Advanced Badminton Techniques : How to Hit a Block Shot in Badminton

The block shot is a net shot that is essentially
made in the games of doubles in badminton. There are some specifics as to how one handles
the racquet of the block shot. When you have the universal racquet grip, and for the block
shot you actually slightly turn your racquet in order for your hand to be flat against
the large side part of the handle. With this grip you are able to be at the net quite close
with your racquet up, and just block the shuttle. You can see that I can, I can have my racquet
in front of me in this case with the end open, and just the racquet facing me, blocking at
the net. One can then intercept with little movement anything that comes on the forehand
or on the backhand over quite a large range. One this shot only requires a little flick
of the form just to push the shuttle back. Notice that my racquet foot is in front for
maximum stability and quick repositioning. I can travel very quickly, again, with the
spring action on the leg; being able to block shots at the net.

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