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This is our home..
Shanti, how’s the house? It is very nice. Mother, Lata.. come, let’s go in. Lata.. my child, Lata.. As part of the road-widening program.. ..on one side of Gandhinagar road.. ..the municipality has
decided to demolish the houses. Drive on! Greetings.. – Greetings. Gurnatham brother has sent..
for the Dasara collection. So you won’t spare the police either. Head.. give them some
amount and send them off. How much? – A thousand! What, just a thousand?! Hey.. check the list and see
the amount marked for the station. Ten thousand, bro!
– It is 10 thousand! Ten thousand?
But last year we gave only a thousand. This is the amount for now. How much did the next station give?
– Check that out. They gave five thousand.
– Five thousand. Why do you demand ten here? Your station collections
are on the rise too. Just give it. If Gurnatham
bro knows this, he’ll get angry. Give it.. – Sir, the new CI is coming. Greetings, sir. – Greetings.. Welcome. Hey.. why do you address me like that? I guessed it was
you but was on my guard. Come in.. – Let’s go. He is Ramaiah. – Greetings, sir. He is Nookaraju – Greetings, sir. He is Jingili Venkaiah, PC. He is Venkataswamy, the head.
Put it on. – What about us, sir? You go and come in the evening.
I’ll talk to you. We can’t come again. Who are these? – They are Gurnatham’s
men.. he is well known here. You must have heard of him.
– Is he a minister? – No. An MLA? – No! A public servant? – No! A freedom fighter? – No! A doctor? – No! An actor?
– No! – A rowdy sheeter? – Yes! You keep quiet. Listen to me..
– Why did they come here? For the Dasara collection!
– Hey, you keep quiet. What? You come to the police
station for Dasara collection? Get out! Get out! – Listen to me.. Shut up! Out! Out! Greetings, brother! – Greetings! Greetings, brother!
– We got the collections. Collection from the new settlement. Greetings, brother! – Greetings! Collection from the market.
– Collection from old city. Brother.. brother! Brother, your father is calling you. What happened? – The doctor has come. He has come. Father, you called me it seems.
What happened? Brother,
he is afraid and very anxious. How much is the BP?
– Situation is close to paralysis. Fool, he has been paralysed long
time ago and lying limp like this. Tell me one thing..
what is the sugar level? He is close to death. He will ask you how longer he’d live. Tell him not to worry and
that he’d live for 25 years. Got it? – Yes! What’s it? – You idiot! The Dasara festival has come. How much collection
have you made so far? How many did you beat..
and how many to be beaten? If you can’t manage it let me know.. ..I’ll come and do the bit.
That’s what he says. Damn! The collections have come.. I haven’t counted yet
and not beaten anyone. They all are paying
up without a murmur. Ok, got it..
– What does he say now? Tell me. You idiot!
I am ashamed to call you my son.. You must collect not 5 but 10 lakhs.. That’s what he says..
What should I say in reply? Not 10.. this year
we will collect 15 lakhs! You take rest! What is it now? Ok.. I’ll tell him. What is it? Fool, if you collect
15 lakhs this year.. year he’ll collect
25 lakhs is what he says. Next year! Will he be alive tomorrow? I’ll cut you off!
Who do you think he is? He’s the master! Hey Chalam.. what are you doing here? I came to shop for Diwali festival. And you? – I too came
for the same purpose. You came with family? – Yes! Sivaji! – Yes, brother? He’s my brother. – Nice meeting you. She’s my sister – Greetings.
– What about your wife? She’s here too. Shanti! Daddy, I don’t get
the aroma of spices. Is Biryani not on the menu? You wait.. Biyrani must be there! Goat, chicken, deer, peacock, rabbit.. ..all would be there on the menu.
Right, sister? No, brother. I don’t eat all that and
the family too stopped eatihg them. But you were born and
grew up in the forest. Why don’t you eat non-veg? Forest? What forest? I asked Arjun about
your mother’s native place. He said Attili..
my wife heard it as Adavi (forest). You don’t mind it. – No! My wife has eyes on
her head and ears closed. Eat it! – She is from the city. She is a bit commanding.
That’s it. – Aunty! Do we have icecream
after lunch? – Yes! There surely is.
We saw your power yesterday. So we got a bucketful of Casatta.
Fill up! Daddy.. I will ask aunty
what you wanted me to. Will you get me two
biryanis in the evening? My boy..
what did he want you to ask me? Aunty.. silence! Aunty.. do you know
how to shoot arrows? Can you shoot with a rifle? –
Did your father tell you to ask that? Ask me and I’ll tell you. Your aunty.. ..can shoot arrows
without missing the target. She can draw pictures
on the wall with a machine gun. Is that true? Hey.. your parents named
you correctly as Simhachalam. What do you mean? – What else..
her looks pierced me like arrows.. Her words pounded me like bullets! How well you said?
I joked as your brother-in-law.. ..and you responded in a similar
manner. That’s why you are great! What’s it doctor?
– There’s no use. He may not survive. That won’t do.
Hey, pass me the currency bundles. Father.. see here. See these bundles. Smell the bundles! He survived the past
five years just like this.. Father! Father! Let this day pass. Today is Diwali festival. They will say you were like demon
Narakasura.. so died on Diwali day. No.. let this day pass. Father! – Master! Father! – Master! Brother, many people in the locality
trusted us and opened cracker shops. Shall we let them sell their wares? Hey.. who’s the one that passed away?
He was a tiger! When the lamp stays lit at his head.. can the people of
the locality celebrate Diwali? Go and get the shops closed! Light the crackers during
his corpse’s procession tomorrow. If anyone revolts, finish him off! The one dead is none other than tiger! Gurnatham’s father tiger has expired.
No one shall open their shops. No one shall celebrate
Diwali festival. Hello! – Brother, home minster
is on the line! – One minute. Greetings.. tell me. Brother! – Ok.. The police officer
has come to the locality.. ..and telling people to celebrate. The one dead is not a Mahatma
Gandhi or Jawaharlal Nehru. He is only a street goon. If he dies.. doesn’t mean that the
entire street won’t celebrate. The police department
is here to protect you. You may all come out and celebrate. We stand in your support. Please come out.. C’mon, come! The police officer is asserting
himself.. shall we show him his place? We came with many men
and spoke in their support.. still can’t find the courage? I will do it myself. My wife will light
the first lamp! Chalam.. Shanti, come here.. Come here! Light the lamp. Lata.. Sivaji, come here.
Light the lamps. Celebrations! Brother, all the relatives are here.
Shall we start the procession? No.. how can I send his body alone? Let’s first attack
the police officer’s house. Only after that the procession
of my father’s corpse! Run! Hey! Hey, I kept my father’s
corpse in front of my house. I am Gaddam Gurnatham. If you are born of your parents,
come outside. Come out, you bastard!
– Hey! – Brother! You go inside! – Sis-in-law, how
can we keep quiet when he talks crap! Do you want me to take it lying down? Hey, break open the doors! Strip his wife and sister
and take them around in procession. Sis-in-law! Hey! Leave me! – Let her go! Alas! Ouch! Brother! Leave her! Leave me!
– Sis-in-law! – Hey, leave them! Hey! – Wait! Leave me! Sis-in-law! – Boy.. just leave! Let her go. Please listen to me! I pray to you! Alas! Hey! – Brother! Brother! Brother! Hubby! My dear! C’mon.. I’ll shoot if you
don’t get back into your jeep. Do it! We’ll surely do that..
See there first! See there too! And see over there! Hey, you didn’t get it? You come to area
and into my stronghold.. ..and make people celebrate
Diwali when my father is dead? See now.. I’ll get the brains
eked out of your brother’s skull! Hey, you think my father is a demon?
He’s the tiger! Brother? – Hey! I’ll make your sister’s
life useless like mutilated paper. In a way that people of
this locality remember forever.. ..I’ll have colors
imprinted on her chest! No! – Do it now! Brother! Brother! Sis-in-law! No! – Hey! Brother! – Sis-in-law! – No! Leave me! No! No! Beat him! No! Leave him! Hold him! I pray at your feet.
