AmputeeOT: Close up of my below knee amputation stump 2 weeks old

Hello! This is Christina Stephens, the Amputee OT. I’ve noticed that there are hardly any good videos of transtibial amputations on YouTube that show a person’s residual limb in the early healing stages, in really close-up detail. So, this video will be some video of my new limb, close up! This is a two-ply stump sock. They come in different “ply”. That means different thicknesses. They come in everything from one- to five-ply, I think. Still a little sore to put on, but not too bad. Actually, the– the stump sock feels really nice, ’cause then I don’t get it cutting into my knee in the back. In my other video, some of my friends and commenters said that it sounded like I was saying “baloney amputation”. Like, y’know, “baloney”, the sandwich that you eat. Or, “That’s baloney!” And I said, “No, I’m not saying that! It doesn’t sound like that!” But then I went back and listened to myself; and it actually DOES sound like I’m saying “baloney amputation”; So from now on, I’m just going to have to say [slowly, exaggeratedly] “below knee”. Below…knee. BELOW…..KNEE BEE-low THE KNEE. I think I’ll stick with “transtibial” 😉 All right, guys! More later! Bye-bye!

8 thoughts on “AmputeeOT: Close up of my below knee amputation stump 2 weeks old

  1. Phantom pains are difficult to cure ; they can disappear after some weeks or months, or years – or the whole life … Do you still endure pains in the amputated part of your leg ?

  2. hi I recently stumbled upon your videos trying to do research my husband recently had a below-the-knee amputation due to a motorcycle accident it has now been about 4 months almost and his stump has not fully healed yet there's a section that keeps opening up on the incision and they have gone in three times since and try to close it and has been unsuccessful I was wondering if you had any tips that might help us we are supposed to see a micro surgeon soon but his orthopedist said that there could be a possibility that they would have to amputate a little bit more and of course we want to avoid this please any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  3. Thank you for this. I'm in the research stage of whether BKA is an option for me after a possible non union of a subtalar fusion. 12 years after the initial injury I'm wondering if this is my path.

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