The Baseball Golf Swing Method is about adapting
your baseball swing for golf. But it also incorporates other elements of baseball found
in the throwing motion. I often tell people that The Baseball Golf Swing Method could
have been “Tennis Golf”, “Football Golf”, “Bowling Golf”, or even “Hai Alai Golf”. I
chose Baseball Golf because it is the highest participant sport in the United States and
the most relatable to students who come to me for lessons. But like other teachers, I
often find common ground with my non-baseball playing students by referencing the sport
in which they play or have participated in. Like other methods of swinging a golf club,
this is one way to swing a golf club…not the only way. However, I believe the Baseball
Golf Swing Method is the best method to teach beginners and the best model for struggling
golfers who need to change their swing for more consistency or greater distance. As the
name implies, Baseball Golf is a natural, athletic, efficient, single-plane way of swinging
the club centrifugally into the back of the ball. Like other methods, the Baseball Golf
Swing Method shares some principals. But there are some fundamental differences as well.
Thanks to my training with physical therapist at Emory University, I learned which muscles
to to train for golf, and how to train them in the correct sequence. The motions of Baseball
Golf are simple athletic movements found in other sports and can be easily learned by
people of average ability, average build, and average health. I invite you to try The
Baseball Golf Swing Method.


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