Please spare my people! Why do you cry just now? Hey.. you keep my father
waiting to get cremated? Hey.. get tbe death band played! Tie him to the death bed! Whenever Dharma gets extinct.. this great country.. ..and there evil starts
to rule the world.. ..that’s when I reincarnate myself. Hey! Good morning, sir..
Except one or two.. ..the condition of all the others
is precarious. None may survive. For the outrage they did.. ..the killing spree she replied with,
is indeed fitting. Tit for tat! But.. – What? They are getting the warrant
ready to get Shanti arrested. She singlehandedly did what the
police force and even I couldn’t do. If they have the guts,
they should felicitate her. Who’s the scoundrel that’ll arrest
her? – Wait, I ask you one thing. Reply me straight.
Who really is your wife Shanti? The answer lies in
your question itself. Shanti is my wife. But before that,
she was ‘Adavi Chukka’! Chalam! – Tell me the truth
and save her from trouble. Today the experts came.
The blows she dealt them.. ..came from one who knows
how to crack nerves and break bones.. the forest tribals do.
That’ what experts said. They ruled that such talent was earlier
demonstrated only by Adavi Chukka. So they are readying to
reopen the case of the past. Hey.. you are known to be a sincere
officer. If you reveal the truth.. ..and we can convince that Shanti did
the right thing, we can avert trouble. Tell me.. Sister Shanti
is none other than Adavi Chukka. Isn’t that true? Tell me! Tell me! Yes.. Shanti and Adavi
Chukka are one and the same! ‘Sister, where are you?
– I am just beside you’ ‘Stop playing hide and
seek – Guess where I am’ ‘Like fresh shoots and
like honey in the flowers’ ‘If you hide like
that how may I find you’ ‘My dear sister,
I never go far off from you’ ‘Sister, where are you?
– I am just beside you’ ‘Stop playing hide and
seek – Guess where I am’ ‘The bangles have assumed
the colors of the cute green parrots’ ‘Their little steps are embedded
in the designs for the festivities’ ‘The god in the temple..’ ‘..he gave me an invitation’ ‘He made you ready to fly’ ‘We are a team like dawn-dusk,
the sun-moon’ ‘Sister, where are you?
– I am just beside you’ ‘Stop playing hide and seek’ ‘Guess where I am’ ‘It is strange that you
get tears when I am in pain’ ‘How can one eye smile when the
other cries? We both are like that’ ‘My sister is the best’ ‘She is my best friend too’ ‘May you live a hundred years happily’ ‘God sees our relationship
and celebrates it with all colors’ ‘Sister, where are you?’ ‘I am just beside you’ ‘Stop playing hide and seek’ ‘Guess where I am’ ‘Sister, if you get married and leave,
I will be left alone’ ‘You shall sleep like a dove
in my heart, we’ll never part ways’ ‘I’ll be like the kajal in your eyes’ ‘I’ll rest in your eyes like kajal’ ‘I’ll stay with you as
the decoration of your palms’ ‘I have a natural
ally born as my sister’ ‘Sister, where are you?’ ‘I am just beside you’ ‘Stop playing hide and seek’ ‘Guess where I am’ ‘Like fresh shoots and
like honey in the flowers’ ‘If you hide like
that how may I find you’ ‘My dear sister,
I never go far off from you’ ‘Sister, where are you?’ ‘I am just beside you’ ‘Stop playing hide and seek’ ‘Guess where I am’ Rahu.. Sakuni.. No.. we can’t make anything. Priest, I’ve been
observing since an hour! You are exchanging glances
and staring at the sheets. You don’t say anything.
What about the date? What is there in the horoscopes?
Speak out! Sir, I want to speak out..
but can’t decide what to say. Sir, our family has
taken oath by fire.. ..and obtained the
grace of goddess Gayatri. In the destiny written
by the Creator.. may find some faults.. ..but not in the knowledge
acquired by our family. The boy’s horoscope is great indeed! It is great! But the girl that
the boy would marry.. ..she will die just
within a month of marriage! May your mother give birth to a chick! Why didn’t you tell this earlier? If this marriage were to happen,
our girl shall die! If it doesn’t happen,
I will get a bad name. What to do? Bro-in-law, hold on.
Don’t get anxious. Priest, is what you say true? It is as true as the fact that.. ..the sun rises in the east! But you priests provide solutions
to such tricky situations! Is there any such solution?
Is there one? There is indeed.
It is written in the books. You must do the marriage just
as Gandhari’s in the Mahabharata. As per the proper
tradition and rituals.. ..the boy must first be
married to some goat or cow. After that,
the animal must be sacrificed.. ..the boy’s waist thread must be cut.. ..a turmeric piece tied to
it and the real performed with it. That’s it! Marriage.. with some goat or cow?! It’s upto you..
you may choose any animal you prefer! Shut up! Who do you think I am?
What do you think?! If I tie the nuptials to a goat..
they will call me a goat’s husband! If I marry a cow,
they will call me an ox! What would you lose..
you’ll say anything! You may even ask me to sleep
with that animal for better effect. Father.. you may say a thousand times! I won’t tie the nuptials to an animal. I’ll marry only their
daughter Vasundhara! Let’s see how she dies! – O sir! You are speaking out of anger! In our family,
people hold fire in their palm! My word shall never go wrong!
– Calm down, priest! Sit down, son. I’ll provide
a solution not in your books. Where do we have a dearth
of animals in this region? Or even of people
who live like animals? Hey, go to the hills and valleys.. ..and bring a tribal
girl in prime of her youth! I will marry her to my son. What do you say?
– This idea is indeed great, sir. Leave me! – Get in! Bring her on! Leave me! Let me go! Sister! Father! Sir! Sir! Sir! – Hey! Why do you enter? Go outside! Sir.. if we made some mistake.. ..please slit my throat and kill me. Sir, please skin me and
have shoes made for yourself. Sir.. my daughter is innocent! She may have crossed
your path in the forest. Please don’t harm her! Don’t harm her! Man.. we didn’t get
your daugther to kill her. She is destined to have a great life..
as the master’s wife! You are destined to be related to
the master’s family through marriage. How is that possible? When your daughter gets
married to the younger master.. is good for
the town and the forest. It will be good for your entire
community. This is the goddess’ order! Yes.. that’s why we brought her here. Your daughter will stay
here till a month after marriage. After a month, you may take
your girl and leave. That’s all! As you say, sir! If it brings good to the land,
the masters.. the mother forest and every one.. ..then, so be it.
If that is your wish.. be it, sir. So be it! Do as you wish, sir! ‘Sanskrit chant’ ‘Sanskrit chant’ ‘Sanskrit chant’ ‘Sanskrit chant’ Mm.. Huh! Tie the nuptials! ‘Stop playing hide and seek’ ‘Guess where I am hiding’ ‘Like fresh shoots and
like honey in the flowers’ ‘If you hide like
that how may I find you’ ‘My dear sister,
I never go far off from you’ Hey, Durga.. listen aunty! Sister is returning to the village.
Come to receive her. Hey, priest! 30 days have passed. The date for the new
marriage approaches in 3 days. Why isn’t that girl dead yet? If you say that the planets have
changed course and saved that girl.. ..I’ll cut your head off! – Sir! Sir! Listen to me. I held fire in my palm! I have the grace of goddess Gayatri! My word can’t go wrong. It will happen here just as it
happened to Gandhari in Mahabharata. What happened then? She will meet death,
either by default or if we kill her! Priest, you are very smart! Whether she dies or we kill her,
the result is the same! Sir, are you taking
me to my village? – Yes! We go to the temple first
and then to your village. Ok? Sister! Go and worship the trident. Go! – Ok.. Sister! The forest! The forest! It is a forest that transformed
Siddhartha into the Buddha! A forest taught Alluri
Sitaramaraju to fight. A forest converted Komaram
Bheem into a revolutionary! It is the small cinders
that flare up as big fires.. burn down a corrupt society
and create a new world order. We shouldn’t be assuming that
it is a fascinating world out there. There was a time for the right route. It means the days of
following Gandhiji’s path.. ..and doing Satyagraha
like he did in the past. But now, it is the time
to take the wrong route. Wait! Hey! – Hold on! It is not a demon in Khaki
or the spirit of a money lender. She’s a little girl. What do you think this is?
