37 thoughts on “Amazing Cottage Has Cozy Three Bedroom in 59 Wicket Way, Cashiers, NC, USA,

  1. 😃 Delightful!!
    If you're not lucky enough to live in a cozy little home like this, just study the details here & reproduce the look. Using & adding your own personal touches. (Try nailing some inexpensive pine boards to the walls of a smaller room & paint. Add some built-in bookcases & window seat storage too.)

  2. The cottage is great but so overstuffed on the inside….heavy drapery and large furniture with too much bricabrac all over….

  3. This is NOT a tiny house. WTH? This is not far from where I live, so I was gonna try to drive by it just to see how cute it is, but why bother?! This is prime property, in a super prime luxury location, not tiny, definitely NOT part of any movement towards minimalist living.

    Stop with these bogus videos! I'm boycotting your channel. Annoying & you wasted my precious time!

  4. Cashiers and Highlands, NC are very expensive places to live. Many people come up to these mountains from Georgia and South Carolina in the summer to get away from the oppressive heat in their states. The whole area is absolutely breathtaking.

  5. Zillow says this home is over 1800 sq. feet. Not so small. It is now listed at 1.2 million. I guess they decided to bring the price down 100,000.00. That's enough to build an ultra "loaded" tiny home. Not sure who they are advertising to, but it's darling!!

  6. Decorated very ugly. Way too much big, bulky furniture. No color coordination. Looks like it was thrown together.

  7. There isn't one single thing I don't love about this cozy, beautiful house!!! Fireplace on the sunporch….WOW! Oh, wait, there is one thing, can't afford it. But some lucky person can, and I sure hope they enjoy it!

  8. Sehr schönes Haus, bloß…
    Möbel und Vorhänge raus
    es wirkt dadurch zu überladen , weniger ist oft auch mehr !!!

  9. Watched again and noticed that the kitchen is in the front of the house. You have to walk thru the living room to get to the dining room. That is quite odd for a house that is otherwise very well planned out and expensive.

  10. I lived in Hendersonville, NC 9 years ago and my friend and I use to shop in Cashiers, NC a lot ❤️ It is a very high in mountain town….absolutely a beautiful place with extraordinary unique homes ❤️

  11. Ideas for garden-home outdoors and in are doable on a much more scaled down budget. Secondhand, homemade, re-purposed, hand-me-down, junkyard -flea-market – sweat-equity sources can help you adapt your home to the flavor and peace found in this property. Rent or own, make your home your dream place.

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