
have what we don’t. -Shall we disturb it?
-Yes! We should see their plight
after we cut off power, cut it. Tell me which wire should be cut ls it this? No! Tell me, which wire should l cut?
Get down, we will cut. Get down, dear! Prithvi come, please save me. Come fast, please!
come fast or else they would kill me! Catch him!
Hurry! Could anyone run
so long with crippled leg? No more talks! Lift me, fast! Come Come He escaped.
-Give the mask. -Come!
-l am coming. -Let’s go quickly.
-Girls are waiting. lf a suitable guy is there
and he has fire in him.. We are the flames that will blaze you… To entrap, to flirt, you will forget
everything… If you have courage? Come with me…
lt is ok for me… lt is ok for me… Whether you agree or not
lt is ok for me!… Don’t mess with us…
You will be lost… If you have courage? Come with me…
lt is ok for me… lt is ok for me… Whether you agree or not
lt is ok for me!… Playing in wearing masks… Don’t mask your mind… The road you are on… That is full of thrones… There is a vacancy…
Take a chance baby… We are in same frequency…
Make a move baby… Give me kisses in kilo’s…
Up, up and above… Measure in inches and…
Don’t fight me… For the guy who can do things we like …
lt is ok for me… lt is ok for me… Whether you agree or not
lt is ok for me!… They are caught! Their faces have become pale! -Look at them
-How did they come? What should we do?
-We have to do something. Don’t mess with us…
You will be lost… If you have courage? Come with me…
lt is ok for me… lt is ok for me… Whether you agree or not
lt is ok for me!… At this time no matter if it is youth lt is ok for us We are coming now…
We are freshly at heart… Wherever we go…
The world follows… Leave the tantrums…
Come on baby, come on… Don’t show us your attitude…
Get on, baby get on… I will play every match…
Nobody umpireing… Come and face me…
Yeah…yeah…yeah… To be dismissed out of the game by you…
We are ready… We are ready… No matter if you agree or not… We are ready Thank you, man! Sorry guys! We are very sorry. We didn’t know who were behind masks?
Wasn’t it removed halfway? Despite revealing their faces,
you danced with them. It was our fault that we
were trapped and fooled. We shouldn’t fight among us.
They should be thrashed – Yes! Father, your actions seems
strange for the past one week. You don’t eat or sleep properly, Now you want to vacate this town
What contingency has come? We are living here for long.
How could we vacate suddenly? We must vacate to
save ourselves from Bhikshu Yadav! Bhikshu? What have we got
to do with that rowdy? You won’t understand that, Our plight is like this but
our ancestors lived like kings. They helped the needy generously, Bhikshu is eyeing the land
which they had donated. He is threatening to kill all of us
if l fail to give that property. -Let’s complain to police.
-l had tried everything. He would kill if l
don’t transfer the property. We would be disgraced if
we don’t listen to him. That’s why, we’re leaving
tomorrow secretly. . . Please leave him. What? -Are you leaving the town?
That is. . . -You know… Once he gets his eyes fixed,
every movement will be followed Bloody old man! I asked you to leave, You should have left, So, you are not scared about me! l don’t like people
who disobey me No brother! Please leave him. l beg you.
Please leave him. Shut up, do you still
need a husband at this age? Son! Why are you raging? Don’t you see the dagger in my hand? Shall l stab them? -No. l must get what l desire. l must get what l desire. l must get what l desire. lt’s interesting. This is it. -You go. l’ll tell you
-Let’s go! l want you to play like those boys. Go! Listen everyone. You would get the point, if you
put the ball that side and vice versa, It’s very simple. -Where is the ball?
-Where is the ball? He is the ball, get up! No! Oh God! Play with him. No… Brother-in-law! Even the baby in the womb
has a right over property, What if that baby files a
suit against us in the future? No.. -No, l beg you
-No! No! He is knowledgeable! He won’t make a mistake. Am I right? -Yes! Greetings madam! Write nicely and boldly,
it should attract more votes. Good morning, sir!
-Good morning! This wall looks nice, It is perfect for writing.
You write on, l will take care. Hey! Who are you? Are you a college student? No, isn’t it
wrong to write without permission? Remove your hand.
Remove your hand. Do you think l am a fool?