– They are bombs! What will you do with them? – I’ll
throw them on the landlord’s head. I’ll reduce them to ashes!
– Fantastic! This is commitment! Move on! ‘Let’s get going’ ‘Let’s go marching’ ‘We shall establish a
new world order here and now’ ‘We shall decorate the forest’ ‘Let’s get going’ ‘Sanskrit chant’ Where did that girl vanish? Where did she go?
– Let’s look that way. Where is your child? Where did you hide her?
– I don’t know. Tell us where you hid her.
– I don’t know – You don’t know? You lie to us! – I don’t know, sir. I don’t know, sir. – Get up! Get up! Tell us where you hid her. Please believe me.
I don’t know where she is. – Tell us! Where did you hide your child?
– I don’t know. I don’t know..
I don’t know what happened to her. I don’t know anything.
Please spare my life. Please don’t kill me! Hey.. something fell in the trap.
Let’s go! Something fell in the trap! We thought it was some beast..
but it’s a child! Who’s this girl?
Where did she come from? My dear.. since we are childless,
god sent a lovely girl to us. – Yes! Foam is coming from her mouth! Alas.. a snake must have bitten her! Hey, come. Let’s pull the child out! Hey, did you see this..
Gauri and Shankar! O Chukkamma.. did you get the rabbits? Hey, if she gets a rabbit,
she’ll put them in a cage. Since I found them on Friday,
I named them Gauri and Shankar. Are you going to call
them by that names? – Yes. Gauri.. Shankar!
– Ok, call them as you wish. Hey, all of you see these..
Gauri and Shankar. What is that Chukkamma?
– Gauri and Shankar. Mother! – Don’t you have enough?
Why get more? I found them on Friday,
so named them Gauri and Shankar. Open the cage. Ramu, Laxmana, Sita, Yadgiri.. ..this is Gauri and this is Shankar.
They are new entities. You shouldn’t quarrel
with them since they are new. You all should eat only
after these two eat.. ok? These are not listening to me.
– Are you doing that? – Ok, give it. Sister.. sister! – What? Come here once.. – What is it? Come here once.. – What is it? Come, I’ll tell you. – Tell me. Sister.. see there,
our rabbits are not to be seen. They aren’t there?
What happened? – I don’t know. Ramu.. Laxmana.. Gauri.. Ramu! Gauri! Sita! Sita! Ah.. what great rabbits, sir! I don’t know what your
grandpa ate in the past.. ..but you are having a great
feast in this village today. Go on and enjoy! This tastes great! This rabbit has good meat on it. The fat is dripping off it..
Enjoy it, sir. Sir, you too should enjoy the meat. Have a drink too! What are you eating? Just
close your eyes and ask yourselves. They are rabbits that
don’t harm even an ant. They are like little moons. What harm did they do to you
that you are roasting them? – Chukka! If you want to eat, there are
tigers in the forest. Why not them? There are lions too..
why not hunt them? There are huge elephants.
Why not roast them and eat? You won’t do that. You are
scared that they may kill you! Damn! You are not humans.. you are demons. God will do proper
justice to all of you. Hey.. wait. God may do
whatever he wishes with us.. ..but I cast my eyes on you. I saw you with both
my eyes full of sin! Venkaiah! – Sir? – Who is she? She is.. she is.. She is his daughter. – Is it? – Yes! Great! – Hey, is she your daughter?
– Yes, sir. In that case, I won’t molest her. I don’t know how to do that! – Sir! I won’t rape her! – Sir! I can’t do that!
– I fall at your feet! Hey, what should you do now?
– Tell me, sir. You must strip her naked! – Sir! I must see that with my eyes.
What do you say? Ah! What a powerful desire you got! You are an Englishman’s grandson
and must maintain that stature. Go! Go and strip her!
– Sir, I pray at your feet! I raised her with a lot
of love and sparing no effort. Please spare my child,
I pray at your feet! Hey! If you don’t strip her.. man is ready to do that.
What do you say? I’ll do so the moment you
give me the permission. – Go on! Hey! Hey.. catch her! Ouch! Leave me! Bring her along! – Father! Chukka! – Alas,
what are they doing to her? Sir, please let her go! O god! – Don’t do this, sir! Hey! – Leave me! Hey, leave her! How dare you beat him! Get lost! Ouch! Hey.. they are striking
from the trees! They are on the trees.. run! Sister! – What is it? The higher officer
has come to the forest. He is a higher one
than the bearded man. ‘Sanskrit chant’ ‘Sanskrit chant’ ‘Sanskrit chant’ Greetings, sir. – Stop this! What’s this?
– Worship of the land – What for? The sir is not keeping well of late. He is getting a guesthouse built
here since the air here is clean. With whose permission
is this being built? Stop it! I ask you.. with whose permission
is this guesthouse being built? Hey.. didn’t I say that as per Vastu,
there should be no tall trees here? Why didn’t you get them cut?
– Stop it! Answer my question first. With whose permission
is this guesthouse being built? If you don’t reply to my question.. ..I’ll cut you to pieces! Hey.. get up from here! Go away! Sit down.. you all wait! Who is he? Who is he?! He is the new forest officer. What if he is the new officer? How dare he come to
my field and ask me to go? Is he out of his
mind or got more power? Shut up! How can you own
any land in the agency area? What is your caste and race? Are you born in the
hills or are you a tribal? Which tribe are you born in? Or are you born to the forest
without real parents? – Huh! Hey, what do you think of our father? He is Sardar Jaggarayudu! He has the title of Sardar! Sardar! To whom and to
which village is he a sardar? If he is Sardar, I am the government. Tell your sardar to salute
me and go away from here. Hey.. a sardar means a tiger! And a tiger is one
in a city or in the forest! Your government must play
along in the circus we control. Hey.. tell him.. tell him! Tell him that all this
land belongs to your sardar. That this entire forest
belongs to this Sardar.. ..tell the mad man with
at the top of your voices! Hey idiot! Because they are harmless
like deers or rabbits.. ..the rule of blood sucking
beasts like you is running. The diplomacy of your foxes
and wolves is working. That’s why.. ..I have come here to stop
all your atrocities. Be warned! Leave this place quietly. Otherwise.. Let’s first leave this place.
We can address the issue later on. Father, let’s go! Why do you stand and stare
blankly like lifeless trees? This problem is yours as is this land. Where do we have any lands, sir? The lands we were cultivating went
arid and we sold to these landlords. You don’t have the right to sell
forest and.. and he can’t purchase it. This is the law of the government. Government?! What is that and where
is it? That ranger is the government. His assistant is the government.
We planted all these trees. But we poor people
don’t have the right.. collect the twigs or
fallen fruits. – Who said that? ‘Who said that you people are poor?’ ‘Who said that you people
don’t have a refuge?’ ‘Every fruit on each tree is yours’ ‘Every dried twig is yours’ ‘Hill, valley,
rivers, streams, village, folklore..’ ‘ all this entire forest is yours’ ‘Only you have the
right to this forest’ ‘Who said that you people are poor?’ ‘Who said that you people
don’t have a refuge?’ ‘The jasmine tree and its flowers’ ‘they are all yours. The
cuckoo that sings from its branches’ ‘and its sweet song,
they are your property’ ‘The flowers and the
fruits of all these trees’ ‘the leaves of these shrubs,
the birds that nest here’ ‘Regional song’ ‘Regional song’ ‘Regional song’ ‘All the great heritage
of the forest is yours’ ‘You are the inheritors
and heroes of this place’ ‘Who said that you people are poor?’ ‘Who said that you people
don’t have a refuge?’ ‘The gift of the forest,
treatment using various herbs’ ‘swing freely..
what else did the forest give’ ‘the natural methods of farming..
