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We’re loving Australia, it’s great! I mean, even this Gold Coast… This place is like, it’s… chock-a-block! Yeah. Yeah, mate. Er… ‘Mate’. -Yeah? -It’s like ‘May-te’… -Maite? Yeah, mayte… May-te…? -Mayte… -But we studied the Aussie culture! -I don’t think he is an Aussie. -I… I don’t think you are Aussie. -Yeah. Yeah? Well, I am from Australia, but, yeah… I’ll take on a challenge! -You want to challenge us? -I’ll take on a challenge! We’ll say some Aussie terms. -Yeah. -Tell us if you know the meaning of it. -Ask about ‘Brekkie’. -What is a Berki? -Brekkie, brekkie! Sorry, that’s a Marathi word. -What’s a brekkie? -Okay, yeah. Brekkie is a classical term for… for breakfast! Good so far, but next is very tough. -Brolly. -What’s a trolley? -Brolly. Brolly. -What’s a brolly? Brolly? Aw, mate… A brolly is an umbrella! If it’s an umbrella, why don’t you call it umby? Why do you call it brolly? Mate, it’s always been brolly. But I tell you, we have a word called Brochya! Very famous in the district of Maharashtra. Brochya for ‘bro’. -Net pack is over. -Net-pack-is-over. What? Your data has run out? You mean you’ve been cheating? How did you get that? My data has run out as well. But you don’t become an Aussie just by using slang. You become an Aussie by taking on some challenges. Here, gimme your phone. Why do you take on these nonsense things? No, I thought we had learnt the Aussie culture. But we hadn’t. Clearly, the man thinks we don’t know Aussie slang. He’s telling us, ‘If you want to be an Aussie, complete a few challenges I’m setting you.’ -But how… -And you know us; we are the Roadies of Kothrud. We do what it takes. I don’t want to be a Roadie. You have fun! -Bharatmata ki jai! I can’t… -Brochya, you’re leaving me alone? You’ll leave me alone? Come on! Convincing him is a whole other challenge! Oi! Before you go, here’s your phone. Let’s go. -See this. -We’re going for ice-cream? Let’s… Yes, the scoop at the back- that one. Look at it. We have to drop from the top of it. The Giant Drop. That we keep having in our careers. Why do we have to relive it? Don’t be afraid. It’s calling out our masculinity! I don’t like masculinity. I’m a metrosexual guy. I like crying and getting emotional. I know. Come on, you can cry in the ride. -No, please… -Sit inside and cry. -It’s too dangerous, man. -Let’s go. -Too dangerous. -Come on. Damn! I didn’t get scared; in fact, it was fun! It was a great ride! Kesari gave you a warm-up. Let’s go to the next ride, come. Coming to Jacob’s Creek to have wine is a task? It’s not a task, dude. It’s my wish. But this needs courage, too, you know? -What courage!? -You don’t think it does? Hey… it’s mom. -Why would my mom be here? -Not your mom. BhaDiPa’s mom. Oh, yeah! -Yes, yes. -Mom! -That’s okay. -Big fan! -Yes, me too. -Me too. Here for wine tasting? -It’s grape extract. It helps purify blood, you know. -Right, right. -Me too. -We’re also here for health reasons. -Oh! Coming to Barossa Valley and not visiting Jacob’s Creek isn’t… Ancient wisdom, right? -Come on, sit. Sit, sit. -You’re in the same buffet? -Yes. Sit down. -Shall we sit with you? -Yeah! Okay. We’d like to have all of them. All. See you, aunty. This was great. Meeting you was great! Now taking off with my ‘may-te’. -Enough drinking, don’t drink any more. -No. -This is enough! -Yes. -Come on, let’s go. I’ll drive. -Don’t let go of his hand. -No. And I’ll drive. -He couldn’t take it. -It’s ancient wisdom! You continue your thing… for health reasons… Okay? -Okay, come on. -It was amazing! Who’s that? No, you don’t know them. It’s all fine; we’re running in slo-mo… But what exactly are we doing here? Now… We’re gonna surf! -We do it online all the time. -Not the surfing we do for free on others’ wi-fi! This we’ll do with a hi-fi person. -Surfing on the beach. -That kind…? -Isn’t there a simple task like watch a play…? -What a coward! -Come on! -No, no, no… I told you, dude. It’s gonna be fun! It was a bit tiring. But I’m sure you had a bloody good time, may-te! You wait. You’re going to get bloody! -Huh? -The next activity is going to make you bloody! What is it? -Hey, hey… What is this? -Alright, I’m out of here. -Take your board with you! -Get it for me. If you’d work hard, you’d make it as a ‘board’ member here! What kinda person is this? You have to hug it. -What is it? -It’s a Koala bear. -I cannot bear this! -Come on, it won’t bite you! Look how cute it is. -My mom said the same about my dad. I’m not doing it. -It’s extremely sweet and vulnerable- like me. Come. -I’ll just hug you then. -No, it’s a lot more hairy than I am. -Please, let’s not. -Let’s go. -Hey… -Who’s that? -Shane Warne! -This is him? -Yeah! -Is he playing at ‘Statue’? Will he bowl for us? -Yes, he’s waiting for you inside. -Yeah? -Glenn McGraw, Jason Gillespie, all are eager to meet you. Amey Wagh is here! -Really?! -Bowling time! Toss it up, Shane. -Over there, can you see? Sorry guys, you can’t come in. -No, we can’t? -No, we were told that if we want to be Aussies, we have to hit a six at MCG. We’ve to hit a six here. He bats really well; he’s always batting! If you wanna come in here, you’d have to get some practice. -You want me to practice? -Yeah, practice. -No, Steve Wagh and Mark Wagh are my uncles, so I can… -Sorry, you gotta go via practice. -Oh! -When you can do that, I’ll stand up and clap you. -Yeah, yeah. You’ll have to clap. -Yes. (Film dialogue from Lagaan) That was against the British. We’re in Australia. This is different. Not all white people are the same. -Sorry, mate. Sorry. -Let’s go. Hit your six. -Let’s smash a six! Go for it, yeah? Shit! This is enough. I think I’ve got it. Thank you! I was good enough. -Wasn’t I? -You were alright, but you’re not gonna replace Kohli. -No? -No, you’re not gonna replace Kohli. But can I see the stadium, at least? -If you wanna be an Aussie, once. -Thank you! Thank you! -It’s casual. -It’s casual? -It’s casual. –It’s casual. It’s casual. It’s casual. -Do this. It’s casual! -Let’s go. -Yeah, wow! Oh! Thank you, thank you, guys! Thank you for the Man of the Match award. Thank you so much! Man of the Match? I don’t know if you got Man of the Match! -No? -No. -Why can’t I win the Man of the Match? -‘Cause I won it! -Oh! -It’s fine, dude. You couldn’t do it. Failures are nothing new for you. -Yeah, man! I wasn’t well-prepared. Fine. But, dude, keep in mind… Women’s World Cup is coming up. So, she will avenge Ganguly, Sachin, Virat,… -Yuvi… -Yuvi… Even Amey… She will avenge everyone! Smriti Mandhana! -Come on. -Where? -The next activity. -I’m not coming. -No, dude. I’ve got someone to motivate you! -Who is it? -A special one. What does ‘Bridge Climb’ mean? -Going up the bridge. -So, I’m not doing it! I was told we just have to look at the bridge! Which I’ve done in movies like Dil Chahta Hai. I’m not climbing up the bridge! -I’m being honest, I didn’t mislead him. I genuinely felt… –I’m here to roam around… -We have to come and… -I’m here for shows. Just walk and soak in the beauty of the bridge. -Listen. -See the beauty on the bridge! -I don’t want to… Listen! Do you have a phobia of going up? -I mean, are you scared of heights? -No, no. I’ll tell you what it is. It’s not a phobia of going up… -You’re being vulgar, I’m not… -No, no. Vulgar is not the point! He’s scared of work! Exercise phobia! -I’m telling the truth. -Come on, Nipun. -It’ll be fun. -No, it’ll be sweaty! I don’t want to… -Come, please… Let’s go climb, man! -Come, climb the bridge! -Come, please. -It’s my first time with you, no? So this was our Australia video. It was a ton of fun! -Time of our lives! -Too much fun! There’s one thing that’s sad. We all know how much damage the bush fire in Australia caused. And yet, Australia has bounced back. -Yeah. -The people there are strong; they’ve restarted their businesses. -And we can help them as well. -Yes, what we can do is… we can visit Australia… again. Travel around Australia and enjoy… -This will help them. -And it’s a treat for us too! Also, Kesari Tours has personalized packages as well. They have special packages for the upcoming Women’s World Cup. So, do go for those! Yes. And one more thing… This hoodie… I want to know why its sales are so low? Aren’t you feeling the chill? Please buy this hoodie!

