All-Star advice at baseball clinic

[Music] Curtis: Outfield helpers to the outfield station! Bo Porter: When Curtis announced this here event, it was one of the things in which I marked on my calendar And I wanted to make every effort that I could to get in here to show Curtis what our appreciation for what it is he’s not
only done for the game but what it is he’s doing in the community to uplift these children and give them an
opportunity to play the game of baseball. Curtis: I think the biggest advice I would give the young people is an example of what we did today- you don’t have to be a name, you don’t have to have money to give your time to show how exciting your life has been and how you can put that in- but also, giving them the realization, that you’ve had hurdles that you’ve had challenges, that you also come from where they come from and look at me, look at where I’m at. I’m a high school student athlete. I’m a college student athlete. I’m attending college, I’m graduating. I’m doing all these different things. And none of that cost any money. It’s just a combination of making some of the good decisions speaking from your experiences and a lot of these kids are paying attention and listening to it. A lot of kids go “I’ve been here before.” “I’ve come to this camp. I remember that.” And they want to come back beacause they enjoyed it. Bo: We believe that baseball mirrors life and giving kids the opportunity to play this game is something that is a mission of the Major League Baseball Players Association and also our players’ trust. [music]

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