Alex Bruce: TO2015 Pan Am Games Badminton Hopeful

Alexandra Bruce
Badminton is the fastest racket sport in the world, and I think that’s one of the reasons why I love it — because it’s always a challenge. People don’t realize, until they see it how fast it is and how hard it is and how much skill you have to have to be able to play. Last Pan Am Games, Canada dominated badminton; we won three out of five gold medals. My goal going in was definitely to win the women’s doubles and (I) lost first round in the mixed doubles, but won gold in the women’s doubles. Stephane Cadieux
Where there’s Olympics or Pan Am Games or any major competition, I think that an athlete’s dream is to compete well within your own country, in front of your own fans. I’m really looking forward to seeing all the red and white in the crowd, and having my close family and friends there as well. She’s going to have the biggest fan base she’s ever had. It’s going to be good, it’s going to be loud. We’re going to have a lot of loud cheering for her, which is good for her sport because people assume that it’s kind of this . . . the tennis etiquette . . . but it’s actually extremely loud in here. And people, you know, experience that live and see her, you know, how good she actually is and what she’s . . . you know, all the time and effort she’s put into it. To be able to showcase that in this setting is extremely exciting. I think it’ll just bring so much energy and so much excitement to the city, and I love when, you know, the city gets excited about something. I mean, the Leafs in the playoffs was just a small example of what this city can be like, and it’s just so electric and everyone’s in a good mood and positive, and I think it’s just a really nice thing for a community to look forward to. Well, I got a really exciting opportunity in the summer to coach in Markham, where badminton is going to be held in the Pan Am Games, and it was really fun. It was three weeks and all the kids were amazing, different kids every week. – I just try to have fun with them and, you know, teach them good habits, both on and off the court . . . and always having fun. I think Markham’s going to be a great venue for badminton. The parents and the kids that I’ve been able to work with have been so excited and they’re already talking about getting tickets and coming to watch everyone play. I think it’s just going to be electric out there. I love this sport and I have so much fun playing. And I think we can look forward to a similar, if not better result in TORONTO 2015.

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