Alright! | Pati, Patni Aur World Cup ft. Sahil Verma, Deepansha Dhingra

Please do SUBSCRIBE to ALRIGHT Damn it Bunnu How many times have I told you, don’t call me at this time of the hour What if Sargam wakes up Is Sargam your wife or mother? Why are you shit scared of her Chuck it, tell me what’s up? Is your World Cup scene still on cards or.. you are gonna watch Gossip Girl with your wife like always Bro Me and Shashank are up for the scene Tell me about yours? That’s good, you know what I’ve predicted on the DINEOUT APP as well that Pakistan is not gonna score more than 280 runs Bro, we’ll get together and cheer with Chicken and chilled Beer What? No one is coming? Just now you said that everyone is coming I understand the urgency of the matter But you know, it’s too late I’ll try to resolve it tomorrow You have to be somewhere tomorrow? I’ll call you later Actually tomorrow… On a Sunday, there’s an issue I’m the only one from the developer team So, I’ll have to work overtime You always work overtime, but your salary doesn’t reflect the same No It did increase a decent raise… If you don’t want me to go, I’ll stay No, no It’s okay Going to office is also important But Reach home on time I’ll call Shiney You are so understanding CHEERS! Why are you glued to your phone? I’m just answering this “predict and win” contest on the DINEOUT APP I’m done Shanky you should also participate The promo cash is of utmost use Really? Teach me how to do it It’s quite simple Look First, select a team then set a score that’s it Then you can win ample amount of cash That’s great He has turned turned out to be smarter after his marriage On this note BOTTOMS UP! Here goes Dhawan too! Bro, I’m telling you Dhawan makes an entry for the sole purpose of touching the field Because of him, Sharma ji’s son is playing under pressure How is this gonna work? Tell me one thing You lied to your wife about watching the match with us? What option did I have? You expect me to drink alcohol with Sargam? Brother, slow down Take it easy, it’s all yours I’m drinking after a long time Please don’t act like my father Drink, my son Drink! Waiter (expecting the waiter to understand his sign language) Three Whiskey Sir, which Whiskey? Black Dog All men are dogs Sir, with Coke or with water? Do you have curd or lemon? Bro SAR- GAM Sadness? Why are you so mum When your brother has all the Rum Come on, drink it up Don’t force him into drinking He’ll pass out I’m not like some spilled curd, that I’ll create a mess I’m urging to pee I wanna go to the washroom So, go! You want me to play kettledrums for you? You also come along Are you a kid? Men are always concerned about having fun, right? No, Sargam It’s nothing like that I was about to seek your permission LIE You don’t want your life partner to walk shoulder to shoulder with you when it comes to drinking Whisky What are you looking at? Wanna have a look at it or what? (Indian version of THE GRUDGE) Are you… Are you alright? NO I am not I hate liars, Utkarsh Idiot! Bro Dhoni’s helicopter shot Bro, Dhoni’s energy and Kohli’s synergy is too good Bro I can see Sargam everywhere Because you lied to me, Utkarsh Sargam, I’m sorry that I lied to you I am a liar What has happened to you? You don’t seem fine to me Let’s book a cab for him and send him home Yeah, he has completely passed out Move How much is the bil for? Bro, 2000 Only 2000 We are the ones who have consumed alcohol, what are they getting drunk on? Your brother has won a lot of predict and win contests I had 2,000 promo cash left, so I used it Bro You have also taken a step further in smartness Now, who will pick up this dead body? Let me help you You alone? Go, call four more people from outside I alone, am more than sufficient GET UP… You came home so early You said you’d come back by 12 I am sorry I lied to you Lied to me? Yes A LIE! I was not called at the office So where did you go? I was with my friends to have some drinks while watching the World Cup Match Next time, take me along with you I missed you so much You really missed me? But, you won’t scold me? for lying to your face Why would I scold my brother-in-law? My sister is the one who is gonna scold you Brother-in-law? Yeah Sargam, why are you calling me your brother-in-law Because you are my brother-in-law One second (calling her sister) Look who’s back Your husband has had a lot to drink He’s saying anything and everything under the roof You? (Ekta Kapoor’s ideal climax) Utkarsh, what are you doing on your phone? Sargam, if I don’t predict and win How will I earn promo cash? You forgot about it? We have to watch the next match together So guys, don’t miss the chance to win the promo cash by simply downloading and predicting on the Dineout Application and also, link is in the description below Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to ALRIGHT

100 thoughts on “Alright! | Pati, Patni Aur World Cup ft. Sahil Verma, Deepansha Dhingra

  1. bakwas video💩💩don't expect frm alright 🙈Abe bibi se jhut bolke daru pine ki kahani Ko "husband during worldcup" ka Nam dete ho behenchod😄😄aise chutiyappa video kitna dekhu kuch Naya Lao yrrrr

  2. Are all international players taking part in world cup included in this category of men😀😀😀😀

  3. Why YouTube community is not talking about twinkle sharma 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  4. Etna pyar girlfriend se nahin jitna cricket se hain India Walo ko ,
    Raat ko shona-wona sab bhul gaye dream 11 main paise banane ko 😉

  5. Please don't use phrases (all man's are dog ) to (all girls are bich ) bhi hota hi . Know u seed it's a comedy video . I am not agree that.

  6. शादी ना करणे के जादा फायदे है।

  7. Predict the match scores and win Dineout promo-cash based on how accurate your guess is:

  8. This video should be named biwi and party WC to naam k liye tha, aur world cup k match din mei. 3:00 PM pe start ho rhe hai and last TV mein jo match chal rha tha usme sachin kyu khel rha tha.

  9. That guy in starting who was wearing pink shirt can play the role of Rohit sharma “ he looks like Rohit Sharma “ @merko laga😬😅😅

  10. aree iska title "biwi se khoff" rkha leta jdaa better hota ….chutiya mtlab views ke liya kuch bhi " MAN DURING WORLDCUP" hatt bosdu

  11. I have the se top that sargam is wearing in the last home scene 😝😝 its from myntra 😂😂

  12. Yaar ladkon .. Itna kyun darte ho ?
    Ghar tumhara hai . zindagi tumhari hai . salary bhi tumhari hai .
    There is no reason to be answerable to someone else

  13. I wouldn't be in a marriage like that where I have to answer my wife like that .. where as I am the only one who is earning for the family .. I am the one who is bearing the bread for the family ..
    Rather she will listen to me and i will love her for the way she listens to me ..

  14. एक चाकू था,एक कलाई थी
    एक सपना था,एक अपनों से जुदाई थी
    एक चादर थी,कुछ खून के धब्बे थे
    एक किताब थी,और कुछ पलटे हुए पन्ने थे
    कमरे में खामोशी थी,बस टप टप करता खून था
    अब ना कोई परेशानी थी,बस अब तो सुकून ही सुकून था !
    Listen the full story now !

  15. 😂😂😱😱💖💖💖💖💖😘😘😘😘

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