90 thoughts on “Ambush at Caverns of the Great Bat | High Elves Vs Skaven | Total War: Warhammer 2 cinematic

  1. I remember the first cinematic battle you made for total war Warhammer 1 and they just keep getting better and better 👌👌

  2. were these only ratslaves against guardians or something ? because if it was then it was a really unfair battle

  3. 1:52 that was perfectly timed lmao, the horn sounded like an autistic seagull screeching down a kazoo.

  4. Good video! How about a narrator who tells a bit of a story about the duel, the main character and the evils things all around them? Only with the Epic music this was a bit dull inbetween.

  5. I played this battle. I got my elve up the mountain and force the rat to fight me up hill. It cause a lot less causality. I got my dragona too to fight against the big bat.

  6. I kinda want to see a battle with nothing but mounts and those special beast that the armies use some times (seen other videos where they have some war beast with them)

  7. В бой братья Скавены в бой! КРОВЬ БОГУ КРОВИ! ЧЕРЕПА ТРОНУ ЧЕРЕПОВ!

  8. great cinematic!
    i'd suggest keeping the enemy on one side of the screen as it helps the viewer understand the positions of the two forces better, rather than doing a 360 view of the enemy and changing which side they are on. 180 rule!

  9. I just fought that battle. And I don't know how you did it, but you made it look terrible. And its such a great quest. That music almost put me to sleep. And having the speech at the beginning like that instead of in the cave didn't make any sense.

  10. Why this guy hate skaven so much. The elves get some of their best units while the skaven get slaves. Seems pretty rigged against a race that has only failed to kill every other race because of in fighting. Just saying

  11. Этот шедевр нужно было в игру пристолов ставить в замен убогой битвы во тбме )

  12. There should be a Allience between Men,Dwarves,Elves and Lizard men from Lustria to fight against the forces of chaos,Skaven,Vampire coast and other threats

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