Air Vuisa Tandem Passenger Harness Tanıtım İnceleme | English Subtitle | Yamaç Paraşütü Vlog

hello everyone In this episode,we will examine Air Vuisa Tandem Passenger Harness that I bought let’s investigate it together the size of the harness is large it fits to passengers which are between 160-180cm tall It weighs 3.1 kilograms Not bad It is not like a feather but also not so heavy sitting board’s edges are 33 to 35cm they said exterior fabric is cordura fabric and seat material is ferrari seat fabric risers are made in europe leg risers v-shaped you can tie them like press in – press out They are nice I like it push out push in It is so useful because it is connected at one time We tie the leg and chest column together It comes from here. and It comes from here. and
We connect right and left in one go We connect right and left in one go I like this system when we connect this two we connect everything It looks good and secure leg columns has sponges on it for being more comfy and soft It looks good and I like it and there is a handle for assist I like this also. It is good normally, assistants ssist you by holding the harness from leg or chest columns for preventing this, producers put some red assist handles which looks like reserve parachute handle we can hold this handle and pull the harness assistants or the passengers holds this handle there is an apparatus for shoulder columns to prevent being loose and there is a whistle austrialpin buckles are used good,I like it It says AUSTRIALPIN with capital letters material looks good and clean It has shoulder column adjustment and also back adjustment I will show them later when I hang the harness I can show the protectie shell from the side Here, It says “passenger” In this section, there is a full sponge protection shell It is an advantage for me I like it this way, I wanted İt because, in the models with airbags passenger who sits before the take-off, causes problems in the models with sponge, there is no problem bottom side is changeable they made zipper for bottom we scratch the bottom of the harness to rocks or bushes producers made changeable bottom part we can pull that part you can get one of the same It is so simple, It has zippers and everyone can make one we can pull that part and get a new one in this way our harness will not get harmed the back of the harness looks like this here is a pocket cover which also acts like a cockpit we can put our variometer or gps via velcro tape it is like a normal cockpit it has a connector to prevent falling It stays here with a velcro tape here is a pocket for action camera it is also good there is also another red hook like in the cockpit to prevent camera from falling when we put the camera in here with a rope it stays here and flies like this they also made a pocket for camera at the other side, there is a closed pocket let’s look at that side here is a pocket with a zipper let’s open and close it you can put something like your phone back of the harness looks like this let’s look at the pocket at the baggage section It’s not bad It opens like a cockpit cover And closes like this they made a double sided zipper Inner baggage section is in this big not bad let’s open it and a rozetta bag fits inside so easily I’ve put one of these here is a big rozetta bag It can fit so easy It is a standard rozetta bag It has fitted here we can use this when we are flying It has a huge baggage section which I can put my whole arm in it and I like this cockpit thing because I always fly with a cockpit ıt does not matter If you are using it or not because of that I am always flying with a cockpit to hear this “beep beep” sound I can use the cockpit ıt is a good feature here is a camera pocket let’s take it out and put it here you are not forced to put camer in here you can put whatever you want here and here is another pocket here at the middle is a big baggage section and the cockpit section here is the passenger protection sponge which comes all the way here normally If you did not put something in here. you can get closer to the passenger this much here is the sponge protection at the backside It looks like this from behind we will see other features when we are flying we will see how it is useful or how it is relax am I able to fly with pssenger with ease Is the passenger comfortable while taking off are we comfortable while taking off we will see them later when we are flying In this video, we just only examined what features does this harness have, what is on the front, back or sides, how is the harness. I like this harness nice harness according to the price really, the producers did a great job It is so useful and good looking harness If you have questions about harness or comments, you can write in the comment section below like, subscribe and follow the videos about this harness in flight or in hanger there will be more videos about this harness take care of yourself see you later Bye Bye Subtitles: Berkin’s Vlogs

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