What do you think of me? l am ‘Black Bear’! More
dangerous than ‘Black Scorpion’! Whole city is scared of me. Hey! watch your words. Don’t point your finger, ‘Black Bear’ doesn’t talk,
He will attack in one shot, Go away! Don’t increase my BP, Wait, l will show my skill. Good morning, sir! The rowdy is not telling
the truth for the past 4 days, Even his limbs got swelled
but still not confessing. What to do sir? -Kill him in an encounter
-Ok! What about four others with him?
Interrogate them. . . . . ..if they don’t, kill them
one by one weekly Ok, sir! Who is he? Beware! He is ‘Black Bear’
He is more dangerous than ‘Black Scorpion’. l said it just like that.
l swear l am not fit to be hit. Have you come so soon! Take him
and make him wash toilets during day, lnerrogate him through
new constables during night, Third degree treatment like
plucking nails, putting ice.. Each day in different
police station, ok! Brothers, I am like your younger brother! Stop hitting me, stop! Not there please.
Forgive me! Thanks a lot. l experienced
6 months training in a single night. l am suffering alone,
why don’t you help me? Why not?
l had hurt myself helping strangers. Look at this bruise. ls it a bruise? This is actually a bruise,
look at the mark Then, what about this? ls it a wound? Look here! What about this?
ls yours bigger than this? -lt’s a sticker!
-What do you mean? -There is a difference between
original and sticker – This is real one. -Lying
-Bet? Ya, for 100 bucks!
Okay! Check yourself, ls it a sticker?
ls this a sticker or a mark? You lost, you lost, yes! Money? It’s 500 bucks. Let it be. 500 rupees! He is crazy. He didn’t believe me
when l said it is a mole. Oh my god! 500 ruppes! What girls, hows that?
-Great! He had given Rs.500 to
caress at odd places, Wonderful! Oh god!
-He would have enjoyed it. Prithvi! Water will part from nitrous oxide,
if ammonium nitrate is heated Nitrous oxide is also called… You carry on with your work, I will be
back in 15 minutes. Ok ma’am, ok!
Hey, madam! Will it really make us laugh? lt may not work for you
but humans would definitely laugh Buddy, lndhu is coming to hit you. Idea! Move away! You had cheated me, right! Move back! Hey, Prithvi! You are finished today, You made me fool? ls it so funny? Will you touch me
in the guise of betting? I won’t spare you, I dare you do it again,
-lt’s over! Watch out then. Why am l laughing? l couldn’t stop laughing.
-Will you obey me? -Yes, l will! -Will you come in my bike?
-Yes, l will! -Will you come to cinema with me?
Yes, l will! You should come
wherever l call, will you? -Will you come?
-Yes, l will! She would come! Listen, to what my heart says,
Come…. Here I am…
Here I am… Look into my eyes, be my love,
come… Here I am…
Here I am… Listen, to what my heart says,
Come…. Here I am…
Here I am… Look into my eyes, be my love,
come… I am your love…
You are my love… Come close to me… Here I am…
Here I am… Listen, to what my heart says…
Here I am… The whether has changed… Come to me, my love… The whether has changed… Come to me, my love… The fragrance has grown… There is a cold breeze… Everything seems new around me… I am lost…
I am lost… Everything seems new around me… I hate you so much… l hate you too much I love you so much,
you know that, already… You are allover my heart… What you feel,
I feel the same… I am lost…
I am lost… Ping pong! l have come to get the grill welded. Don’t worry man. Hold him! Stop! Hold him, hold! Constable, stop the car! Drag them… Come, get up Hit, don’t leave him. How dare you! Do you think you’re saved? l won’t
leave you. Let’s see who wins! Tomorrow, come with your whole group.
Let’s see who’ll win! Indhu, would belong to the winner! Challenge? Don’t you have guts? Challenge. How dare you?
l will break your bones. Go! Indhu…Indhu… Both the groups are fighting, Prithvi and Shashank are betting for you.. ..that the loser should leave you. Just because you are an ACP,
you can’t mark into my college, We’ll look after our tussles. lf they fight and die
it won’t be a college tussle, lt would cause a ‘law
and order’ problem. They’re students.
You talk as if they’re rogues. l witnessed both of them
challenging each other, How can l be silent despite knowing
that there’ll be a fight here? lt won’t be like that, They’ll fight today and unite tomorrow, -Should police interfere?
-Why do you say like that? lf something happens.. Take him! Inspecter, no! Fire! Fire again! Aim at the legs. Fire! Bhikshu Yadav! Bhikshu! Why have you come here?
This is a college tussle, You shouldn’t come here.
