Adidas Crazyflight X3 – Review Handballschuhe 2019/20

Hello and welcome to a new review on! Today with an absolute highlight. One of the newcomers of the last years – the Crazyflight X3 from Adidas. What it can do, what it can’t do, what is the difference to its predecessor, the X2? Now in detail. Let’s start with the weight. The Crazyflight X3 now weighs 313 grams in the new version. But also in UK 5.5. So in a relatively small size here with us in the review. Of course it gets heavier the bigger the shoe is. We take a look at what has changed. The main difference to the X2 is the material of the upper. Here we see some changes. And that’s when you look at the upper here in the side bracing and also in the front of the forefoot. That was a bit more woven with the X2 and a bit more fabric. Meanwhile a bit more woven and partly covered with PU here in front and seems a bit more stabile. Whereas the previous X2 had some stability problems in the midfoot area, you have to say that Adidas did a great job with the X3 and did a really good job with this PU coating and here also in the front and especially in the toe area. Little has changed in the midfoot construction. Also there the foot is still stabile for a volleyball shoe. That’ s why it is so popular with handball players. The Boost damping has been kept in and still runs about two thirds of the foot. It is then no longer in the front foot area. So there you have a really good kickback on the forefoot, while you can rely on a very stable cushioning in the verse area both in volleyball and handball. Also the sole is the same. An asynchronous bracing here and the asynchronous panels in the forefoot. Here in the back foot area some recesses of the Boost material as damping. Makes the whole thing a bit lighter and more flexible. The stability, as mentioned, has not changed much. But then the upper material has just made it more stabile. The conclusion is actually quite simple. The X2 already was a top shoe and now with the small improvements the shoe has become a bit better. In the stability of the upper material the shoe is now outstanding. The combination of boost and speed was always in great demand at Adidas anyway and has now been continued in the X3.The midfoot stability is still strong. Boost material in the rear with a great cushioning and in the forefoot you have a lot of feedback about a relatively flat sole. This shoe can be used in any case for medium and partly heavy players on the backcourt positions. Maybe you can play the shoe on the pivot. Especially in the midcut version, which brings a bit more stability in the midfoot area for 10€ more at the end. The shoe is relatively slim. Also in the length you have to watch out a bit. It is a bit shorter than you are used to from your Adidas shoes. If you have questions and opinions, please visit our Facebook page, here in the YouTube channel, on Instagram or of course in our online shop We are looking forward to your opinions.
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