Advance PROGRESS 3 (Reversible Paragliding Harness) Walkthrough

Bruno: as you know it’s a reversible harness
here you have the backpack, with one big pocket on the right side, it’s reinforced below here,
so that you can put in some walking sticks, poles or whatever you like
you can also add a bottle of water in this pocket, or if you like, in this smaller one.
You also have the reinforcing because if there are rocks you will not destroy the mesh
you have really good access to this pocket so you can put in some small water bottle
or your mobile phone if you like you also still have the pockets here (on the
waist strap) this elastic one and here the one on the right side with the zipper
the important keys pocket, zipped so you don’t lose the keys.
For hikers you have the small loops for if you like to carry like that (using your hands).
You have the window .. and it’s mostly similar to the old one, also we have the net for the
helmet, if you don’t like putting the helmet inside the bag.
For example, I put the helmet inside the backpack. The backpack volume is a little bit bigger than the old one, it’s five litres more, because you will see we have another protection for the dampening (if you fall) the impact. So one reason is this and another reason is to have enough place for all the stuff. Just one helmet here, a small one, you can
also put in an integral helmet if you like. Here we have an Epsilon 23.
The harness and also the compressbag are in the matching colours with the wing colour.
Let’s turn it over! On the zipper here, maybe, the inside zipper,
the zipper of the backpack is a stronger one, than this one of the harness, because on the
backpack it is more important to have enough stability and enough strength to also push
a little bit, compress everything and close it in without destroying itself. So here is
the stronger one and here is a little bit the thinner one, and on the thinner one we
have some small parts, some plastic clips to be sure that you cannot snap this pattern
here, you just can move it and if it don’t work it will not grab the fabric. I think
it’s similar, also other brands use this system. It’s a really good innovation I think, those
who developed this one are good thinkers. It has a very big opening because the snapper
is going a little bit diagonal, so it’s really easy to hook in , even with thick loops.
The buckles of the get-up system we use this one, like we know already for a couple of
years already and we have a lot of experience with this.
We increased the stability of the back Thin plastic plates in the leg parts, so
that’s also a little bit better to sit in the harness because it will not move together,
it will keep in shape, it stays flat and you can slide better. For me, it’s really comfortable.
one open pocket on the right side, and one pocket with outside zip on the left side.
For the camelback or something you have the same pocket as you used on the backpack you
can use for the water bottle or a camelback, you can put it in here, and then you can go
through this hole here, and you can exit on this side with the tube, you can fix it here
and you can drink during flying if you like. We also have a new rescue system, the old
progress maybe you remember the rescue was here on the back, and now we use like the
most pilots have experienced, we add it here on the bottom, like you often have. The system
is the same as the Easiness 2, it’s really easy to close, even without some loops.
Greg: Is this protection deeper than before? Yup, a little bit, it’s maybe 2cm deeper than
the old one, and what is very important, the protection before it was only filled by the
flowing air. If you have the harness as a backpack, you
have the wing inside it is very small volume, not a big thing, then if you go up, you turn
the harness. It’s a foam pattern inside, as you can see
here, and it’s a lot of air, inside of the foam, it maybe takes one minute and then it’s
completely full, like that, and now you have really good protection.

10 thoughts on “Advance PROGRESS 3 (Reversible Paragliding Harness) Walkthrough

  1. Please pay attention to basic sound and lighting, guys. Hard to hear – stick that mic in his face / and get a boom mic; and hard to see with bright windows in background – always position lights behind the camera person. – thx, great info.

  2. Get Up at a normal harness 🙁    I think, this reversible over all has no chance against a swing or a woody valley one. Why not something realy new, like a inflatable airbag from the bottom to the neck, full top protection, That would be innovative and would provide unrivaled safety for the main group of pilots!

  3. Looks like decent padding.. would it be recommended for a beginner pilot ? 20hrs? 30hrs? 40hrs? my crurrent kit is large and heavy.. this looks nice and portable

  4. The video uses wide angle which means we get a great view of the room but see none of the details you refer to… otherwise great

  5. Will BiBeta 6 38 fit inside? Also I saw some comparison chart of Advance harnesses which gave it relative low score for XC compared to Success. Can you please explain why this is? Is the hammock style less comfortable for longer flights or is it for some other reason? Thanks – I love all of your videos!!

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