Go away! ACP Just because you’re clad in khaki.. ..if you interfere
in this unnecessarily.. ..your bones would get crushed Bhikshu Yadav! What are you doing here? Tell him! ln 1940 Nawab Mir Khasim
donated this place to the college, His son Khader was a minor then, He didn’t sign the documents
of the place donated, So when he became a major he
relinquished his rights on the property. -How can it be?
-That is law. That Khader’s son is Rafiq.. That is your Rugby coach, He has sold this property to Bikshu Yadav! His family has agreed to it
in writing. Read it. Our coach is not like that.
This is fradulent! We’ll appeal in the court. Even, that is also over, These are the notices issued by court
ordering you to vacate the place. Notice? When did they send us? First time, second time, third time.. Not one or two
Three notices.. Because you didn’t respond the court
decreed the property in our favour. Why do you waste time?
Let’s lock it and send them out ls it your dad’s property? The boy is talking too much, Show the court order to the police, They’ll vacate them. He is right! As per court’s order,
this property belongs to Bikshu Yadav. You please vacate this premises. Get out! Go! We couldn’t believe your
selling property to Bhikshu Yadav. They showed the documents, Court also has given
judgement in their favour, What happened actually? We didn’t sign that willingly. Be brave. These police and rowdies
always have a nexus. I said stop it. Don’t talk rubbish. How can you link him with me?
He clearly showed the documents, You too saw that? Principal sir! We can’t do
anything legally, That’s all! They won’t help, let’s strike
and make the government listen to us. -Yes, let’s go!
-Let’s go! You can’t achieve anything from it lt will appear on TV
and news paper the first day, lf some other scam erupts your
article will take the back seat day two, On the third day,
it won’t appear at all. This is what will happen. Listen to me,
join in another college. -What are you talking?
-What rubbish! -Stop
-What is this sir? Let’s appeal in supreme court.
l will try it in Delhi. -Be quiet until then.
-No sir -lt’s not right! -Bhikshu’s brother stays
in your area, isn’t it? -Yes! -Where does he stay?
-Sanjeeva park, near railway station. Shashank! Don’t take risk, it won’t
work if you make haste, Forget our tussle,
we’ll do it.. Why are you checking it?
You don’t trust me or what? lt’s not fake
Our ganja is pure. Seems only 2 of them is there I trust you a lot. Hey, Mali, Yaadri, Narsingh! Come here, chop them, kill them! Don’t let them escape. Go, climb! Climb! Search, he must be here somewhere. There he is! What’s going on?
From where they have come? How dare you hit him? Are you crazy?
Shall l show how it would hurt! Have some! -Smash him!
-He would feel the pain. Let it pain. Won’t you listen? No, hit him.
Ok! Indhu! l behaved with you badly, I am really very sorry.
It’s ok! -Hi! Your headband is nice. Hey babe! Prithiv is the best choice. Hi!
-Hi! Nice french beard, see you.
Let’s go! I see! l feel shy.
-Jay! -What?
-Take the razor. -Remove the beard.
-Remove. We are all united. Bhikshu is no more
an hindrance. Let’s show him our mettle. lf we err, there’ll be
loss of lives at both ends. Rowdysm is not our profession. Doesn’t matter. We shouldn’t leave him.
We are huge in numbers. He wouldn’t attack
when we’re together. He would attack
only when we’re alone. Everyone will suffer if
anything happens because of him. He has grabbed our college,
How could we remain silent? Don’t disturb, let him
speak completely. You tell! We are not going to
lose our college at any cost That is ours, will be ours. But it shouldn’t be
achieved through fighting, He is mighty but we’re intelligent, We’ll respond to his
illegal moves, intelligently! Our actions should
prompt him to go mad. He should feel the pain
but shouldn’t trace the source, He should lose his peace of mind, We should beat him in his every
movement and shock him, He should suffer and surrender, -Challenge!
-Challenge! First we should know
about his activities. He supplies ganja in milk can
He has bell shops also. He has a shop in Malkajgiri! A national party is going
to give him a MLA ticket. Political carrier. Hail Bhikshu Yadav! Dear party workers,
Bhikshu Yadav is. . .. …has joined our party. We are grateful to him for that.
He wants to serve the public, l am allowing him to contest in
MLA election in Madhakpet constituency. Hail Bhikshu Yadav! Bhikshu, sir! Cover him. Give good pose to photos,
publicity should be stunning. Hail Bhikshu Yadav! Hail Bhikshu Yadav! -What is use of this photo?
