After Pomona: Baseball Analyst Guy Stevens ’13

I’m Guy Stevens, we’re at Kaufmann Stadium,
I’m a coordinator of baseball analytics for the Kansas City Royals. 2013 graduate of Pomona College. I’m a really passionate baseball fan, I’ve
loved baseball since I was a little kid, coming to a baseball stadium and answering baseball
questions and working on baseball challenges every day is a dream come true. I majored in math and economics, focused on
statistics, and one part of that that really prepared me for the work that I do now, is
between my sophomore and junior years at Pomona, I wrote a paper using minor league statistics
to predict major league success. I worked really closely with professor Gabe
Chandler in the math department. I started with no real experience doing statistical
analysis from scratch, and he got me going down the right track, and ended up with a
really interesting research project that we ended up getting published, and that was a
big step for me and kinda opened my eyes to doing baseball analysis not only as something
that I really enjoyed and wanted to keep doing, but there were going to be opportunities for
me to keep doing it past college. I didn’t go in planning to study math intensively,
you know I was ready to take a couple of math classes, do what I needed to do, but that
was it. And my freshman advisor said no no you need
to take a couple of really good math classes. Math is part of what you do well and its part
of your background so you should take this class with professor Shahriari. I took it, and it was one of the best courses
I ended up taking my entire time there, and within a couple math classes I knew that I
definitely wanted to be majoring in math. Another person who has a huge impact on me
while I was there was the head baseball coach Frank Pericolosi. Unfortunately I had a number of injuries while
I was playing baseball at Pomona, but that also want I got to spend a lot of time with
coach P just talking baseball, and you know those constant conversations, not only did
I learn a lot about baseball, but it got me used to talking baseball. Later in my career when I was hurt, when we
would play teams, he would have me write up scouting reports on the teams we were playing
so that he’d have them for the next year, and you know, that was a little thing but
it went a long way for me. And that made my experience as a baseball
player at Pomona a really positive one. I was lucky enough to find passions that mixed
well and I’m hopeful that I’ll be lucky enough in the future to continue pursuing those passions
and take that approach that really I had at Pomona which was really focusing on what I
enjoyed and wanted to do, and I just hope that I’m lucky enough to continue having that
focus and following the things that I’m passionate about as far as I can.

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