Alexe Gagnon spends a day with the Habs

Hello, my name is Alexe. I’m from Boisbriand. I’ve been skating since I was very small. I signed a contract as a figure skating consultant, something like that, for one day. How’s it going?
-Good, and you? Good. When I arrived in the dressing room, I saw everything, and I saw my name. I was really surprised, I wasn’t expecting that. Skating with the players, that’s memorable. You don’t get to do that very often in your life. I skated with them, and we did a little pirouette. That’s not too bad! Bye, thank you very much! Bye. Her brother is a goaltender as well. He’s a really good goalie.
-Yes. Is his equipment the same size? No, no! What Alexe came to do today, as our consultant, was give some tips to a couple of our players. I think there was Weber, there was Danault. Who else, Alexe? There was Mete and Gallagher.

11 thoughts on “Alexe Gagnon spends a day with the Habs

  1. People probably won't notice this but they actually gave her an actual player quality jersey (made in canada pro jersey), which is incredibly awesome and sweet of them! I'm sure she had a wonderful time and thanks for the habs organisation to give chances like these to children who need it 🙂

  2. Love this. But it's to bad the kids need to be incredibly I'll to be able to skate with their heroes. Alot of kids would appreciate and never forget this. Hockey is for everyone. Not just the sick kids

  3. Même si les Habs ont perdu 7 matchs consécutifs, je pense toujours qu'ils forment une équipe incroyable! Allez habs, allez!

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