Advance LIGHTNESS 3 (Paragliding Harness Review)

Carlo tell me about the Lightness 3.
very nice rucksack, very comfortable carrying a small little point they
didn’t have a little place for a name tag on the Lightpack 2, that’s a
small thing but nice. very nice quality very comfortable to carry, really great. here we have with the lightness 3, you can see how it’s just made to fit perfectly. I’ve got a semi lightweight glider in
here. You can see how you harness folds nicely As we’ll talk about in a minute, because of the extra protection it doesn’t fold quite as compact the Lightness 2 because of the extra SAS-tec protector in the back, but it’s pretty
compact. what you got there then? Oh, these new flybubble brummel covers, which are very nice! yes, I just leave them on, pull
them down, it’s easy. so Lightness 3, it’s fairly lightweight
XC harness, pod hanress, and it’s a balance of lightweight (it’s not a super lightweight
harness, you know for x-Alps flying or something like that) and it’s not a full
heavy weight comp harness, it’s sort of semi like what I call a semi lightweight
pod harness. it’s made to be an everyday harness. about three kilos for the weight
with a standard speed bag and all the features the medium size I think is 3.25kg
including everything. we’ve got here is very similar protector
to the lightness 2 if not the same so it’s a good size it passes for the
certification but it’s not I think the protector like you have in
heavier harnesses. Does it compress easily? It compresses a bit it’s quite
firm so when you fold it up it’s fairly firm not as stiff as say for example the
woody valley GTO light, that’s really firm this is somewhere between them a little
bit softer than that. okay so the reserve the handle sits inside this
pocket nicely there and … that’s the reserve there I’ve got a Beamer 3 Large in there, it’s my
reserve. Is there any protection once the reserve is out? With the Lightness 3 there’s a substantial difference I think to the lightness 2 in that yes there is, the SAS-tec protector runs under your back you do have with the likeness 2 as well the comfort foam there which is
about so thick, but with the Lightness 3 in addition you’ve got the SAS-tec
protector which you can kind of see if you come close and see that there and
there’s this special high-impact protector so when you pull the reserve
you’ve still got that. that runs all the way up to the back right the way up to inside that pocket there It’s apparently a very high-tech protector that’s made for impact and penetration protection and
underneath that you’ve got what they call a comfort foam but that also
will obviously act as a bit of a protector but it’s not that part’s not sort of
certified protection. [Greg] yeah thicker than I was expecting, it’s actually quite a big cushion. yeah yeah that as much as anything contributes to the
comfort on your back and the stiffness of the harness to support your
back with a packing size okay it’s a moderate size I’d call it moderate it’s
not big it’s quite deep and it’s perfectly adequate, I think
it’s optimized, if you’re a pilot that carries a whole load of rubbish you’re
going to struggle to fit in in it but then you’re not gonna aim for a
lightweight harness you might not you know if you carry a whole load of
rubbish you’re not prioritizing your weight. so it’s pretty optimized for what
you’d want to carry. that’s part of the reason that the lightpack 3 works really
well with it because it’s a more compact rucksack than most so fits in
there really nicely rolled up. It’s made for it. While we’re looking in the back
you’ve got a little connector that’s quite nifty, it’s a good example of
Advance’s attention to detail. that’s for hanging your Hydra pack on and you can attach it there and there’s a pocket for that to go in and then you’ve got your H-2-0 there. For me the Lightness 2 was already
one of the most comfortable harnesses around in its class certainly one of if not the most comfortable and with the Lightness 3 it’s even more comfortable on the back because it’s
just got more stiffness in the back without being rigid it’s just supportive.
The most important change is here between the Lightness 2 and 3 and they’ve changed you have a look at these straps, they’ve changed
the geometry of the straps. They’ve also raised the hang points, quite a bit,
they’re about three or four centimeters higher than the lightness 2 – which is
quite a bit. I was actually a
little bit concerned that it was going to end up with feeling like you’re too low in the harness and not have enough roll
control. It has just smoothened things out. Now one thing I haven’t done yet is I
haven’t flown the harness in really good thermic conditions I’m hoping to do that
in Tenerife soon but flying it and doing wing overs and playing around you just
notice the harness is just smoothened out but it seems so far it feels very nice,
it feels like it’s not too dampened The leg straps are the same as the Lightness 2 and the setup is very similar if not the same. What they have done on this harness
is lots of little tweaks which just refine an already pretty refined harness for example it seems like a small thing but L2 users will notice
this is different instead of just line they’ve added these little webbing
straps. I always found with the Lightness 2 the string would get
caught in the tread of your feet make it a bit fiddly … this just makes it a
little bit nicer to use and it’s noticeable. so it’s nice little tweaks
like that other changes; this is a bit more for
adjustment and they’ve just made the adjustment a little easier, rather than
just knots they put these little balls which makes it really quite easy to
slide up and down so you can just pull on it and slide it up and down. I want to leave it how I’ve got it, if that’s OK? Ballast area, same sort of size, 5 litres? yeah roughly that. but is a good 5 litre yes, perfect for
my concertina bag and the helmet bag and soft things but actually just like the lightness 2 it contributes to the support.