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  2. Arrange get together with your YouTube followers

    Don’t know about others but

    M interested in interacting with you…

    I made two friends to whom I never met…

    Pun intended Nipun
    Amended Amey 😄😄

    Just joking….

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    Dono bewakufff hai.

  5. Can't stop laughing I'm like actually ROFL he broche are out of this world amey : ajun koala koala mithi maaryla laavnaares tu aani nipun mala Phakt ghaam yeil🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 amey nipun is ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍❤️❤️

  6. ३१ डिसेंबर चा अस्मिता वाहिनी वरचा भाडीपा चा प्रोग्राम मिस झाला तर परत ऐकता येईल का. कृपया लिंक स्वतंत्रपणे शेअर करा

  7. This Nipun seems to be a very serious guy on the inside which inturn gives a good timing to his humour on the outside.
    His seriousness seems to be surfacing in this video.

  8. ???????????? Of Maharashtra?
    Was there a joke? I couldn't find one! So couldn't Like the video..
    ते एडिट करून कट करता येत नव्हतं का?

  9. ०.०८ चा सेम सिन माझ्याबरोबर झाला होता हैदराबाद ला.
    जनरली मुंबई ची पोरं मित्राच्या खांद्यावर हात टाकून चालतात. पण हैदराबाद मधे "हातात हात घालून" चालतात. एक माझा चांगला मित्र होता हैदरबादी तर एकदा सहज चालताना त्याने माझ्या हातात हात घातला. माझी literally फाटली 😧
    कसं बसं हातातून हात सोडवला आणि दोन्ही हात खिश्यात घालून चालू लागलो. एक दोन दिवस बाहेर पाहिल्यावर लक्षात आलं तो "गे" नव्हता तर ती त्यांची "पद्धत" होती मैत्री व्यक्त करण्याची. 😅😅😅😅😅

  10. Bhadipa for life😘😍… kat Dalo captain Russel ke Ahankar ko… uda do dhajiyaan angrejo ki..🤣🤣🤣 one of my favourite dialogue.. you brought this up… pune chya episode nantarch kela ahe vat tey.. tilak smarak madhey… casting couch cha format sameach asnar ahe ka.. no celebrities… you had mentioned bangandharav madhey 15 Feb la ahe.. BMS var ajun tickets nahi alet

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    पकडा रे ह्यांना ☝️ आणि टाका त्या जंगलात 🔥

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