Abbas wickets against austrailia

sacré salmon is very interested he’s
showing the ball sign yes sir Cordoba more about the point did he hit it or
was it glove wonderful catch if that has hit the bat it all depends on the on the
soft signal is he has he hit the bat that’s the secondary but is definitely
taken the catch beautifully taken end up going food will keep it going through
for the couch keep me going food for the catch okay the catches being taken clean
knowing last ball today this Ravi says not out but I wonder if this will be
referred yes they are going to refer it and with the naked eye that looked very
very close oh that’s fine that’s okay that’s a fair delivery move on two
fronts on the screen vision please doesn’t look like there’s any back there
let’s just confirm that please revolt wretch all coming through now flatline
flatline yep go to ball track you an available place I’m gonna go back to
Ravi Ravi I’ve got pitching outside off impact in line and hits in the beverages
high numbers it’s taken beautifully ball that little angle going across a
left-hander and a bass is on fire he’s picked up three so far but that is a big
wicket and Sean Marsh on his way oh don’t worry about around the wicked
straight mid on shot Madan shot mid off beautiful delivery and necessity has
taken a good so confident in control and scoring it will the wonderful innings
under pressure big appeal for OVW what’s there’s some bad involve this Ravi’s
unmoved well I think surprise is asking him did it hit the ball first right just take that right back please
take that right back more coming in now now take you forward please Rick ball
coming in now yeah one more frame despite that what the bats know in here
it keep going through please always missed underneath the bat yeah just take
that out right back just just to make sure that the ball is definitely got
underneath the bar please so this flat line coming in there
flatline come in there yep ball hitting ground please go through flat line as
the ball goes underneath the bat and now take that through please
okay we’ll get a ball tracking when ready please

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