it’s fine without anything in there but if you add that it actually improves it
makes it even better around the bum nice and supportive so it is noticeable. Don’t over ram it, same as I found with other harnesses, if you really over ram it that starts to interfere a bit. the same with your back, this
is the same for any harness it’s important, if you over ram it
you start to notice it’s kind of pushing into your back and affects your comfort.
There’s two different speed bags so this is the standard speed bag which to
me feels the same as the lightness 2 so we’ve not seen the light speedbag
yet so it’s obviously for people who are really concerned about weight I think
most pilots are going to want to go for the standard speed bag that’s my feeling
because it’s not heavy and it’s going to be a bit more durable. the other thing,
the other major difference is that only with the standard speed bag do you get
the option of adding on the windscreen, which is actually quite nifty.
this is what you get with the lightness 3 it’s like a helmet bag and then
there get the screen in place it’s actually quite easy to get on and then
you just line up the poppers and pop it in. I have to admit before I flew with this and saw it I was quite skeptical about the windscreen I thought you know it looks a
bit, does it really need it on this kind of harness? But actually having flown
with it now a bit … it’s not going to be something everybody wants
but I did notice flying in cold conditions, it takes the
wind off your face a bit and takes the wind chill off your body,
and so that was noticeable. it’s not a huge difference, it’s not like
from whooosh to nothing which to be honest, I want to be able to feel the
wind a bit on my face to feel what my airspeed is, but it does actually work
nicely. Other benefits that I didn’t think of is that 1. it protects your
instruments from the risers hitting them, as you can see here it’s actually pretty tough,
I thought it might be a bit fragile it’s actually pretty tough. For example if
you’ve got your gloves you’re standing on takeoff it’s really quite
convenient to just stuff them in there small thing but it’s actually quite useful. [Greg] You can have one of those little Hawaiian hula dancer girls on. Maybe a little Hindu elephant god thing. Or you could throw your crisps in there. You also did some filming with your GoPro just hidden in there? We’ll have a look at that footage. Because it protects the microphone from the wind. So you want some audio, what am I supposed to say? now you say ‘I want some audio’ I can’t think of anything to say! Here I am, flying about, scratching on the hill. very comfortable this Lightness 3, lovely it is! it’s a beautiful day … ish okay that’ll do it For people are flying long flights very cold conditions or on the speed bar a lot those pilots are
gonna notice the benefit other pilots who are doing just a little bit of
recreational flying and things like that maybe they’re not gonna bother with it. [Greg] Did it get in the way when you’re ground handling, launching, leaning forward, it doesn’t get in your face? No I didn’t notice it at all and I run and jump around and ground handle quite a lot and I
found I was doing all that and in fact what I noticed was is that my
instruments were getting like protected from the risers smacking on them so it’s nice. A compact harness that’s versatile, good for just normal recreational flying always good to have some have the Harley in the
soundtrack. well aficionados will probably tell me
that’s not a Harley bonus points for YouTube commenters if you can tell what
motorbike it is. So yes for pilots looking for an all-round recreational
XC harness, it’s really people who particularly want to go into XC
flying. It’s compact, you can use it for hike and fly it’s not something you’re
going to go and do racing hike and fly with, obviously the lightweight
speed bag brings it down to 2.75 kg. You could take out the comfort foam, you can take the SAS-tec out you can even take the protector out of the
bottom and replace that with your sleeping bag and all. I’m hoping
to really test the harness out in some good thermal conditions, I’m going to
Tenerife over the Christmas period so I’m gonna give it a test out there. Nancy and I are going out to Colombia late January gonna really test it out and
some thermic conditions and compare it to some other harnesses to see
what it’s like. For pilots who want something for say, if they want to
do some wagga (mild aerobatics) you can do that with the lightness three but that’s
not its forte. Pilots looking for a lightweight XC
harness that want a hammock-style harness that are not looking for a seat plate and
they’re really primarily focused on XC flying then this is a fantastic option. It’s a well-built cross-country harness and very comfortable. I’ve had a lightness 2
since the early ones came out. I can fly any harness I want and I
really like that harness. I’ve been looking for something to replace it and I think for me, this does it!

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