Alumbunaties – Ep 01 Hostel Rules – Sitcom Series #Nakkalites (With English Subtitles)

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what is the website? You said you didn’t like the pink bedsheet You said you didn’t like the pink color pillow but what is the problem with teddy bear? If I turn off the lights, I feel like someone
is hiding in the room Pinky My hostel friends would hear that Call me Siddhu, Vatsu Our 25% attendance quota is over! Hey Joe! Now we can’t take any more leaves this semester! Forget the leave, is this a fan? It sounds like an eagle that got shot See see, it sounds exactly like that That was a real eagle Oh, it was a real one You are right Only we know all these difficulties But at this time the warden would be so
comfortable in his room Only if he sleeps with our fan once
he will understand Super idea! What idea? Like Bashir said, we will remove our fan
put it in his room When did I say that? You keep quiet.
Joe you come Sodalay? Are you stupid? Your father is a military soldier He will make you stand straight and
shoot you in the heart Keep quiet and sit This guy… Why do you need phone at this time? Why is your girl giving a kiss to me? I’ll get angry if this happens again Don’t talk like that, what is
your problem? Come let’s go to the warden room
-For what? Let’s change his fan come What are you saying? We need to put his fan in our room,
and our fan in his room Okay let’s go
-And you? What Joe? Warden is a dangerous fellow, let’s
not do this Look here, I am writing your record only,
so not today leave it What are you saying? Forget the record This is more important Sodalay, both aren’t coming, what
can we do? Tell him
-Let’s put a toss Even, the plan is cancelled When did we ever put just one,
it is best of three come again Hey Sodalay, you are acting too much Okay now what?
-Odd It’s even, go now Plan cancelled now It’s best of three, we have played
only one match Even in best of three we won two! Everything is done now, let’s go Hey? Where to? Laundary? Take my underwear and shirt too So that’s all friendship we have right? Why should I even stay in this
room anymore? I’ll shift to a different room Hey Hey Hey Wait! What do we do once we get there? There is a plan For this only I have chloroform stored
in old perfume bottle
-Super! Hey Where is that bottle? It’s in the room, let’s go In the room? Super idea! Instead of getting it from the room once
warden wakes up, I’ll get it now itself? Why are you looking at me?
Tell something You go ahead, I’ll get it and come You still didn’t go? Come Baby Understand baby I’ll become white for sure in 7 days Shit Why don’t you understand me? No one can cheat me, this is an original pack I knew it while buying Please understand baby Yea tell tell Open If we keep another fan next to this fan looks like this fan will fly way What sensation is this! We shouldn’t leave this today Why is he snoring when he is supposed
to be fainted? It will take 5 minutes to react, wait for it Do it quick Why is the fan so close to me today? It slipped
-Make it quick! Joe? Those two bolts are done?
-Yes We are saved! Come come, come fast! Yes! Mission Success! Leave the mission, you got the chloroform bottle
right? Get me that Use it carefully, you might faint Hey hey hey hey! I didn’t faint! We took scent bottle instead of chloroform! Shit Damn it! How can someone like me do this? Don’t think hard high court, let’s do this Let’s take the chloroform bottle and put it
on his face Warden will faint
-Correct Idiot, if we do that it is mission failure Joe Sodalay, stay calm, be free. Mission is success Can you hear that sound? Get inside Hey Joe! Warden is dead? Now we have to go to jail! Police will come, everyone will
hear the news! Now we are done for It’s nothing, let’s go inside Who did this? Who removed the fan? So you won’t talk? Are you all dumb? I’ll come check in every room, come with me You should have tightened the fan Sir this is locked He will rip us Just come quietly This is my room fan right? Siddhu! tell something Yes warden, this is your room fan only Don’t get angry warden, why are you
getting mad? Go look at the next room fan also Warden, look at our room fan also warden Are you trying to fool me now I’ll fix you Kunukoti Sir I am coming Note it down From now in time is 8, not 10 If you don’t come in by 8, your
house will get a call If I see someone using a phone after 10,
I will put the phone is speaker and listen You shouldn’t gather in the meeting hall Water cut after 8 in the morning Take a bath before that The TV is not common anymore,
it’s shifting to my room If you don’t come in time, mess
food will be cut From now this is not a hostel, it’s
a military camp I am not a warden, a major! Okay
-Disperse! Water is not coming! The water isn’t coming Please warden! Please warden! It was only 10 mintues
-Stay out for a day It’s 10, what are you doing? Get inside Go! Close the door Vatsu, I’ll get my friend’s bike Let’s go tomorrow If you put a leave, warden will catch you Why are you so scared? Do you think I am scared of warden? Warden! Hello? What? Warden!
