Advance Success 4 (Paraglider Harness Review)

We’ve got the Advance Success 4. It’s a really
nice harness, with a lot of protection. You’ve got a lot of foam here at the bottom, that’s
really big deep foam, there’s another block of foam there, there’s foam in the back here,
I’ve got my bag in the back there which is providing a lot of cushioning so that’s pretty
much the best all round protection I’ve ever seen on a harness. And you’ve these side protectors
here … there is one of the side protectors, very hard foam on the inside, with some soft
foam on the outside, so those protect your hips and the top part of your legs and if
you standing up out of the harness they’ll still be a little bit there.
And I like the way that they’ve done the reserve in that if you throw your reserve, the reserve
is at the front of the seat area, underneath the back of your legs so when you throw your
reserve you don’t end up with a hole in your harness protection. You should practice to
get this grip , the feel of the handle, once you’ve got that it’s great, the pins will
pull out on either side there, and the nice thing about this is, it has this zip that
goes forward as well as back so when you pull your reserve out this whole area opens up,
it’s never going to get jammed inside, the whole thing is going to come out beautifully.
Right, I’m just going to show you the leg clips again, it’s just a very nice little
quick buckles and a little chest strap up top, and that’s
it, some adjusters on the side, everything else looks fairly standard, the only thing
that I can see that is slightly different is that there’s a V webbing that runs through
a little slider here which is their balance system on the seat. We’ll see how that works
in practice once we get in the air. [Testing launch transition to seated position] I felt it was very supportive in the air, it felt like there was definitely firm pressure
from all the foam around, the side protectors work in the air as well in that they keep
you centred on the seat nicely, as you do weight shift you’re up against the side protector,
and it’s quite comfortable, it’s not digging into your hip because it’s shaped. The foam
is amazing, I mean, I can feel, the amount of protection I’ve got behind my back is phenomenal,
so IF I’m going to land on my bum or my back or down at a slight angle, this is probably
the harness I want to be in. It’s very nice flying in the non-pod harness
again, I’m used to the pods, and it’s jolly nice, it’s a kind of, it gives you that feeling
of dangling your feet in the air which is really special. And for ground handling and
running around on the slope it’s great, it really just sits nicely on your body, it doesn’t
ride up much, it rides up a little if you stand upright, and if you get into the air
you’ve got to do a little jiggle to get back into the seat. But you don’t need to take
your hands out of the brakes or anything, it’s very easy to get back into the seat.
So overall I’d say it is expensive, admittedly but for that expense you’re getting pretty
much the top of the range harness that you can get in this class, the protection is outstanding
all the way around, the comfort is really good, I don’t see how you could improve the
harness comfort-wise, it’s responsive in the air, it’s not too stable. It’s a bit more
responsive in the air than I was expecting, I was expecting it to be quite rigid, firm
and tight-up, but it’s not, it’s got a lot of freedom of movement, to a certain point,
you can roll and then if you’re rolling too far then it stops you. So that’s nice. The
getting in and out, into the air, is superb. That little balance system works very well.
A very comfortable harness, supreme protection, very easy to launch and get into the air and
get back into the harness, and get back out for landing, and build quality is top-notch.
It looks like it’s going to last a long time. [Comfort and control] [Getting familiar with the reserve handle] [The swoosh test. Very swoosh.]

7 thoughts on “Advance Success 4 (Paraglider Harness Review)

  1. I'm a new pilot, who purchased a Success 4 in no small part because of this video. I just had a mishap that resulted in me dropping on my butt from about 20' or so. Some back damage, but the doctor was surprised I hadn't broken my coccyx. I remembered something said in this video, ""If I'm going to land on my bum or my back, this is probably the harness I want to be in," and I must say "AMEN!"

    I'm sure more advanced pilots would prefer other harnesses, but this thing literally saved my ass (and maybe also my back), so I want to say thank you to Advance and to this reviewer.

    Now hopefully I'll be able to keep flying long enough to learn how to be good enough not to need so much padding ever again.


  2. Thanks for the review. Compared to the Supair EVO Lite, which one is your personal favorit and why?

  3. Graig bro, i was in Coupe Icare today and wanted to buy this harness but wasn't reversible. They have progress 3 which is reversible. What do u think about advance progress 3? By the way i was hopping to see flybubble ther to absolutely get my full gear from you

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