swing freely’ ‘One who isn’t born in the forest,
how can he claim ownership here’ ‘He duped you saying
that he is of tribal origin’ ‘Regional song’ ‘Regional song’ ‘Regional song’ ‘Regional song’ ‘You are the rightful
owners of the forest’ ‘You are the heroes who drove
the whitemen from these lands’ ‘Who said that you people are poor?’ ‘Who said that you people
don’t have a refuge?’ ‘Every fruit on each tree is yours’ ‘Every dried twig is yours’ ‘Hill, valley,
rivers, streams, village, folklore..’ ‘ all this entire forest is yours’ ‘Only you have the
right to this forest’ ‘Who said that you people are poor?’ ‘Who said that you people
don’t have a refuge?’ Hey.. some guy wearing a uniform.. ..has warned father with a pistol.. ..and all of you fled
from there like cowards! Brother,
the entire village supported him. They were ready to
do whatever he said – Hey! He is the lord! The lord! Who do you think lord
Sardar Jaggarayudu is?! He isn’t just the
one that gave us birth. In this agency, all the tribals
and villagers are like deers.. ..our father is the tiger
that scares them to death! Today that tiger has been insulted. If we stay calm now.. ..the hooves of those deers
will turn into tiger paws. We can’t allow that! Hey.. come on! The day that he may
have been conceived.. ..he should be sent back to that day. The officer forget the
day he was born into this world. Let’s go to the forest
right now and hunt! Let’s hunt! Let’s break
the officers hand and legs.. ..and leave his body for the
foxes and wolves. If I can’t do that.. ..I won’t return home
or claim to be my father’s son! Ah.. let’s go! I am starting off and shall
reach Hyderabad by tomorrow morning. Thank you. The government is shaken
with the minister’s resignation. That is good too. I am taking the
old records of this forest with me. I will make the lands usurped
by non-locals returned to you. I will get the titles transferred
to you. But you should all be united. You shouldn’t fall for the money.. .. and liquor offered
by those selfish people.. ..and do something that is
against your own people. See you. Chukkamma.. Chukkamma! Chukkamma! – What is it, uncle? The lord has come to the
camp of the new forest officer. Which lord? I am talking about the
elder son of Jaggarayudu. Listen to me, sir..
– Hey, keep quiet, fools! That the officer is about
to leave for the city.. ..or that he has left,
did you ever try to inform me? I came walking all this way! You get me to come
all this distance in vain? You grew your body life
a forest pig eating them.. ..but don’t have any brains! We still have options, sir. He
will start off from the city tomorrow. We shall go and finish
him on the way. – Hey! He insulted my father in this forest. So his body should be thrown
to the vultures in this very forest. I shall stay put
here till that happens. I will eat and sleep here only. Hey.. what happened?
– Nothing to worry.. If you guys keep staring
like that how can I do anything? But you shouted, sir. What is the joy in making women
laugh on bed? They must be raped! These shouts and gasps
are common in this land. Do one thing.. go far away
that you can’t hear anyone shout. Eat, have liquor and enjoy! – Ok.. Hey.. I shouldn’t see you again. You shouldn’t come
even if I shout or scream. Ok, sir.. as you say! – Get going! Sir, please leave me! – Keep quiet! Don’t do anything to me, sir. I am not killing you!
– Please don’t touch me, sir. Keep quiet! – Don’t harm me, sir. I request you, sir! Why do you resist? Keep quiet! Hey.. who is that? Who are you? – Would have been your
sis-in-law had my sister been alive. Since she was killed,
now I am your death. Which sister are you talking about?
– For the sake of your horoscope.. married a girl first..
I’m her sister. Remember whom you pushed
down the hill when I was young. She was my sister..
and I her younger sister! Hey! – Hey! Slap! Hey, tell us! Tell us the truth..
Who killed the lord’s son? Tell us the truth! We don’t know anything, sir.
– Bastards! Hey, you are the head of this village! Ouch! – Tell us! Nothing happens here without
your knowledge. Tell us! Who killed minor babu? Hold on, sir. I know who killed minor babu.. You know that? – O god! Why didn’t you tell us till now?
– I’ll tell you. Where were you till
now and why were you quiet? Tell us who killed him! Say it! – It is my child who
killed minor babu.. – Your child?! Sir, it is my son that killed him! Yes, sir.. – Yes, sir.
I killed him. Please take me! No.. he didn’t kill him! – Wait! I killed him! I killed him! I thought so.. I guessed that early. That you would have killed him. She didn’t kill him.
She is out of her mind. She’s mad.. I wanted to
fulfill my oath to the goddess.. ..took her to the
temple and just returned. No, I am the one who killed him. Hey Balu.. what’s this?
Would you go to prison to save me? Sir, I killed him.
– She’s lying. It’s me. My sister is lying!
– Hey, what are you saying?! How can you kill him?
How’d it be possible for you? Why can’t I kill him? In the past.. ..didn’t I kill wolves?
And an hour ago.. ..I killed a forest pig.
I killed in the same manner. It was a terrible bear..
it destroyed our crops a month ago. It killed our cattle two weeks ago. A week ago, it dragged my younger
brother away. I waited for it. I heard sounds from
the beast last night. I aimed my arrow and when the
bear was running away in the bushes.. ..I chased it and shot my arrows.
But then I saw that it wasn’t a bear.. ..but it was minor babu.
It was by mistake that I killed him. Yes, the boy says the truth..
it was he who did it. Yes, he did it! Police sir.. It was I who killed him.
Please arrest me! They are all saying this to save me. Please take me! Arrest me! – No! Chukkamma is lying!
I am the eyewitness to this murder. This boy killed minor babu.
– But she says she did it? No sir.. Chukkamma loves
her brother very much.. She couldn’t bear to
see the rabbits being killed. She realized that this
could bring death to my son.. ..and so she took the blame
upon herself and lied to you. Sir, please ask anyone
in this village. It is my son that killed minor babu. Yes, sir! I swear by the goddess! It is my son that killed minor babu. You heard it! Now take the boy! Keep him in remand in
the forest police station. Make the FIR and file a case. But, sir.. – Shut up! I am ordering you as a senior officer.
Do what I say.. take him! – Let’s go! Sister, I take your leave. Sir, sister likes you a lot. Will you marry sister?
You must marry her.. ..and take her far
away from here. – Come! My son! – Get in! Get into the jeep! Wait! I thought you were human.. no! You are a beast worse than them! You suppressed my voice and
sent that innocent boy to jail! Because you have power,
you convert a lie into a truth. Do it! This will
lead to some good too. I hunted down one of them.
There are two more to hunt down! I will kill them tonight
itself and go to jail. I will confess that I killed
them and get the boy freed! Wait! I will get the boy freed. If you say that you killed him
to seek revenge, you will be hanged. If the boy pleads that he did it
unintentionally, he may be forgiven. That’s why I spoke with the
boy’s father and got this done. If violence is the solution
for violence, mankind won’t survive. A woman is the epitome
of human values. If woman becomes the weapon for
revenge, creation loses its meaning. Let this entire world be
reduced to ashes.. what do I care? When my sister and my
family were burnt to ashes.. ..who stopped them? Do I have my parents or my sister?
I have no one. That landlord has killed
all members of my family. He killed them all! I remain orphaned! You are not even a quarter of my size! How can I believe
that you killed my son? Do you think I am some
minion of the jungle? Tell me who killed my son! Tell me! Sir.. there is one
girl called Chukkamma. She was claiming that she killed him.. ..but the officer
came to keep her quiet. Tell us who killed him.
– Please spare her! She’s the one.. her blood is hot! She’s surely the one
who killed minor babu. Why do you keep repeating that? Didn’t I tell you that
day that I killed him? Yes, it is I that killed him! Did you kill him? Did you kill my son?! You hear this? She’s the one who killed your brother! Get the forest rats and lizards.. ..make the insects eat into her body! Make her reveal why she killed my son! Tell me! Why did you kill him? What actually happened there? That you looked fair and lovely.. son would have approached you. Tell me why you killed him! Tell me.. you might have
liked my son’s manliness.. ..but he didn’t touch you.