-Wait, l will tell you. What is their slogan? ”Your life
will be prosperous if you make me win” What is it now? ”l will chop you
if you don’t make me win” Well done man.
Show yours. Perfect! Call all of our guys
lt should be printed tonight, lt should adorn all walls
in the city. Ok You are finished Bhikshu! He’ll chop you if he doesn’t win.
Are you going to vote for him? How come my posters are here? ”l will chop you
if you don’t make me win” ”Even if one vote misses
l’ll incinerate the entire town” Who has stuck this? l didn’t know that,
policticians stab in the back. Someone might have done it out
of frustration for not getting a ticket. What are you doing? Things will worsen if you get
caught by public. Take the vehicle You’ve spoiled the party’s image
l never thought you’re like this. You can’t get votes by making them drunk,
giving them money, threathening them. l am not involved in that.
Shut up! You are not been nominated yet
then why did you stick the posters? No ticket for you, get out! We have done it, yes! Stop. Do you
know we should do next? -Challenge!
-Challenge! Hey, Indhu! What happened? Don’t touch me, just leave me.
-Why are you beheaving like this? -What happened?
-Do you need my help? – You rascal! Everyone has united, then what’s
the problem between us? Don’t you feel ashamed to talk
like that? How dare you bet on lover? Should l roam with whoever wins? Who the hell are
you to bet on me? l have some doubts,
will you clarify? You are saying that
betting on lover is wrong, Have I ever
confessed my love for you? Assume I loved you, Had l lost in the bet.. I would have hand
you over to him.. ..and ask him to take care of you ..and tell him that l won’t look at you? Do you really think that I would
have hand you over, tell me? What? Why don’t you answer?
Tell me! Where are you going without answering? l have to go home, My father has got groom photos, Not one or two but many, l have to see and select one. Cheers! lt looks sexy like girl’s hip. What a hip, buddy! What happened? What are you selling here?
ls it original liquor or a duplicate? -Hit him
-Have you contaminated it? -Go -Hit him
-Get out lt’s enough, get up. Ten people fell sick after consuming
fake liquor in Bhikshu Yadav’s shops. Enraged people attacked his shops and
destroyed property worth rupees crores. Excise department has cancelled
his license and sealed his shops, The details about the people
who got ill is not known. -Who are they?
-l don’t know. Nobody dare to challenge us,
Who the hell are these guys? They’ve spoiled our political ambition
and closed our wine shops, Had l known about them,
l would have killed them, But l don’t know,
l feel frustrated. He is already tense
don’t agitate him, We should find them out,
first we have to cool him. He should go there to become cool. Brother-in-law! Long time since
you had met Sasikala. We had tried in many places, this is
neither a student’s nor police’s house, Write beautifully. -Move on, go!
-Go! Are you a student? No, right? -Are you a police?
-No! Then, how dare you? Get out from here. Can you dare me?
Do you know whose house is this? lt is Sasikala’s house. She likes me very much. Have you ever heard of ‘Black Bear’?
He is very dangerous. He is more venomous then the ‘Black
Scorpion’. I am ‘Black Bear’. I will sting you to death. Make him understand who i am? lf l chop your head, it would
fall on your brother’s hands How dare he shows me that attitude. Do you know who he is? People should know about me
l don’t care about others. Have you heard about Bhikshu Yadav? Don’t talk about that silly guy, He would die in a second if he tries to
fight me. Is it? You dont recoganize Bhikshu Yadav! Where is he? ls he Bhikshu Yadav? why are you so scared? No, I am sorry, please forgive me. l will go. -What about Sasikala?
-She is like my sister. -You play inside, we’ll
play with him -Oh God! Take care of him very carefully. Come let’s go. Enjoy, brother-in-law What are you doing? l am Bhikshu Yadav! You will be attacked. Who is this? There is a bomb in her blouse,
lt may explode. -Come dear!
-No! -What happened?
-Don’t strip! Bomb is there -ls it new for you?
Look at me-Don’t strip Why don’t you openly say
that you’re not in the mood? Shashi….Shashi… Scoundrels! Take it! Bhikshu Yadav! -Are you still alive? Didn’t the
bomb explode? – Who are you? -Come out, we will show you.
-Be there, l will come. How dare you? Open that door. Dear, here is also wall! -He must be enraged.
-Yes! -Remove the sim card
-Ok! Hold! -What? Door is there,
why did you come through window? Brother!
