Yo, what’s happening? Hey, my name is DJ and welcome to the DNA show If you are new to the family so today we’re gonna be talking about the air jordan on football cleats and the air jordan on baseball cleats and i’m gonna tell you A couple reasons why I think the football cleat is a little bit better, but you’ll find out more in this review First let’s start off the video with an ad now this video has sponsored by a pyro brand They are a jewelry company as you can see. I have a gleaming necklace right here my bracelet right here so right now I’m wearing the single row tennis chain and Bracelet set. They sent this out to me. It is gleaming. 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Make sure you hit that subscribe button We are almost at 5000 subscribers meaning there won’t be a raffle coming very very soon Stay tuned for that and for everybody that’s already been subscribed. Shout out to y’all. What’s up? Hope y’all having a great day. The sun is shining outside right now. I’m feeling real good So let’s go ahead and get right into this review Michael Jordan retired from the NBA for the first time and what did he do? He tried to go play baseball, right? So when he tried to play baseball That was the time when the Air Jordan eight had just came out He had just won three championships six to seven and eight and during the time he retired the nine was coming out So the 9 and the 10 that was around that same era so they made a Jordan 9 Baseball cleat for him and he wore that when he played and was all black and white Real simple because I was a team colors and it all made sense So years later What they decided to do was make it for the public and what they did was created a football version of the shoe Which is here and it has a zoom bottom screwing cleats and this is the typical 2002 early two-thousands football clean, you know, everybody’s rocking football cleats So at that time that’s when they started Jordan Brand football athletes, and I’m in early two-thousands So, you know you had Charles Woodson and players like that. Just old-school guys Randy Moss like dudes like that rocking Football cleats and they have the screwin bottoms and the turf bottoms and all those different type of things so this pair released to the public and it’s one that I felt a lot of people don’t really know about and they think it’s A PE when I show it to them But it’s actually not it’s just another shoe that came out to the public back in 2002 it comes with a face box similar to all the other releases back in the day and I think this shoe right here is Amazing if I could take this sole off and put a regular sole on there like a tennis shoe sole but I would be in for a win because the materials on this thing a Won the black leather the patent leather the way they come down on the toe cap like this I’m loving every single bit of this cleat right here. Oh my gosh, let me tell you this thing is fire I want to talk about the two cleats and show you guys the differences between the newer one and how I think this is not Functional for football and I don’t think players should be wearing this cleat I’ve seen a lot of high school and college athletes wearing this specifically Even some NFL players that are not on Jordan Brand having this specifically bottom is not good I think we should talk about it and just show a couple differences between the two shoes So the first thing that sticks out to me is the leather quality this right here ooh what the 2002 pair is very buttery very very thick nice and they’re holding up strong to say that this shoe is 17 years old and it looks Really really good. These have been worn on the field before and you can tell that they’re still a great great shape that’s what I really love about this cleat right here going into the 2017 pair you can tell that the leather is very very stiff. It’s not as movable and It just doesn’t look too comfortable Some players they like to play it and stuff like this me personally this is made for baseball not football So that’s a big factor when it comes to the cleat bottom because where the cleats are placed how big the cleats are Those are huge factors and this can really cause a major injury to a football player and I hope and pray that football players don’t wear this cleat anymore on the football field because I know they want to look cool and I know they think that’s A great thing but safety is very important And I think if you’re gonna rock a cleat like this You should definitely get the football bottom version and that usually comes from the PE from the actual players that play in the NFL So if you can’t get your hands on something like that I would say stay away from it get it for collecting purposes or wearing for baseball And they know what makes sense to have this cleat right here. Obviously me. I’ve played football basketball baseball You name it all the sports. I’ve been a year-round athlete for my whole life So I’m very into baseball cleats just as much as I am into football cleats track spikes. You name it? I’m into all that stuff. So let’s talk about the tongues now as you can see on the tongue here on the 2002 period has the typical Air Jordan this pair they have the respect for Derek Jeter because they did the respect series So they did this nine and a bunch of different color ways that released to the public Retail was a hundred and ten dollars on this cleat right here And I think that’s very affordable price for a cleat and something that’s cool, too You know a retro or some like that because nowadays cleats are getting very very expensive So it makes sense for this shoe to be pretty cheap and it’s crazy because it’s sat for a very long time and a lot a lot of people really bought it because not Everybody’s into cleats not everybody just because it’s retro doesn’t mean everybody wants to have it So it does make sense and a lot of people were able to get this for a discounted price which is a great thing when you’re trying to get a dull cleat to have part of your collection or if you’re just like a Local softball player or mush ball or whatever, you know, I think this is something cool to have four or something like that Okay So I don’t have the retail price on this I can look it up if I really need to but this two thousand two pair is a They sing The only thing I hate about it is the zoom bottom with the screw in cleats now me personally I play wide receiver and I’m not rocking this deep of a screw in cleat no more like it’s 2019 we need quick fast speed you work. This is clunky heavy This cleat right here will be great for like a lineman someone who played on a line or linebacker It’s not like that if they put up on the field with these. All right now 17 years later Breath, you would be killing the game. No lie Like I wanted to wear these when I was playing in college, but I was like, bro I can’t where do you like? They would look cool. I know why I don’t know what they are But I’m like this is not functional. So this is obviously straight out collecting purposes Just just as a trophy piece just to be like yo, this is an actual tree that came out to the public I have different cleese like this if you guys would like to see any other cleats PE cleats turf bottoms You name it? I got a bunch of random stuff just drop a comment down below in the comment section Let me know how you guys are feeling about these to the back is a big thing the back you can obviously tell the difference Is between the heels and the midsole is the white with the black different things like that And then the o2 pair comes with the 23 on the back and then the back of these Even though they were a respect with the two From the you know respect series you would think they would at least stitch a number or something on the back But they didn’t nothing right here So it’s very blank and then it’s white instead of like that Marbley silver that you would see on their older pairs So I’m definitely in love with the 2002 pair for this I think overall Quality design classic vibes. I’m going with the 2002 pair. This is just like the dumb dulled out version of it So it’s kind of what steers me away from not choosing this one if I were to pick one of these Or the other but when I seen this one coming out to the public, I was like yo I gotta have it because I have these mesas just for collective purposes I know I’m just Spending money on stuff for I don’t know what reasons I just I like to collect stuff and I have a problem I’m sorry, but that’s that. So anyways, drop a comment down below. Let me know what you guys think about these two cleats I went to Instagram and I posted them on my story and it’s looking like 69 percent to 31 percent in favor of the 2002 Football cleats so I don’t know if ever because people are more baseball and football fans Or if it’s more actually because of what cleat they like so whichever one you think is most functional for you and your lifestyle Drop a comment down below and let me know which one is you’e purchase or if you ever have one of these or the other Or if you got other cleats just I don’t know drop a comment. Let’s have a conversation. Let’s talk about cleats. I love cleats I love hold on let me Have y’all seen these before Margaret Harrison Colts and other problems screwing in bottoms I think on that car on bottom see that’s what I’m saying. We could talk about cleats all day. I love kids So if you guys want to talk, let’s talk. See you guys in the comments section. I Gotta go. Shout out to a poor old burns. Once again. I’ma see y’all in the next episode. We got LA coming up Very very soon this weekend more stuff dropping more tuned for your head top Dye line die like oh like comment share subscribe, you know do other things I got a goal I need to be outside in the Sun cause it’s feeling real good. I hope you’re having a great day yet again I’m see y’all in the next episode. I gotta go Okay, yeah


  1. I have a pair im trying to get in the classic colorway so i can do a soleswap plus u can find people like me that can do a soleswap for u

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