Adventures Paragliding Ride in Pamukkale, Turkey 2019

About the Place: Pamukkale, Denizli, Turkey. Meaning “Cotton Castle”, Natural site in southwest, 350km from Istanbul. Carbonate Minerals left by the flowing hot waters, mostly White colour. Famous Roman city Hierapolis also situated on top of the Hill. Paragliding and Hot Air Baloons are also great attractions here. Paragliding in just $45, Ride with Buffet Lunch, Pick/Drop & Certificates.
Yes, you read it right this Ride just cost me $45 with with Buffet Lunch, Pick/Drop & Certificates in peak season. The Tricks are…
1. Research the High, Low and Medium Prices based on Season from Trip Adviser, and other Blogs. 2. Book Locally once you Reach There, instead online, in this way you will do Maximum Negotiations. Check from 2-3 Different Agents. 3. Negotiate as much as you can, as you already know the prices and don’t feel pity about the other party. All of them Enjoying heavy commission and fees. 4. You should also know little bit Turkish Words and Sentences, such as “Tashakur” for Thank You and “Merhaba” for Hi/Hello etc. 5. If the agent is not Negotiating the Price, add as many other Features which are not included in the list, such as Meals (Breakfast/Lunch), Pick & Drop, Certificate, Picture and Videos so it become a Total Package for You. 6. Be-aware Picture/Video Cost is usually additional 50$-100$ as they use Professional GO-Pro Cameras and they tell this just in end of the Trip. Either tell them to allow you to use your Camera/Mobile. In case they don’t let you please get it added in the overall package and may be slightly pay more. 7. Don’t forget to take free Certificate from them, they should not charge you. Better ask in Beginning and Add in the Over all Package. I hope theses tips were helpful, please Subscribe to the Channel. Enjoy the rest of the Video and your Future Ride 🙂

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