Amazing Blind Baseball League

the National beep baseball association
has just came to light for us into it. sports
basically it is baseball for the Blind now if you want to check
out a video will throw Lake in the description below on how exactly they play the game in game video
now we looked into the Long Island bombers and ESPN band even did I a story on e60 that is gonna come out in May on a long island bombers
basically how it works is the ball has a peeping system and the
picture and the batter are on the same team
there six fielder’s obviously in the field and the pitcher
communicates with the batter on when he’s tossing it and when to
swing so I mean it they they have to be in sync
they have to be in unison so then when the ball is hit a beeping ball is
hit together all they’re all blinded to level the playing field even if they are just about blind they have to wear I an eye mask so just just the level the
playing field when they hit the ball randomly at for space for third base also beats so they hear it and then I
gotta run to that basic economically as they can they can run to either base either base which ever one goes off it’s
a it’s at random the first author if they make it there before on they’ve
also cured book before the ball security in the field this for rock so I may not have anything
I love this story because it incorporates those who have those disabilities that
are able to play and I mean its it looks incredibly hard
when you’re in the field I mean what and what are the guys from
the Bombers was even do was even saying I almost caught the ball
in practice so just goes to show you how rare it is to do that and just the the sense is that they have
to have you know going to the ball in securing
the ball i mean it looks incredibly difficult but I love that
there in court one thing that frustrates me about the long-on bombers right one
thing that frustrates you know the team that is sixty is write a story but there are ready is a
blind baseball team a the New York Mets house what com it’s a great story it’s a
really good story and that only every part of it sorta want
you the way like the there there with the teams that women and men in the
yeah and the way the one of the girls was talking about how great it is just to be able to
participate in athletic event with people like you and I we don’t have to so I
it’s a great thing and it’s a pretty well designed system I that again because you cannot do so
much catch the ball but like you gotta secure it before they get to the bases
judge it’s like simple but but sophisticated enough that it matters in and and the timing there because again
the ideas you wanna throw the ball to meet the batte to the pitcher trying to get hit not try
that have the ball get it yes a but I just die I love the whole thing
it’s a great story a very quickly was created in 1964 by
engineers the mountain Bell Telephone Academy who help students at a local
high school for the blind there six innings in a game as I said everyone must be blindfolded
and the picture yells to the batter I but I mean that the World Series this
year by the ways in Columbus Georgia July 30th August 4th if you guys wanna
donate go to NBB a doubt org and try to help them out I mean I think it’s great I’m I love
that store

20 thoughts on “Amazing Blind Baseball League

  1. in no way shape or form is this inspirational that gets ovverused way too much yeah it sucks theyre blind and they wanna play but and its a cool concept but in the end its just going to be a buncha blind dudes swatting at nothing i know im the bad guy

  2. Im just wondering… Do you, the host that I don't know the name off, have or had a broken jaw? Your jaw is very unsymmetrical. Answer please!

  3. My buddy's godfather has been blind most of his life now and used to play blind hockey. Said first time out he skated headfirst into the boards… And the blind 100m is the coolest track event you'll ever see.

  4. Some people are huge dicks to people with disabilities. Makes me sad. Let them be, they are having a great time and living life.

  5. You could call any sport silly by that logic though. Football could be called a silly sport with men in high shorts running around aimlessly kicking a ball back and forth at an overly-sized goal. I'm just saying just because you don't like a sport doesn't make it silly.

  6. wow.
    before he explained how it was played i was already thinking,
    "i wana see a blind man hit R.A Dickey's knuckleball"
    this is pretty amazing though.

  7. once again gonna be the bad guy i fail to see how this inspires anyone to do anything but call it inspiring im just saying that word gets way overused nowadays yeah its pretty damn cool but inspiring it is not

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