So you killed him for revenge? Tell me! You killed the heir to my lineage! You blew away the light of my home! The future heir to
my political party.. have decimated! You cry! You are crying, sir. You want to cry your heart out! Cry! Cry as much as you can! Cry till your lungs burst! Like a rock rolls on the hillock.. ..roll on the ground and cry,
you scondrel! How arrogant you are! A seven year old girl
cried the same way.. ..and kept the pain here! She lived with the
pain stuffed in here! You know why? To see your death! Like a deer is struck
down in the forest.. ..and like a mad dog is killed.. people planned
and killed my sister. Turn to your back and
see your part for yourself. Remember the incident in your past. Recall the sin you committed, dog! Saying that the fate
of your son has turned sour.. ..that his horoscope is not good,
you got him married to my sister. Then you tortured her.. ..and then killed her. My street buffaloes
urinate in your mouths! She screamed my name loud.. ..and died before my very eyes.
That memory is fresh with me. I kept that vengeance smouldering. The moment I say your son.. ..I shot all the arrows in my quiver.. ..I shot all of them
straight into his heart! Hey! Don’t think the
story is finished.. it isn’t. I will destroy you
and your family! – Hey! Bind her hands and legs.. ..hang her upside down,
light a fire below and kill her! Take her away! Hang her upside down! Sister! Sister! Sister! – Brother! Go away from here! – Sister! – Hey! Hey.. kill him! See this and enjoy! – O God! Balu! Balu! Shut up! What are you waiting for?
Light the fire! Hey! Hey! – Kill them! Balu.. Balu! Balu.. speak to me! Ouch! – Hey! Ouch! – Ah! – Bam! Bah! Stop it! I say, stop it! Arrest him..
I knew that he would do this! ..and petitioned the higher officers.
They all are in league. Hey! – Hey.. shut up, I say! Shut up! If he let scot free,
he’ll burn the entire forest down! Arrest him, sir!
Take him into custody! Sorry, Mr.
Baig. You have been suspended. Look, Mr. Baig. There are
limits to the power you can use. You have crossed those limits
and behaved like a terrorist. You have acted as a
radical and a terrorist! You are suspended and relieved. No, sir. No! I’ll not relieve myself. I just resign! – What do you mean? There may be limits to
power given by the state.. ..but not to help the innocent people. You could put sanctions
on me and suspend me.. ..and there is no better option for
me than to resign. But one thing, sir. I am taking off this uniform only. So long as I am alive.. ..I won’t leave this forest
or spare these man-eaters. Mother! Chukkamma.. you have returned! How are you, my dear child? Father! – What happened, my dear? What happened? Tell us. Alas.. Balu! Alas! I lost my son! Alas! Peddayya! I couldn’t keep my word. I said that I’d free
your son and bring him. I freed him and brought him here.. ..but not alive! Please forgive me, Peddayya! I am responsible
for your child’s death. It’s god’s will..
When the war has started.. ..someone or the other has to die. That it was my son.. is a matter of
pride to me and to our race! I am proud of it! I am proud of my son! Calm down! Peddayya,
I can’t bring back your son who died. But, from this moment.. ..I am your son.
The loss of your son.. ..I shall fill that.
I shall be your son. My boy! – Yes, Peddayya! Since I was supporting you, to remove
me from their path, they suspended me. I left my job. As one you..
as one of your community.. ..I decided to live amongst you. But if I live just like that,
someone will denigrate your community. If none of you have an objection,
I shall marry Chukkamma! ‘This is the time for celebration’ ‘We are the banjaras’ ‘We celebrate the
traditional lambada dance’ ‘We are the banjaras’ ‘Here come Bhulli
and Gavli – They came’ ‘Here come Shuzli
and Kanti – – They came’ ‘We too come to sing and dance’ ‘Let’s celebrate together’ ‘This is the time for celebration’ ‘We are the banjaras’ ‘We celebrate the
traditional lambada dance’ ‘We are the banjaras’ ‘We are young beauties
and the gifts of nature’ ‘Great!’ ‘We are lovely girls
of the banjara tribe’ ‘Fantastic!’ ‘We are dressed and
decorated like true lambadas’ ‘We talk soft but work hard’ ‘We are ready to take on anything’ ‘We can sing and dance to the hilt’ ‘No one can beat us in song and dance’ ‘This is the time for celebration’ ‘We are the banjaras’ ‘We celebrate the
traditional lambada dance’ ‘We are the banjaras’ ‘We have the blessings of
mother Earth whose bounty we enjoy’ ‘We sacrifice our lives
to protect our self-respect’ ‘We toil hard to earn our bread’ ‘We share all that we earn’ ‘In times of difficulty
we stand together’ ‘and help each other in hardship’ ‘We are the lambadas
who are always on the move’ ‘We are the lambadas,
in the nature of banjaras’ ‘This is the time for celebration’ ‘We are the banjaras’ ‘We celebrate the
traditional lambada dance’ ‘We are the banjaras’ ‘Here come Bhulli
and Gavli – They came’ ‘Here come Shuzli
and Kanti – – They came’ ‘We too come to sing and dance’ ‘Let’s celebrate together’ ‘This is the time for celebration’ ‘This is the time for celebration’ ‘This is the time for celebration’ ‘This is the time for celebration’ ‘This is the time for celebration’ ‘This is the time for celebration’ ‘This is when valor meets beauty’ ‘This is when valor meets beauty’ ‘Salutations to nature’ ‘Salutations to mother forest’ ‘Salutations to the forest land’ ‘Salutations to the lord of the hills’ ‘Salutations to the
lord of the community’ ‘Salutations to the forest land’ ‘Salutations to the lord of the hills’ Sir, the officer has called for you.
He said you may return quickly. I’ll return shortly. Sir.. greetings. What’s it?
The entire village has come! You got the marriage done yesterday.
Did he already leave you and go? Shut up! Speaking
before the landlord does! Hey! – Let them speak. Jawans came last night and said that
the new officer is taking charge.. ..and took him saying that records
should be shown. He went along. Did he come here? Did he? – Yes,
he came and handed over the files. He then left for Hyderabad. He left for Hyderabad?
But he didn’t return yet! He married her to usurp tribal lands. And then he left silently
to marry another one of his caste. What are you saying? Don’t poke fun..
it is a question of my marriage. He left at night but
didn’t return till now.. ..where did he go?
What happened to him. Please take revenge on
me if you are angry with me. Please tell me where my husband is.
– Listen to me! If you fall at their feet,
they will become headstrong. Chukkamma.. the officer is like a god. He is a good man..
he’ll return for sure! He must have gone to Hyderabad
on some urgent work. He’ll return. But.. I am scared! If you are scared,
go to the police station. Go there and complain. Did you find him?
– We searched the entire forest. Couldn’t find him anywhere. We searched all the villages
but couldn’t find him. – Chukkamma.. Chukkamma.. – Could you find him? We searched all the stations and at
the bus stand too.. No trace of him. Chukkamma! Chukkamma! Did you find him? I saw.. – Where? Where is he? – He is over there! Where? – Come, I’ll show him. Let’s go.. – Let’s go! Alas! What is that? My child, what a terrible thing!
– Chukkamma! I was afraid that something
terrible happened. It is not even one
day since my marriage. I thought that I would
see good days in my life. Saw this father,
what fate has done to me? He said that he’d
be the star of my life.. ..that he’d keep vigil all the time.. ..and secure the village. Where did you go to ensure that? Where did you go away? Sir.. people from all the villages.. ..are coming to attack us. Hey! Where are you going?
Whom will you attack? Why are you all ganging up? The scoundrel who cut
the officer’s head off.. ..we are going to cut his head off! The bastard who made
this girl a widow.. ..we are going to draw
his blood out! – Hah! Don’t talk..
our department is there to ascertain.. .. the dead and the killer’s identity. You are there for sure! You are there to collect
your piece of the flesh! You collect the coins
thrown on the dead body! You are servants of the landlord!
You’ll give us justice? Shut up! Rascal! This dead body was found
in the valley without a head.. can you say that
it is your officer’s body? – Hey! Don’t you know who’s body this is? Swear by your families
and the god you pray.. ..put your hand on your hearts and
say you don’t know who’s body this is! Yes, indeed.
It is the body of the officer. It is his trunt that remained
after I severed the head off! What will you do? Useless laws and a lame government.. ..they said that he shouldn’t
be harmed and would protect him.. ..and expect me to
heed to such warnings. I cut his head off and
threw the body in the forest. I brought his head as a trophy.. ..put it in a cellar
under this house.. ..and sealed his fate forever! Hey! See over there! It is his head that I got as a trophy! It seems they don’t know that
no case can be made without the head! Go and tell her! Who cares about evidence?