Who built the wall? My father built it. Brother, your dad died long ago,
How did he come here? -He came from my loins,
you rascal -Brother, no! You stupid! Useless fellows,
where are you going? Brother in law, what happened? -What happened? Look there, they had
built wall across the door. -Who built the wall?
-Who built it? -We don’t know! l don’t have sleep, happiness, l am being attacked constantly. They are poking the
wound on bull like a crow. Who are they? Brother! -l will tell you,
-Do you know them? Yes, it was done by M.K.College students
after these guys fell asleep. -Was it them?
-Yes, it’s them! Sticking posters and closing
wine shops are also done by them. Thought they’ll give up
but they have retorted us! Go and kill them.
But where are they staying? Their address would be
in college register. Search for him,
Their blood should spill. Prithvi! You had guessed it right
They have entered the apartment. Ok, over! Bring the balloon.
Okay! Who are you? Where is the M.K.College
principal’s house? B Block! Fast -Come fast
-Throw it on rowdies Who threw this balloons? Who threw this balloons? -Why are you laughing?
-You too are laughing. Yes!
-Yes! Have you found them?
Have you killed anyone? Speak! Have you killed anyone? No
Why didn’t you kill? You went in groups
What did you do? We just laughed. -What does he mean!?
Why did you laugh? – We don’t know. We just laughed. You rascal! Can anyone laugh simply? Are you mad? Brother! Balloons fell and we laughed. -They fell just like that
-Balloons! How did Balloons come there? We don’t know, but it fell. You rascals! You have come without killing them! You were laughing! -They should be killed.
-Let’s go! Prithiv! Once they knew that we
are not in the apartment, they will come back we
should finish our job today. Ok, over!
-Over! Hello! Junst now 3 vehicles have passed, over!
-Over! Prithiv! -l’ve got the documents
-ls it so?-Yes! -ls it authentic?
-Yes, it is! -Have you checked? -Yes, l have
lt’s our college documents. We got it, come on! Stop the vehicle! – What happened? -Why did the
bulls scream when we left? Probably they were not fed.. Brother! They are in our house, brother-in-law! We can’t do anything
if we lose the documents. Search everywhere. Shashank! -Do you have documents?
Okay! Let’s go! Who are you? Come this side. Who hit you? Search! Search, this side Are you alright? Where have they gone? Go and search. Nobody is here. How dare they enter my house!? -Are they visible?
-No, they aren’t. Search below the bulls. Stop them! They are escaping
along with the bulls, catch them! -Where is Prithvi?
Hey, Indhu! Come! Come! What is that? lt’s saccharine! -For me?
-Do you want it? Yes! You’ll take my heart
with your sweet talks… You’re Bumble-bee, you’ll take all the
juices from the flowers… You’ll take my heart
with your sweet talks… You’re Bumble-bee, you’ll take all the
juices from the flowers… You’re scatty….
I am scatty… On that, I am at a crazy age… When he look into my eyes, my
heart starts beating faster… You’re the Sorceress….
You’ll spell on me… You’ll come in my dreams and
take away my comfort… I am scatty…
You’re scatty…. You’re beauty sets on fire… My heart is out of control…
I am crazy about your eyes… My eyes are dying to see you… Your heart knows everything, it
still acts as if it is innocent… Come to me, be my lover,
Stop shying… When you look at me…
I start breathing heavily… When you come close…
I am scared something will happen… It is hard to convince my heart… Listen me. -Go away…
Don’t go away! -Don’t come near… My heart is out of control…
I am crazy about your eyes… You’ll take my heart
with your sweet talks… You’re Bumble-bee, you’ll take all the
juices from the flowers… I will roam around like a free bird…
I will dance on the tune of your love… Make me yours, marry me,
We shall live and die together… I am dying to be in your arms… On that you have innocence in your eyes… Your walk is intoxicating, your lips are
as pink as rose, I am lost in you… What will happen? -Let it happen…
Magic of love. -Let it spread… I start breathing heavily, staring at your
eyes… You’ll take my heart
with your sweet talks… You’re Bumble-bee, you’ll take all the
juices from the flowers… You’re scatty….
I am scatty… On that, I am at a crazy age… When he look into my eyes, my
heart starts beating faster… You come on! You come on! You come on!
l am ready! At least we are relieved
by the stay order.. ..and prevented them
from occupying, Let’s wait for the
supreme court judgment. He can’t claim the property
without the documents, right? -Definitely, we can win the case?
