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Hi, I’m Brie from DMI Sports. Today I am showing you our HT274 air hockey table, featuring our unique interactive rail lights. It has quickly become one of our most popular tables. With outer dimensions of 84 inches’ by 46 inches, this table will fit nicely into most game rooms. The interactive rail lights add another element of fun to traditional air hockey. The interactive rail lighting system is embedded in the side rails. While the game is tied the lights remain white. If the red team takes the lead the LED lights flash red and stay red, letting you know who’s winning. If the blue team strikes back with a goal, the LED lights flash blue and then return to white, signaling the score is even again. If the blue team scores the go-ahead goal the lights flash blue. Even our electronic side scorer flashes along with the rails. This light feature makes the game really fun and exciting. Take a closer look at the details of this table. Pucks travel fast on this surface since we use strong blower motor for optimum air flow. The pedestal style legs are wide and sturdy for great durability. Because many floors aren’t quite level we have installed four discrete leg levelers. This table comes with two pucks and two pushers. This table is shipped partially assembled. Assembly is quick and easy and requires only common household tools. If you are looking for a table that looks great and will offer you more fun than a traditional air hockey table the HT274 is the one for you.

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