Go and complain where you want! Go to the court and make
your complaint there. Go! ‘O demon..
did you take the form of politics’ ‘Would you do such atrocities
since no one cut your tongue’ ‘This woman and child
of the forest asks you..’ ‘..this one thing!’ ‘If you are made of flesh and blood..’ ‘..then reply to me’ ‘Jutice is lying in a pool of blood’ ‘Mother Earth can’t bear
the burden of my husband’s corpse’ ‘The vermilion on the forehead
refuses to be wiped away’ ‘The nuptials refuse to be removed’ ‘O demon..
did you take the form of politics’ ‘Would you do such atrocities
since no one cut your tongue’ ‘The raid on Thammakka
in Warangal a few days ago’ ‘How the life of Indravelli
was played with the other day’ ‘yesterday.. yesterday..’ ‘A few kilometers
away from Hyderabad city’ ‘In the Bhuvanagiri estate
that was torn into 16 fragments’ ‘How longer will these
atrocities continue’ ‘How longer will you continue
to torture this community?’ ‘O demon..
did you take the form of politics’ ‘Would you do such atrocities
since no one cut your tongue’ ‘Playing games with a
dead body by hiding the head’ ‘Even beasts in the forest
would be ashamed of this’ ‘We swear by the hills
and the valleys where we live’ ‘..suffering the atrocities
perpetrated against our community’ ‘We question not just the
government but the society at large’ ‘..that the perpetrators
of such crimes..’ ‘..should be dragged
to court and hanged’ ‘Till such criminals aren’t
brought to justice and cremated’ ‘The vermilion on the forehead
refuses to be wiped away’ ‘The nuptials refuse to be removed’ ‘O demon..
did you take the form of politics’ ‘Would you do such atrocities
since no one cut your tongue’ ‘This woman and child of
the forest asks you just one thing’ ‘If you are made of flesh and blood..’ ‘I want you to reply’ Justice to Chukkamma! Justice to Chukkamma! Justice to Chukkamma! Justice to Chukkamma! Justice to Chukkamma! – Order! Order! Sir, the landlords and
the police joined hands.. ..they killed my husband,
cut his head off.. ..and threw the body off. Within ten days,
a widow should cast her nuptials off. That’s the tradition.
They hid the head.. ..and say that the
body isn’t my husband’s. Is my husband dead or alive? Should I keep these nuptials
or wipe the vermilion off my forehead? What should I do?
You must decide that. If you can’t do that,
just like my husband.. ..I too shall become a corpse.. ..just here like my husband! Tell me, sir! Your honour.. you have
the full details of this case. Chukkamma claims that the
headless body belongs to her husband. That it is not and that there
is no evidence to prove that claim.. the argument
of the police department. Still, out of human consideration.. ..the court has admitted this case. But, just like that headless body.. ..there is no start
or end to this case. So I request the court
to strike this case off! Do you have any lawyer
to argue on your side? I am here, sir. I am here! Greetings! Greetings! Lawyer Bhimlaw! Hail the lawyer! Don’t think that I am an
amatuer who took to studying law.. ..just because the word
‘law’ is there in my name! It is the name given by
my community – Come to the point! This girl claims that.. ..her husband has been killed.. ..that the killers be punished
and justice done to her. No! The dead person
is not your husband. That it isn’t possible to
file a case with a headless body.. there can’t be a case
is what the police brothers say. They are good and know politics. They are honest officers too. So your honour, as witnesses
on behalf of the department.. ..Mr. Sebastian, his assistant
Fakir Raju and the forest officer.. ..I request the court that
they be produced as witnesses. Did the villagers come
and ask you the whereabouts.. ..of the forest officer you took,
and who went missing. They did. What is the response
these officers gave you? That he got a call from Hyderabad.. ..and that he went
there with the files. Did you say that? – We did. The files that he took are
there in our department in Hyderabad. Are they here?
– They are here.. not just that. He spent that day and
night with our officers. There is evidence for that too!
– You do? Yes, sir. You will have them for sure! You officers shouldn’t actually
be in the forest department. You should be engineers
in Hi-Tech city! You are hi-tech guys who can
build a wall without bricks or cement. Then why does Chukkamma say.. ..without any sense or reason.. ..that her husband has been
killed and thrown in the forest? That’s what we say.
– That body isn’t the officer’s, sir! Then who’s body is it? – We don’t
know and are investigating the same. So it means that the
office who went to Hyderabad.. ..I mean Chukkamma’s husband
isn’t dead.. he’s still alive. That’s what we say too!
– Correct! Correct, your honour! I agree with their assessment. That body doesn’t
belong to that officer. Hey, are you arguing
for us or for them? Just hold on..
if that body belongs to the officer.. can he be in Hyderabad? Yes, sir.. How can he be? How could he submit the files? How could he have done that? How could he have spent
the night and day there? That’s what we say too? – Nonsense! My second case too
seems to tbe doomed! Why do you say ‘seems’?
It is already doomed! It is better that you pack up!
– But, your honour! I have one last point to make. If it is true that the officer
isn’t dead and went to Hyderabad.. ..and if it is true that he
spent the night with the officers.. ..then what happened to the officer? Where is he now? What is his condition? These officers know so much..
they must have these details too. Since they are the
ones who took the officer.. ..they should produce that
officer in the court within 48 hours.. ..and here is the
habeas corpus petition! Through habeas corpus,
the department is being ordered.. bring the officer
to the court within 48 hours. Fools! Idiots! Dumb guys! – Ouch! I’ll skin you, scoundrels! I’ll cut your heads off
and hang them at the entrance. That the body doesn’t belong.. the officer.. what you were told to say. That the officer is alive,
that he went to the city.. ..that we saw him off,
ate and drank with him.. ..did I tell you
to speak all that crap? I’ll cut you!
– I’ll pray at your feet, sir. There was no other option
for us than to say that. Now you are asked to produce
the officer within 48 hours. Where will you bring him from? May your mouth be stuffed with grass! Where will you get him from? Our department is the
one that is in trouble.. ..why do you get
ruffled unnecessarily? What should we do now? You should wrap your head
in a cold towel and take rest. I prepared the ground
for the response. Hey, take the head
that’s put in this house. Tell them that the head belongs to
that body and that the officer is dead! Great! Fantastic! Villagers say that when a forest
is set on fire, the foxes come out! When these were
threatened of punishment.. ..if the office wasn’t produced.. ..the department heroes
got the head and presented it. So your honour, it is proved
that the corpse if of the officer. But the story doesn’t end here. This is not the answer to my question. Who are the demons
that killed my husband? I want to know that!
That his life is in danger.. ..and that Jaggarayudu could harm him,
my husband put a petition. It is Jaggarayudu
who killed my husband. Will you imprison him or not? He must be put in jail! He must be put in jail! Look here!
All of you surround the house. Let no one leave the house.
If anyone does that, shoot them down. Ha! Would you handcuff me?! Would you put the lion in a cage?
Come! Do it! Let the one who hads
the guts come and do it! Where is the question
of arresting you? If we go on arresting
people on this premise.. ..all jails in the country
will be filled with leaders.. ..of various hues. – Yes, sir. Then what is all this ruckus about? For the masses,
the papers and the court! What should we do now?
