Hey everyone ! It’s 4am we just woke up We are at Theo De Blic’s And it’s time to go to Lake Garda ! Good morning Theo De Blic ! Good morning Maël ! I snivel this morning Maël. 4am that’s early…that’s really too early On the road again ! The season just began, I think I’m not ready ! Only a thousand toll left In Italy highway tolls are every 3 km This highway isn’t in a good shape We can see it’s italy ! Italy is also called the country of the thousand tunnels That is something which makes Italian trips kind of special ! (Theo) Tunnels are a way in and a way out ! Here we are finally ! Nobody’s died during the trip ! What is the program of this week Theo ? We gonna try not to kill our US student And if he survives YOU can call me for another training session ! Did you listen to that ? Theo is organising acro courses in Lake Garda For rich people only… Finally arrived at Lake Garda And welcome to…the car park ! A beautiful place ! Put all the stuff in the car ! Thanks to Tim Alongi for lending us his bike wich we’ll use to get the car back after the run OLD vs NEW Suspense, is it gonna work ? For those ho wander, this mountain “Monte Baldo” was built in 1983 by three chineese building workers which were just “hanging around” here in Italy Let’s go for the second day French bad joke (impossible to translate) Monte Baldo Take-Off Today in Freestyle Paragliding Stories we gonna answer the folowing question What is ? Getting the car with a rubbish bike After a good day of flying In Italy, the best still is the “Mozzarela-Tomato Salad” And, you see, the best things in life Are the simplest Third day with Theo De Blic Today is the last day to enjoy before the forecast turns bad before the rain so we gonna try to do some cool stuff shooting some images a bit of soaring isn’t it Theo ? yeah a little sessions of soaring could be nice with the 11sqm ! Shout out to Axel and Mathys (Fornasier) who are working hard in France meanwhile we are chilling and flying hard in Italy ! Yes ! Sometimes, being an acro pilot also means get bored… Meanwhile, let’s watch this ! Malcesine, small medieval village Built on Garda’s shores in Italy It’s a nice and quiet place at first sight Its small shops, Its small restorants, its small wine cellars and also its tiny streets leading to the small and tiny castle We are here, in front of this marvelous catle built 8000 years ago by a polish architect who wanted a casual house on a hill so he dicided to build this castle I wont have the chance to enter the Castle ’cause it’s closed for the day A beauty which brings tons of people from around the world However, since a few years, delinquency is sadly increasing Gnoccis traffic gave birth to insecurity and the locals dont want to go out at night anymore We can say that Malcesine is “The City Of The Extreme” At daylight it’s beautifull and quiet but when comes the night this place become a real cut-throat ! Many shops shut down and most of the resident are gone Those images are terrible Malcesine “The Crime Capital”, here delinquency is so high that we can walk around the streets without meeting anybody this is a real ghost town Everybody is gone right now The last people staying are still fighting against the criminals but they are giving up one by one, abandoning this place to its fate So, the third day is now over for me because of the rain coming from the north So I decided to stay here and wait I didn’t want to loose my time up there for nothing Theo is finally coming back from Monte Baldo So Theo, what’s up ? How was it ? Awesome, It was awesome ! We saw the snow up there What we gonna do now ? We gonna… Go home ! Yeah ! I’m hungry ! I can feel it was cold up there regarding to the quality of your jokes ! Yeah, it litterally cooled my jokes down Fourth day Our supplies are week The forecast is getting bad We are so tired hapiness is now long gone our jokes supplies are empty we dont know what to do Rain has blown our souls off We are ont the way back to the flat waiting for tomorrow that’s what we gonna do Here we are for this fifth and last day of this trip The forecast send us a surprise The snow is here We are about to take off in the snow while we came in short pants and shirts it’s gonna be really nice ! shooting Freestyle Paragliding Stories also means facing extreme conditions we passed from 21°C on the first day to -10°C no As youcan see around there is snow a lot ! Freestyle Paragliding Stories is also an adventure fighting against mother nature to give you the best images possible Freestyle Paragliding Stories is also about vehicles of the extreme ! To travel in extreme conditions This episode of Freestyle Paragliding Stories is now over I hope you liked it ! See you later And fly well !


  1. Notes as I watch:

    Yeah, acro season is starting.
    113 mph in freedom units
    I am NOT cool enough to pull off either of those sunglasses, not even close.
    Three Chinese workers built a mountain? Fake news. 🙂
    Is that called a "flippy stall"? If not, it should be.
    He's laying in the grass giving me a "come hither" look. Ok, I'll try anything once.
    Yikes, the crime is that bad? That stinks.
    Brake brake brake brake brake, release, brake, helico. Easy as that! lol
    lol at the rain causing acro pilot depression
    He switched sunglasses.
    You hitched a ride on some kind of snow cat, that's cool.
    High stepping the snow on launch, lol
    You didn't show us the acro run? RIOT!!!!
    (Actually, I wish you included it, even if it wasn't your best)
    Thanks for the video

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