ADVANCED Changeup Batting Practice—Baseball | JUGS Sports

Hi, I’m JR Reichenbach, hitting instructor
with JUGS Sports. The new JUGS Changeup Machine is a very useful tool in training
hitters to arrive on time and in rhythm. One of the things I like to do to really help
that along is feed the ball into the machine before it gets to the desired speed. So for instance I’ll have the machine setup at a 70 mph fastball… working its way down to a 60 mph changeup, but before that happens I’m gonna feed the ball. And
when going back up from the changeup to the fastball, you can do the same thing—
feed the ball before it gets back to that top fastball speed. Here’s why I think
doing that is a very useful tool for my hitters. In a game, a pitchers going to
do everything they can to keep my hitters off-balance, basically what I did
is I just duplicated what the hitters are going to see in a game

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