-Give it here I’ll speak Hello? Hello I am Major Althoray speaking I am Warden Malliswari speaking Warden? Warden? Nothing much warden today there is a cricket match Was that a 6 warden!? Can you turn the TV a little this side We won’t even come in, we will
watch from here and leave How much can you see now?
-We can only see that India is there We can only see the blue jersey, nothing
else warden Didn’t I tell you that warden will help So you can see that much You shouldn’t see that also, get lost! Father! Who are you? I am also this hostel
-Oh really, this is my son We are staying nearby itself He doesn’t do anything productive at home,
so I got him to the hostel Even my dad is like that Where can I find the hostel warden? If you go straight and right you will find him I’ll hold this
-No I can hold it I will hold it for you! No I will hold, this is my son
we stay nearby At home he…
-Give it here, I’ll hold it for you No no This is my son. I got him to to the
hostel so he can study At home he does nothing productive,
that’s why I got him here Warden? Tell me This is my son, we are staying nearby
-Dad? Why dad? I came to leave him here Hostelites have a name for themselves right That’s why I came to find out, how are the
other students here? They are made of gold This hostel is hell for bad people I am hell boy Didn’t get? He is the devil This is not a hostel, it’s military I am running a military No one can escape me Isn’t that right Bashir? Yes sir! Thank you warden Thank you warden You can go now Students are always like that
-Okay okay Keep that here, let’s go for a hostel tour No one will take it sir Show him the room Students are scared of me
-I can see that Don’t worry about your son, I’ll take care He left! Give here!
-Break it down Warden! See what he has been doing at night You shouldn’t see
-You don’t see What are you looking at? Take it What drama he did when we asked
him to show us the match! Let’s take it straight to our room and
watch the match
-Wait! Why your room?
-You don’t have switch box, we do What switchbox?
-We will be watching first You don’t even have a switchbox If you fight I will throw this down What are you saying? Then don’t fight We are not fighting, we all became
friends, get that here You see that Didn’t understand? In this hostel building even a leaf takes my permission to fall It sounded like a bomb, right sir? Can’t do anything, have to buy a new one Thoo Don’t you know what you are doing? Who threw the TV? Who threw the TV? You told us to never touch the TV Did anyone of you throw it? Sodalay Your father is a great major are you joining with them and ruining
his name? Who threw the TV? What are you saying? You won’t tell You won’t talk When you stole my fan, it got the
CCTV fixed I won’t leave anyone Come to my room, come with me It’s nothing I’ll find out all the details right now You will have it today, you are playing
with me right That’s me I think I missed a step warden, can you
get it back? Pune Are you still wearing the kid’s underwear? Shut up Get out It broke right? Not the remote sir, the Tv, so we need
a new one Shut up idiot Even she is a warden like you right? There are 160 more students there How are they so disciplined? No sir
-You don’t talk It’s okay if talks to me late night sir but he was talking to a hostel girl sir Sir that wasn’t me sir Sorry madam Indecent fellow Did you find out who did it?
-No sir Can we just leave it because there is
no evidence? One of them must have done it It’s my mistake for letting them loose All of them are suspended for 10 days Sir please sir
-No. Nothing doing They shouldn’t come to the college, or to
their home They have to remain in the hostel That’s a bad call sir. If they are in the hostel
24/7, I can’t tolerate sir Pass the memo, from now it’s not a college
it is military I am not a HM, I am major Everyone, disperse Are you happy that they gave you leave? Rules are rules, what is the time? What is the time? Get inside! Get inside No matter what happens today, I am
going to sleep here only Playing with me? Let’s see what you can do Why 2? Put only the chloroform For safety let’s do it Cover your faces What are you guys doing? I was sleeping here only the whole
night You have the audacity to get a girl inside? See what I will do now Come out! Come Come Look at that, come out Come! What is the noise? What is the problem here? Because I didn’t talk in the phone,
he came to the hostel itself ma’am How dare you enter a ladies hostel,
that too with a rose?

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