Accused Docs in Tadvi Case get Bail

On May 2019, at Nair Hospital in Mumbai, Dr Payal Tadvi committed suicide. She committed suicide as three doctors were harassing her and she was very stressed. As they used casteist slurs. On 28th May, the three doctors were arrested and jailed for 70 days. After receiving a No Objection Certificate from the CBI, the Bombay High Court on 9th August released them. By release, it means they were granted bail. Judge Sadhana Jadhav said that, strict rules have been given for the bail. These girls have to report to the Crime Branch every alternate day. They are not allowed to leave the city without the court’s permission. The Judge said that Payal committed suicide because of their bad attitude, which led to her extreme stress. She will not spare them and make sure they suffer for life. A person died because of them and it is very wrong. The Judge has taken away their medical license as well. This will not allow them to work. The Judge also said that colleges must protect children from ragging and should advice them. Ragging which is asking a person to strip, harassing them, ordering them to get water, food, etc. must stop. If it continues, girls will not go to colleges and remain home.

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