– Pack your bags. Go away to Nepal or Malaysia.. ..on a holiday for a few days. Chukkamma.. did you hear this? The police didn’t arrest
the landlord as the court ordered. That they went to
some foreign country.. ..they recorded a false statement. And they were sent off to
some foreign country in the night. When such outrage happened
right before the eyes.. ..what is the use of courts
and celebrations that justice is done? We lost.. we have completely lost! No! Just now! Only now you won socially,
mentally and emotionally! A hero’s voice may have been stymied! But it shall resound as the
conch of a thousand revolutionaries! It will be the war
cry of the suppressed ones! It will be trumpet of
the march of a conflagration! All the opressed,
the downtrodden and those suffering.. ..shall with great
power and in unison.. ..blow the conches of revolution! Since they couldn’t stay in prison,
the thieves and cowards.. ..have left their homes
and jumped the country. Isn’t this your victory? Now you and your race
must attain economic victory! Those lands that you took on
rent and labored hard all these days.. ..take control of those lands! Get them registered in your names. The constructions built by
the landlord with your hardwork.. ..occupy them and be their owners. The way that Alluri Sitaramaraju.. ..established panchayati raj
in the past and made it an ideal.. ..get the same system put in place. Establish your own state. The courts will be yours! The
army and all forces shall be yours! You shall be the rulers and the ruled! ‘March on’ ‘March on.. march forward’ ‘Let’s set up a new world order here’ ‘Let this be the dawn of a new era’ ‘In reality..’ ‘this mother forest that
nurtures us should live on forever’ ‘..before we even
attained independence..’ ‘..even before the
constitution was written..’ ‘..adopting the path
shown by our hero Alluri..’ ‘..treading the path
that he showed us..’ ‘let’s today establish a social
order for the earliest of human races’ ‘let’s achieve that again’ ‘March on’ ‘March on.. march forward’ ‘March on.. march forward’ ‘We’ll be the rulers
of the forest lands..’ ‘..that provides
refuge to the tribals’ ‘We’ll be the rulers of the forests’ ‘we will be the army of archers
that hunts those who wrong us’ ‘we’ll be the army of archers’ ‘Selfishness,
deceit and theft are your means..’ ‘..we just believe in simple barter’ ‘we just believe in simple barter’ ‘We believe in resolving
disputes through people’s courts’ ‘We believe in resolving disputes’ The army is.. – ours! The justice system is.. – ours! The law here is.. – ours! The rule here is.. – ours! ‘The army, responsibility,
fight and rule.. all are ours!’ ‘March on’ ‘March on.. march forward’ ‘March on.. march forward’ ‘We are students of nature
who won’t be taken in by deceit’ ‘We are students of nature’ ‘Not just the roots, we won’t
let others usurp even the water here’ ‘We won’t let others usurp anything’ ‘We can tame even lions
and tigers by mere thought’ ‘We can tame lions and tigers’ ‘We till our ploughs over
the bodies of selfish landlords’ ‘We will decimate the landlords’ ‘Victory is.. – ours!’ ‘This land is.. – ours!’ ‘The hard work is.. – ours!’ ‘The result is.. – ours!’ ‘The land, the crops, the ownership,
the harvest.. all are ours!’ ‘March on’ ‘March on.. march forward’ ‘March on.. march forward’ You should live incognito
if you wish to win. Pandavas lived incognito
and won the war over Kauravas. Living as thieves like this? We should bide our time. In Mahabharata, Sakuni got
his revenge eating grain after grain. Some other great warriors too.. ..had to hide themselves
to get their revenge. If prestige is to be regained,
one should kill the desire. If your desire is to live,
you should die. They already raided your properties.. ..and occupied all of them. Hey, go! Take all our men.. ..and destroy their villages! Alas! – Carnage! Outrageous! They came and destroyed! They ruined everything! Alas! They killed our people! O Chukkamma! See this! They attacked and
destroyed the village. We lost all that we have! Those landlords didn’t go anywhere. They have camped in the
cave outside the village. Ah! Attack! Sir! – Escape! Break! – Ah! Hey! Bring them along! You killed my sister and my father! You burned down our village! You destroyed many lives! You killed my sister
and burnt my father alive! You killed my husband..
and now it is my turn! – Ouch! You ran away like a coward
since you couldn’t face us in court. You bastard! This is our court! The people’s court! It is our very own..
Tell me what we should do to him! The judgment of the
people is unanimous! They should be cut to
pieces and roasted in fire! Their heads should be cut off! Her word is the law and actions,
the rule. She collects taxes
and delivers judgment. What’s this? Does the
police department exist or not? Sir, let me handle this!
– You? You are just a CI.. I’ll capture Adavi Chukka alive! Else, I shall give up
my life for the department. They are raiding! The police should be destroyed! The police should be destroyed!
– Keep quiet! Hey.. who is Adavi Chukka? Why do you all want to die for her? Tell me.. 10 lakhs prize! Sir! – Yes? Will you tell me that? Do so. I want a knife, sir?
– A knife? What for? A barber’s knife? – What? What for?
– You offered a prize of 10 lakhs. I shall shave my head off.. ..and return it along
with the cash you offer! Down with the police!
– Show them our power! Down with the police! The police should be destroyed! Sister! Sister! Sister! Sister! The police have surrounded our people. They bound their hands and legs. They will kill them if
your identity is not revealed. Hello! Hello! Who is it? – I am a man of the law. Tell me what you want.
– I want to speak to you once. No need for that. – I need to do it. There is no need for
me to fulfill your wish. Plant bombs around them. If they move an inch, blow them up! Chukkamma..
don’t act in haste! Listen to me. Don’t kill them! – Destroy them! Chukkamma..
give me one chance to speak to you. Listen to me..
I won’t come as a police officer. I come as a normal man. If you
don’t believe me, do what you want. Please, Chukkamma.. Listen to me. Give the phone to my people.
– Chukkamma, this is Peddayya here. Peddayya, search all of them. Seize all their weapons. Let other policemen stay there.
Blindfold him and bring him here. Tell me, police officer. You said you wanted to speak..
and sought ten minutes. Tell me.. are you dumbstruck? Is your tongue cut off? – Chukkamma! Don’t say anything. I will say what you intend to say. People may do many
mistakes and kill many.. ..but one should never
take law into one’s hands. That people shouldn’t
take to the law of beasts.. You wish to tell me to set them free. Isn’t that so? – Listen to me! – No! Don’t say a word. I shall tell you. They are sinners
and committed outrages. But it is we and not
you who should punish them.. ..our kakhi uniform
and black coats will do it. That’s what you come
here to tell me.. isn’t it? If we set them free
and hand them over to you.. ..and send them along with
you as if they are grooms.. will take them
to courts in AC cars.. ..arrange lawyers for them.. ..and get them pronounced innocent. You will get a promotion in return. Hey, police officer! Who doesn’t
know your scheming and intentions? I’m a tribal girl who
never know what a rifle is.. ..a girl of the forest
who never knew what death is.. who never knew anything
other than trees, roots and fruits.. ..a tribal girl who never
knew your dastardly world. who saw blood
oozing from a hurt rabbit.. ..and cried her heart out. Today she took up arms
to take revenge on them.. ..and stands here for that. The despair and anger
in this girl’s heart.. ..what would you know about it? Tell me.. not as a policeman.. ..but you said you
come as a common man. If you are made of flesh and blood
and eat food like normal people.. ..if you are a man’s offspring..
if you were in my shoes.. ..if your race bore the
atrocities we suffered.. ..and if these were the sinners.. ..what would you have done?
Tell me what you would do! Chukkamma.. I can do nothing
to make your vengeance die! This movement won’t stop. If that is stopped,
you’ll turn into an inferno. After that,
you’ll destroy all in your path! When a goddess is angry,
some lives should be sacrificed. Take their lives! I tell this as a man with a heart! Do what you want to with them. Kill them, burn them or blow them up..
as you wish! Do it! Go and do it! No! Spare us! – All of you walk off! Don’t kill us! – No! Please don’t kill us! Blow up all the bombs! Chukkamma..
you revenge has been achieved. You got your revenge.
The root cause of this creation.. nature. And a woman
is an embodiment of nature. A woman should create and not destroy. I don’t know whether I
did justice or committed a crime. But you got your revenge. I did what no police officer
in the world is supposed to do. I watched in silence
as people were being blown up. I bowed to your wish. But now the decision shall be mine. The constitution of
this country is a great one. The law that supports
it is even greater. You are a criminal
in the eyes of the law. I too am a criminal.. So I request you
to surrender to the law. I too shall surrender
to the court along with you. Adavi Chukka who wore
a crown and burning rage.. ..laid down her arms
for the welfare of her people. She surrendered to the law.
