Air safari at Rishikesh Uttarakhand | Adventure sports India

Hello friends! This is Harish Bali from Visa2Explore. I’m at the airfield for air-safari! This is midway between Dehradun & Haridwar. We have Captain Arpit here, who will tell us more about this air safari! This is a light sports aircraft with flight duration of 10-12 minutes. We can fly this up to an hour, depending on flying requirement. This location is beautiful. When we are airborne, we see Rajaji National Park, the wildlife there… the hills of Mussoorie…This location is surrounded by mountains. The view of jungle & the river is awesome! We fly from sunrise to sunset. View is really great! Capt. Arpit, tell me how safe is it to fly on this aircraft? Talking about safety, this aircraft… is the safest in light-sports category in the world. There are no risks involved in this. By the way, if you haven’t subscribed Visa2Explore yet, then click the red button below and subscribe to see more exciting videos! And…see you soon! And visit Air Safari Airfield – Adventure is in our blood!

41 thoughts on “Air safari at Rishikesh Uttarakhand | Adventure sports India

  1. I have enjoyed this ride ( video coming soon ) even i stayed there whole night alone in a camp surrounded by RajajiNationalPark from all sides only for this ride 👹 fearlessly!!
    Ct. Arpit Sir chaukas hain ✅

  2. It a good coverage …all videos r informative , but I would request you to also mention budget hotels , fares charges of zoo, air balloon & air safari rides etc

  3. Just awesome videos Simla Himachal pradesh…. bahoth enjoy kiya sir main USA mein rehthi hu but main next time jabhi India aavungi aapko jaruar jarur milungi … thanku sir

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