American Football – “I’ve Been So Lost For So Long” (Official Music Video)

(“I’ve Been So Lost For So
Long” by American Football) ♫ I’ve been so lost ♫ For so long ♫ Every street’s a dead end ♫ Every sign points behind me ♫ If you need me, don’t ♫ You can’t trust a man
who can’t find his way home ♫ My impaired intuition is
telling me just to give in ♫ If you find me ♫ Could you please remind me ♫ Why I woke up today ♫ I feel so sick ♫ Doctor, it hurts when I exist ♫ This isn’t the pain ♫ I’m usually in ♫ I hope it’s not contagious ♫ Maybe I’m asleep and this is all a dream ♫ I can’t believe my
life is happening to me ♫ If you find me ♫ Could you please remind me ♫ Why I should wake up tomorrow ♫ This is me reaching out to you ♫ Publicly ♫ So what else is new ♫ Maybe I’m asleep and
this is all a dream ♫

58 thoughts on “American Football – “I’ve Been So Lost For So Long” (Official Music Video)

  1. anyone who's a fan of American football would find this hilarious. Firstly because Mike Kinsella is so depressed in person but in like a very serious way, never a goth-y way. This is also funny because American Football a very serious emo/math/post rock band- and this video is like a satire of sadness ๐Ÿ˜€ I feel like you sorta need to know the band- or at least what angle they take on their music. I am so grateful this exists right now haha

  2. Don't know why this is here on Funny or die, but it is a nice commentary on difficult father-son relationships & how generations develop their own interests in contrast to what other generations wanted to feel like they are accepted & belong. ๐Ÿปto dads who put aside their ego long enough to build bridges to their children

  3. ever since i mentioned it the other day, i've listened to american football's new album like x10 times over.. and i was already thinking this was the best track on the album, after i started tearing up the first time i was listening to it.. then youtube showed me a notification they had a new video.. then i thought it was hilarious "funny or die" made an a.f. video, of all people.. and the description being "[this video]…teaches us that father and son relationships are the same no matter which generation is wearing the make-up." its so good for the first half where its like only the drummer & his son, and i straight up started laughing when his dad buys him a choker for his birthday present.. then, when mike kinsella comes in wearing all that black make-up.. and the looks they give each other over the fireworks & dirty joke book.. omfg. this is the most amazing surprise i ever could've thought of.. god i just love this so much. this is literally my new favorite. the best music video i've since in like 10 years straight. rating – 15 out of `10 stars.

  4. ksksks Mike ficou muito engraรงado de Emo. American Football se tornou rapidamente minha banda favorita ^^

  5. Little punk kids. Just throw the fucking ball back and forth. One of a dad's greatest things is to toss the ball with his son. It does seem pointless to the kid especially, if they don't play sportsย but its not about throwing the ball, its about the bond that exists between father and son.

  6. i think their new album was done pretty solidly. It's not the first album, but it is it's own stroke of genius

  7. I don't know if I'm looking at this right, I only just found this band..

    But it seems to me like it's showing that everyone has some sort of a sadness inside of them. The father – son relationship with the ball when the son holds the glove, first the son is the goth, showing that he's 'too depressed' to care about playing. And his father seems to be disappointed with that. But at the end we see the same scene but with the father as the goth, and this time it seems as if the son doesn't want to play with his father, because of his father's depression and negativeness. He probably just doesn't feel like it's natural, he would probably rather play it with his friends. So what I think this is saying in a satirical way, that we all have sadness and loneliness inside us. The 'goth' appearance is a symbol of that sadness and loneliness. But because we all have it inside us to some degree, we often feed sadness off each other rather than making each other happier. This is just the way I see it.

  8. "Real Emo" only consists of the dc Emotional Hardcore scene and the late 90's Screamo scene. What is known by "Midwest Emo" is nothing but Alternative Rock with questionable real emo influence. When people try to argue that bands like My Chemical Romance are not real emo, while saying that Sunny Day Real Estate is, I can't help not to cringe because they are just as fake emo as My Chemical Romance (plus the pretentiousness). Real emo sounds ENERGETIC, POWERFUL and somewhat HATEFUL. Fake emo is weak, self pity and a failed attempt to direct energy and emotion into music. Some examples of REAL EMO are Pg 99, Rites of Spring, Cap n Jazz (the only real emo band from the midwest scene) and Loma Prieta. Some examples of FAKE EMO are American Football, My Chemical Romance and Mineral EMO BELONGS TO HARDCORE NOT TO INDIE, POP PUNK, ALT ROCK OR ANY OTHER MAINSTREAM GENRE

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