Advanced Badminton Techniques : How to Hit a Backhand Overhead Clear Shot in Badminton

I’m going to talk about the backhand overhead
shot in the game of badminton. The backhand overshot is made typically on your non-racquet
hand in the fore/back corner, so as with other shot one needs to move from the ready position
to your backhand corner of the court. From the ready position I will again shift my feet
in order to go to the back end of the court, press on my racquet leg, shuffle, and at the
last minute turn, look at the shuttle, throw out my elbow, and rotate around the elbow.
And as I make the shot again I press on my leg and open, and with my speed reposition
myself on the ready position. Here it is again. Some of the specifics of the shots are, of
course, to have a backhand grip on the racquet, again, with the thumb on the large flat side
of the racquet handle. Once you’re at the corner, and you have your foot down you won’t,
you again, don’t want to block; you want to spring as much as possible, and you want to
hit the shot as high as possible over your shoulder. In order to do this you will, of
course, lift your elbow and rotate your forearm and make the shot over your shoulder as high
as possible, and finish the shot and reposition yourself.

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