Albela Teacher Chulbule bachche Part 2 | Comedy videos | funny videos 2020 | V2 fun

Ok whatever.. Let’s start the class today Yes sir First of all I shall ask one question to each of you The questions will be very easy But reply after thinking well OK Yes of course Why one you may ask two questions sir so… Kallu.. You tell me Who was the first president of our country? (Kallu is thinking) first president of our country.. Kallu is Itching his head Kallu laughs Sir i had learnt but right now it’s not getting in mind I see Kallu.. I am understanding very well It would get in mind if you would have memorise it Sir.. If you give me the options so.. Is here any contest of who will be millionaire that i give you the options So that i give you the options Give me the answer immediately Yes sir.. I got it remember Really..ok speak up Sir…Rajendra Prasad ( speaks in low voice ) What? Speak loudly Jai Mata Di ( Praise of goddess Durga ) Jai Mata Di What is this new drama going on? Is there any devotional song is being sung? So that you are saying Jai Mata Di in comepetition? Say Keep your mouth shup Kallu You just tell me the answer Sir Rajendra Prasad Look dear.. He was the president of our country so pronounce his name with full respect Mr. Rajendra Prasad Got it? Halku is trying to understand By the way your answer was correct Very good, very good Son Halku Yes sir.. So my dear Halku.. You just tell me Which is the national bird of our country? I know this sir.. The national bird of our country is Mr. Peacock Just meet this legend This legend is born just now I am also surprised with his knowledge Mr. Peacock right? Halku shakes his head in positive You just tell me one thing Are your father and grandfather birds or crows ? that you are using Mr. before the name birds for full respect say No sir, actually you.. Shut up You fool.. Ok you tell me this Have you ever seen a papaya? what are you saying sir that’s so common, who was not seen the papaya In my village, there are a lot of papaya on the trees behind my home exactly Your face is just same As papaya Sir, this is not fair What is not fair, say? Is this fair now? Halku gets angry So Chunni.. Now you tell me which is the bottom color of our national flag? Chunni is thinking I.. I.. I.. Yes, yes, speak up son.. You all learn something from him He is going to give me the correct answer I.. I.. don’t know sir.. You don’t know the answer of so simple question I tell you all one work Its very easy Just take a handfull of water and you all drown in that water I know how to swim Sir, i can swim Sir, I also know swimming But i don’t know how to teach you all fools I think sir is illiterate.. I think sir passed the exams by copying Sir, are you teaching first time? You all just shut your mouths Otherwise my one slap will be enough to get all of you lick the floor I think you don’t know anything about the previour teacher Yeah Yeah I know.. Principal told me He got an accident He didn’t get through any accident The teacher frightens He was beaten badly I tell you how? Like this…

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