61 thoughts on “Amazing Poke Bowls at Paina Cafe in Honolulu, Hawaii (REVIEW)

  1. Hey friends! Our next meal in Hawaii takes us to Paina Cafe, a place that's famous for their variety of Poke Bowls. I am addicted to their Hawaiian Bowl, which includes kalua pork, lomilomi salmon and ahi poke. I got the brown rice for extra fiber, but I think white rice is best when it comes to Poke Bowls.

  2. I've had poke 2 times in my entire life and I can still remember the amazing flavors and textures. And your mom is adorable. So is your sister.

  3. Yay! Mom! I love seeing your Mom! And a bonus, sister! Everything you guys ate looked delicious! I have never had a poke bowl before. I am so eager to try it!

  4. Hello, Shinichi-san's mother! Looking forward to seeing more of her cooking videos in the future. Stay healthy and happy! 😀

  5. Ahh~ It was nice seeing your mom and sister again! 🙂 Everything in the video looked extremely tasty as well, but Satoshi-san's description of the salmon made my mouth water. lol

  6. Please tell your mom that her hairstyle was spot on! And I really felt for your sister~she ordered 'healthy' [to be 'good'], but … :-]

  7. Loved seeing you guys in Hawaii and seeing your mom again, she is so sweet! Can't wait for the next episode! Aloha! 😃

  8. Aloha Shinichi…next time you and Satoshi are on oahu check out (Fresh Ahi Off The Boat). it's one of my favorite go to places. They have poke bowls and bentos made as you order and if you eat in they serve it to you like a teishoku meal in that wooden tray box. Their food is so yummy. My fav on the menu is B1 and my mom's fav is B7…both are delicious. Check out their menu online so you can see ahead of time what they have. I haven't tried Paina yet but if I do go there I'll probably choose the salmon poke bowl that Satoshi had cause that looked really good lol

  9. That looks like a fun place to visit, with some creative lunch offerings. Everything looked delicious to me! It's so nice to see your family again, Shinichi – what a pleasant surprise today! Thanks for the video. 🙂

  10. This video makes me really want to visit Hawaii and I've never had a poke bowl before! Your mom's scarf looks really nice too! 😀

  11. It's great seeing a new video with your mom and sister! I've been binge watching your videos since I found your channel a few days ago, and I enjoyed seeing them in your older videos. The poke bowls look really good.

  12. so happy to see mom! she looks stunning! and sis is so pretty too! you all look so happy! what wonderful memories!

  13. I always watch your channel. Very awesome. Nice to see you stopping in Oahu to visit your ohana. Next time you come visit try this place called "poke on da run" mahalo nui braddah.

  14. So good to see your mom and sister in the video! The salmon poke bowl looked amazing! Thanks for sharing your vacation with us.

  15. Everything seemed delicious. Your sister and mother are adorable! You all seemed very happy together, that's nice to see.

  16. ハワイに行きたい~♪後、チャンネル登録者さん5万人突破本当におめでとうございます♥これkらも色んな国や地方のグルメ情報楽しみにしてます(^^)/

  17. I am behind on watching videos so I'm just catching up. I adore seeing you all together with your family. Your mom is so cute! I'm always happy to see her in your videos.

  18. Last I heard from home was that the Ward Center area was to be demolished. Probably so another condo can be built.

  19. you have a great family! your mother is sooo adorable.hope you can visit Philippines.we have a lot of delicious foods i'm sure you will love to try.

  20. Is it just the Pokemon gamer in me or what? I kept hearing Poke balls whenever you say Poke bowls ahahahah xD

  21. I tried a poke bowl with tofu, edamame and avacado among other things. It was my first time trying one and it was vegan. I must say, it was delicious. So I started making them at home for the fam. They love them too.

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