-No, don’t take risks We have already got that. -Where is Shashank?
-Where is Shashank? -l don’t know -Call him! lt’s Shashank!
Hello! Bhikshu, Bhikshu Yadav! You had attacked us! You had troubled me a lot! How did you get his phone?
Where is he? l will show your friend
and my power. Don’t come here. What? Don’t come here. Leave him, don’t hurt him. Come. Hey, Bhikshu!… Prithvi…Prithvi…
-Someone stop him. -Let’s go! -Stop!
-Stop! Shashank! Shashank! Shashank! Shashank! Shashank! Hey, Bhikshu! Leave him,
don’t hurt him. Don’t hurt him. Get up! Open the gate. Shashank! Shashank! Are you enraged? Do you want to hit? Do you want to chop me? l will give that chance,
show your power. Not the fighting game, Let’s play your game, What’s that game? Rugby!
Yes, that one. l will give up
the college if you win, You should give up,
if we win. This wouldn’t have happened
if you had listen to us, You should have sign the agreement and let
us have that place, But you won’t,
Now suffer. What do you say?
Tell me! Don’t you have guts? Are you scared? Why do you want a college
for cowards like you? That’s it!
Are you enraged? Will you play?
Are you ready? Challenge! Challenge! Why did you accept game
with them instead of killing? We can’t get the place if we kill, They have obtained a stay order,
lf we go legally it may take a long time, So we hit this guy to make
them agree. And they have agreed. lt’s not easy. We don’t
know to play with the ball. We are going to play
with their body and not the ball, Dead bodies should roll over there
and we should get that place. -Does the patient have parents?
-He has none. I see! Spinal cord has injured, We have to sterilize and operate him, But he can’t walk normally. Doctor? Don’t worry about me, We must win the game, We should get our college back, We must get it. His every bruise should
remind us the challenge, We should win with that rage. Prithvi! You have hastened. -What? -How could you
commit without our consent? Our parents won’t agree for this, l can’t come. What if we lose limbs like Shashank! Sorry l can’t come! My father won’t tolerate, leave me. lt’s difficult, we can’t win without him.
Better, if you too keep quiet. lt’s difficult without main players. Let’s practice first. Keep running, boys!
Keep running. Go…go…go! Very good! Keep running. No problem, get up! That’s right! Very good! Do 100 push ups. Faster…faster! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… Come on boys, faster! Faster…faster! Welcome to the Rugby match. Bulls team led by Bhikshu Yadav and.. ..Eagles team led by Prithvi! Whoever will win, will get
the possaion on the college. So friends please be sited and enjoy this
exciting match. Indhu! -How did your father accept?
-l came in the guise of shopping. Hi Rafiq! Hello, doctor! Good morning, everybody! Seems we have a large crowd today.
Yes sir! This is not an usual game,
it is being played for our college, Parents have also come
along with the students. Eagles team is entering the field. All the best! Boys, we have to win in any case. Captains, Lawyers! lt’s our brother in law’s agreement You won’t have any rights
over this property if we win, look at it. Ok! Do you accept to this agreement? The game starts in 5 minutes. How many of us are here?
20 constables and 20 home guards. lt’s not sufficient
lt seems something would happen, Arrange for 50 more people. l thought you are intelligent, Why did you do this?
ls it for those guys? They won’t lose anything.
They would get the college if they win.. ..and join another college if they lose. Bur what about you?
Where will you go? l will kill you! Do you how l would kill? By keeping knife
on your wife’s stomach. . . I will kill all of you. Your wife, Your children, All of them would be killed. Ready guys? The game will be on as soon as the
refree blows the whistle. The match have started, Bulls are
attacking and Eagles too are attacking. Both the teams are struggling for the ball. The ball is now with eagles and they are
running to towards the post. Move! l had doubts and thought
you would come here, He would get beating
and you would see that, You would stop loving him
and l would be relieved. Look there Why are you staring at me?
Look there Pass the ball to me… The Eagles have scored a goal. Everybody is happy in the stadium. -Are you ok?
-l am fine, no problem. C’mon, boys! Fast…fast!
-Move to your positions. C’mon, boys c’mon! Take your positions.
-C’mon! Let’s go! Ball is with the Eagles now. Move…move!
-Bulls are charging towards the ball. The ball is with the Bulls now. C’mon boys go…
-Eagles have retained the all. C’mon boys, move! Eagles look quite excited. Bulls looks a bit frustrated. Push them hard. C’mon hold! Engage! Seems he is dead.
