Advanced Badminton Techniques : How to Hit a High, Deep Serve in Badminton

I am going to describe the deep underhand
serve. This serve is essentially done in the game of singles. As for every serve it is
made from a service quadrant to the quadrant which is diagonally opposed in the other side
of the net. The position I prefer to take for this serve is probably about two foot
behind the service line. This gives me a lot of latitude with respect to the single service
line on the opposite side of the net. As for every serve, underhand serve you start with
your weight on your back leg which is your racket leg. Your hand is up high and as you
hit the shuttle you will shift your weight from your back leg to your front leg, make
sure that you do not step into the serve or make sure that you do not drag your feet during
the serve. These are faults in the game of badminton. Both feet have to be on the ground
during the service. You can rock on your feet but you cannot drag or step. Again one starts
with the arm high and you swing the racket with little wrist, just the arm and the impact
happens about here and you finish the shot by wrapping your arm over your head.

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