That’s her story. With police forces
and tight security.. ..she was being brought to the
city and that news caused a sensation. But that day,
nature took a violent turn. A great cyclone caused trees
to fall and huge landslides. The van we were traveling
in suffered an accident. All except the both of us were killed. And we wanted to
surrender alive in court.. ensure that the
rule of law prevailed. But that day I saw
a terrible incident there. I saw with my very eyes,
officers of our department.. ..tying up some revolutionaries
to trees and shooting them dead. If Adavi Chukka is handed over to
our department, they’d kill her too. They’ll shoot her in some
dark spot and call it an encounter. No! Such a thing shouldn’t happen. That idea changed me.
I wiped off her past.. ..and gave her a new life.
Though she wears symbols of marriage.. ..and though we live
together under the same roof.. ..and though people think
of us as husband and wife.. ..mentally and emotionally
we are just friends. We are just friends.
Our relationship is so pure.. ..that even fire can’t burn it.
Tell me, is what I did wrong? Not at all.. you did what
a person with a heart would. You are a true man. Let this remain a secret
between the both of us. No third person should know of it.
The plans of our department.. ..I shall keep you informed
time to time. Ok? – Yes. Is that true?
Is it true, Kamineni Kantharao? Is Adavi Chukka really alive? I knew it!
I knew that she wouldn’t die. Because I am still alive! But all my people were killed by her. All her people shall die at my hands!
Let’s go! I lost my sons.. ..all my property.. ..and am living like this.. was for this day! See there! See this also! – Gold and jewelry! Take all that cash and jewelry. But this desire of
mine should be fulfilled! If needed, take dozens of goons.. ..I will pay whatever
is needed for that.. ..but capture her alive
and throw her at my feet! Yes! ‘Sanskrit chant’ He is a big goon in
the city called Gurnatham. Adavi Chukka who destroyed you,
is his enemy too. That’s why we brought him to meet you. He’s Jaggarayudu, a landlord.
Adavi Chukka is his enemy too. Both of you may join hands
and get your revenge. What do you say? Hello! – Aunty, I am Chinna speaking. Yes. – Aunty, I heard daddy
telling to my grandpa. Is it true that you are Adavi Chukka? Aunty, it seems the police
is coming to capture you.. ..and the bearded uncle
is coming to kill you! Greetings! Let’s make a move. Let’s go. Sir, are you inviting revolutionaries
to join mainstream life? Who are you?
– From the police department. But I come to you as a common man. It is true. We took this decision
for the welfare of the society. Sir, Adavi Chukka
who shook the state.. ..a few years ago.. she isn’t dead! She’s with me in my house. I did what the law
enforcers couldn’t do. If the goal of the law is to transform
extremists into human beings.. ..I made my home a jail
for her and transformed her. You did a good thing. The government
will surely rehabilitate her. There are many impediments.
Her life should be secured first. I’ll arrange for that.
I’ll send my personal secretary.. ..and ensure full security for her. Please come. You will
be provided full security here. There is no danger to your life.
– Let’s go. Is that so? Ok.. that’s fine. She’s been found. She’s been put at the guesthouse. Chalam got her there. Go there and kill her.
Bring her dead body here. Sir, your secretary
has provided full security. Very good. – Sir, on the 15th August.. ..government should announce
that Adavi Chukka shall surrender. Those who obstruct this should be
arrested and cases filed against them. Sure.. Kantharao! – Sir! He’s talking about arrests..
Take him into custody! What’s this?
– The law! It’ll take its own course! Good morning, sir! – Yes.. Is everyone ready? – Yes, sir. I’ll send them from back side.
Shoot and kill them. I’ll address the later part.
– Ok, sir. Be careful! – Ok, sir. Don’t miss. Sister.. – What is it, brother? Sister, a big mistake happened. Arjun acted in haste
and revealed your past. Home minister plotted
and got him arrested. They arrested him? – Yes. I knew that some
such thing would happen. I came here to rescue you people. Please escape from
here and save yourselves. Where do you want us to go?
– Better this side! Should we go that side? – Yes! You stab us in the back?
You ask us to escape but kill us.. ..and pronounce that we
were killed in an encounter? – No! Call your father-in-law!
– I should call? If Arjun is not set free.. ..tell him that Adavi
Chukka will become a demon! Tell him that I am going to kill you..
Call him up! Call him up! Call him! Call him! Sister! Please spare me! Let us go.. leave me! Hey.. come out! If blood for blood is your principle,
that is our way of life! If you don’t bring him alive,
I’ll eke out the lives.. ..of these relatives
of your surrogate husband! Mother-in-law! No! – Hey! Alas! Mother-in-law! Brother! – Sivaji! Hey! Watch out! Take this! Wait! Hold on! Sister! No! Nanda! Oh! Nanda! Ah! Hey! Pour oil on her and
burn her alive. – Okay, sir. Chukkamma! Come on, help me! Where am I? – You are with us. You returned to your origins. Forest
Goddess doesn’t let her children die. She saved you from death. You surrendered your
weapons to the government. Renouncing your fight and
leaving your people helpless.. went to the city leaving
this forest. What did you achieve? I didn’t go there to achieve something.
I went there to protect my people. Alluri Sitaramaraju
met with the British.. bring peace to
tribal people that day. I too didn’t want my
people to meet the same fate. That is why I went there. You should learn your lessons
properly from the history. Not something which
softens your determination. The British killed Sitaramaraju when
he went there to request for peace. A warrior will never die
and a revolution never fails. Never forget that hardwork
will always emerge victorious. Stand up! Protect these people.
Become Adavi Chukka once again. ‘The volcano has burst and
took the form of Adavi Chukka’ ‘It blows in the heads
of landlords like a bomb’ ‘The volcano has burst and
took the form of Adavi Chukka’ ‘It blows in the heads
of landlords like a bomb’ ‘The tribals are innocent folk’ ‘She has proclaimed
that they are her children’ ‘Whoever may be the leeches
that suck their blood’ ‘She’ll decimate
anyone who harms them’ ‘O sister.. Adavi Chukka’ ‘She has united all chenchu,
boya, gondu tribals under one banner’ ‘The volcano has burst and
took the form of Adavi Chukka’ ‘It blows in the heads
of landlords like a bomb’ ‘If she opens her eyes,
she’ll create a storm’ ‘Her voice is powerful
enough to shake the earth’ ‘When she clenches her fist,
villians run helterskelter’ ‘When she moves, the world trembles’ ‘She is the succour of the tribals and
the guardian for forest inhabitants’ ‘She is Komaram Bheem’s sister,
the goddess born in our lands’ ‘In these lands of the tribals’ ‘..she is the one who relates to all’ ‘For the people who
never raise their voice’ ‘..she has become
the voice to be heard’ ‘She drew the battle lines’ ‘She has emerged as
the symbol of struggle’ ‘O sister.. Adavi Chukka’ ‘She has united all chenchu,
boya, gondu tribals under one banner’ To die by your hands! This is worst! Huh! Sir! Adavi Chukka came here,
killed the commissioner .. ..and took Arjun with her. Is that so? Then plant bombs
along the road to the forest. Kill her. Oh, no! Jump! Come jump out! – No! – Go! Ouch! Hey! How can you participate
in celebrations.. ..when she is coming
to take our lives? Is that so? – What do you mean? She is after us. She wants
to hunt us down. What will you do? Hey! You took my money.
Why are you sitting silently now? It is because I took your
money that I handed her over to you. You failed to kill her.
Why are you shouting on me now? What should we do now? Law will do it’s duty. You do what you have to
and let me do what I have to do. You, scoundrel! Hey, come out! Hey! Come out! Hey! – Hey! Hey! Don’t kill me! ‘The volcano has burst and
took the form of Adavi Chukka’ ‘It blows in the heads
of landlords like a bomb’ ‘The volcano has burst and
took the form of Adavi Chukka’ ‘It blows in the heads
of landlords like a bomb’ ‘The tribals are innocent folk’ ‘She has proclaimed
that they are her children’ ‘Whoever may be the leeches
that suck their blood’ ‘She’ll decimate
anyone who harms them’ ‘O sister.. Adavi Chukka’ ‘She has united all chenchu,
boya, gondu tribals under one banner’ ‘The volcano has burst and
took the form of Adavi Chukka’ ‘It blows in the heads
of landlords like a bomb’

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