What are you saying? This is not new, l told Prithvi earlier,
but he didn’t pay heed! They are playing with Bhikshu Yadav!
He would kill one by one… ..he won’t rest until then. Bulls are in the attacking position. This is a tremendous contest going on…
-Backup…backup! The Bulls have the ball agian… Eagles are trying to get it back… -C’mon move! They are really struggling
to keep the ball… The whole stadium is excited… Push him! Push him hard. C’mon! The scores are tided now…
Bulls – 2 VS 2 – Eagles -Let’s go! -Let’s go!
-Let’s cheer them up! Stop, where are you going? Bulls is ready to kick the ball,
and this is a fantastic kick… The whole Bulls team
seems to be happy… The score now is,
Bull – 3 VS 2 – Eagles… The Eagles are trying very hard…
And they have got the ball… Boys, take your positions! Come here everyone! Don’t leave anyone,
let’s crush them. Get set ready! Engage! C’mon…c’mon! Hey, what the hell are you doing?
Leave him…leave him now! Leave him! What happened?
-Boys, stop it! Move back! Don’t fight! Go back, I said go back!
Stop boys, stop! I said stop, go back! -What is this?
-Go to your position. Move back, move back! lt’s a big foul, To hit someone in the game
is counted as a foul, No.5, no.21, no.2, no.16,
all of you go out. How dare you send us out? lf anyone of us goes out.. ..Bhikshu Yadav would come in.. ..he would play with you
not with the ball, Do you understand? Ok, guys! Penalty towards
Eagles, Bulls back 10 meters. -You are not taking action
against them -You are partial What is this?….
This is….. What rule is this?
-I am sorry! Ok, ball here c’mon! Take your positions. Bulls are strongly moving forward… Eagles are unable to stop them… There is a lot of dtruggle going on…
The ball is back with the Bulls… And there is a happy
atmosphere between them… Pass the ball, pass it over here. How would they win? Touch down… The scores are,
Bulls – 10 VS 2 – Eagles… C’mon boys! We have left with only 12 members,
the results are also down. Who is in forward position?
-I am Boss. Who is in centre? Bose is injured. l will go. -Who would
pass in the back if you go? What should we do then? Ping Pong
has his own position to cover. You are also fully packed.
-I will go then. You. . . Well done, take care! Coach! Please let us play. Replacement! Go, go…go! We took long time to realize.
That’s it! C’mon boys, c’mon! Engage!
-Get ready! The ball is with the Eagles now…
Bulls are trying hard to get it back… Bulls have brought down
a Eagles players… Trying to snatch the ball…
The ball is with Eagles again… Stop him! C’mon Chotu c’mon!
Pass the ball. Principal! Can anyone come alive?
You. . . Bulls has the ball, going
forward strongly… Eagles are trying to stop them…
But it’s a goal… Bulls 12 points… Good pass! Eagles have the ball… Going forward very strongly…
Created a gap… This is brilliant…
Oh, he is a bit late… Half time.
-What? Shit! Oh no! Second half will start after 15 minutes. They all will be finished in second half. Do you think playing with us
is like riding with girls? We will tear you and
throw you in the ground. Go away! Bhikshu Yadav! Why are you crying? lt’s not surprising,
we have anticipated it, Yes! Bhikshu Yadav’s man are stronger than you, They are experienced gangsters, They don’t care about death, You are nothing before them, You don’t have anything to face them… …Except the urge to win. That is enough to make you win, Do you know the reason for losing? lt’s fear! You don’t lose because
of your opponent, Your scare will become his
weapon and that would make you lose. How long will you keep
losing like this? Fight your fear, Overcome it! You’ll surely win the battle. Don’t retreat or give up
because you’re tired, Defeat also will turn into a
victory if you fight till the end. Should toil hard, heart should
explode and blood should spill, lf you breath victory
then none can stop you. Your courage, goal and
your right is your army. -Yes!
-Yes! Victory will always be yours
if that army is with you. -Yes!
-Yes! lt’s not the struggle
of only 15 people, Desires of 1500
people are behind you, lt is your life, lt is your future, You should win for all those people, This is our land, lt’s our own, Every inch of land is ours, Victory and defeat
differ just by an inch, One inch, one bloody inch! As a
team we will fight for that inch, We’ll fight keeping that inch in mind, We’ll take away what is
ours for that one inch. For that, we have to fight our fears, We have to face them and win at any cost.
-Yes! -Yes! Those who can dare death
only will be victorious, l am ready to die like that,
What about you? What are we going to do?
-Do or Die! -Do or Die!… Principal! -Have you asked your boys to
pack up? -Just be quite. Till now you have
watched 0 to 40 minutes… Now countdown will
begin from 40 to 0… Whoever leads at 0 time,
will be the winner… Catch him!
Take the ball. Take the ball. C’mon…c’mon…c’mon! Catch him…
Pass the ball. He is running. -C’mon…c’mon!
Go after him. Catch! Pass! Pass…pass…pass! We don’t know whether the ball fell
outside or inside the side line… Prithvi is asking the referee… Referee is asking the line umpire… Crowd appears tense… Let’s watch the reply… Was it there? Reply it again. We can’t find out from this angle… Let’s see if we can find
out from another angle… It’s…inside!
It’s a touch down. What are you happy for?
Sit down! Eagles are taking the kick, let’s see!
Goal! Eagles are on 5 points and
Bulls are on 13 points… Don’t get him get away. Take this, pass…pass! Ball is with the Eagles now..
They are getting away with it.. And it’s a goal… A beautiful goal… Challenge! Just 2 goals. Just find out, what they had
for drinks in the break.. ..we can offer to our people also.
-Replacement! Hemant, Prithvi come here! Giri!
-You sit! Don’t get carried away. -They are still leading with
5 points, So keep on attacking.
-Yes coach! We can review the situation
if there is any break during play. -Ok! But don’t give them a chance.
-Ok! Don’t worry about the injury,
Okay, go! High ball… C’mon…c’mon…c’mon pass! C’mon this way! Hey Aktar! Can they win in this 3 points?
Sit down! Sir, do you have a pen? C’mon..c’mon…c’mon, boys! That is the game, do you see that? Well done Bulls! Go ahead! Hit the more goals
and defeat them Do you want one more goal? Pass…pass… Pass…pass…c’mon! Quickly! That’s the goal, and
that’s the game, brother in law! -My son in law has put the goal, l anticipated it
Brother in law! Non Audible sound. C’mon! Grab the ball. Pass…pass…pass! C’mon pass! Who will win the match?
M.K.College will win… lf we have to save
ourselves from Bhikshu Yadav. . . Alla… Who will win the match?
M.K.College will win… Shankar Rao! Brother! They will surge with joy if they win, Arrange 200 of our people and
make them mingle with the crowd, If we lose, then they
should chop these boys. Nobody should be spared.
-Ok brother! C’mon…c’mon..c’mon boys! Life is set now… Go, move! How is your leg now? -Hold it -Leave me!
Why are you cheating? You should do only when
the ball is in your hand Please keep the peace. You. . . You enjoyed that? Referee, something
has happened here! What happened? Where did it hurt? Speak out! What are you staring at?
Help him get up. Doctor, doctor!
I got hurt here. -We don’t know anything. C’mon boys, get into your positions.
C’mon go..go..go! C’mon boys! Prithiv! Game is stopped temporarily due to the
serious injury of player no.10 of Eagles… The score of Bulls is 27
and 26 for Eagles… Eagles team must touch down
in 52 seconds for the victory… But their captain seems incapable… Without him it’s
impossible for them to win… This college and ground would
become Bhikshu Yadav’s property… Challenge!… Challenge! You Rascal! The win is ours… We will definitely win… We will definitely win… We owe it to yourself… We are ready!
We too are ready! We too are ready… The ball is with the Eagles… And
no.9 has pass it to the captain… The captain is running forward… A very strong contest… Bulls are trying to stop him… It is an exciting movement… The captain push him over…
And still going forward… just 38 seconds left… C’mon! The ball is with the Eagles… Eagles are moving forward…
But stop by the Bulls… He slammed him to ground…
Who will have the ball now? This is very crucial moment…
The Eagles has the ball… lsn’t it a touch down? He had definitely put
the ball down on time, We’ll have to wait and see whether he
dropped it inside or outside the line. All out!
Go back I said go back! No.16 out, no.7 out… No.9 out, no. 15 out… Wow, what a match! Yes! Told you before that we will win. We can fight 200 people, But can you fight 2000 people? Hey, ACP! Don’t you remember your words? Just because you’re clad in khaki
Don’t you interfere unnecessarily.. So I am going. Constables move back! Hit me!
Hit me if you have guts!

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