AmputeeOT How to dye your stump socks for amputees

Hey, everybody. This is Christina, the Amputee OT. In this week’s video, I’m going to show you how to turn this boring old white stump sock into something really entertaining and fun. Okay, so there’s a couple of things you need to know about dyeing your stump socks. One is that you need to know the type of material your stump socks are made out of. If your stump socks are a cotton or a cotton-poly blend like these one-ply filler socks, then you can dye them using any kind of regular Rit-style dye, in which you just put the dye in a bowl of water, put your stump socks in a bowl of water, and you dye them. But, if you have stump socks that are made of polyester or acrylic you have to use a little bit of a different method to dye them. By the way, I would not recommend doing this on any stump sock if the stump stock is in direct contact with your skin, or at least, do just one at first and try it out for a day or so to see if you might have an allergic reaction to the dyes, because I know that sometimes people have really sensitive skin. But if you have a liner like I do, where you use your stump socks in-between your liner and your socket, then the stump socks are not in direct contact with your skin and I feel like you can do whatever you want. Obviously you can dye your stump socks whatever color you want, but I’d recommend dying all of the same ply the same color. So for example all of my one-ply filler socks are now purple and all of my socks are going to be the same color, so four-ply are going to be red, three-ply are going to be blue, and two-ply are going to be green. Alright, I don’t know if you’re like me, but if you are, then you ruin everything you touch, and so if you do not want to get dye on your clothes and end up doing what I did which is getting dye on my pants, and then just dumping my pants in the dye vat, then you’ll probably want to wear really dark clothes or clothes that you don’t really care that much about. And you’ll also want to protect the environment around you, because otherwise you’re going to get dye on everything! At least I will. In fact I’m probably going to end up getting dye on my entire wardrobe somehow! The dye I’m going to be using is iDye Poly in green. This is a dye that is for polyester, or acrylics and you can buy it from Joann Fabrics or several online retailers. This is just an example. Any dye that is made for Polyester Fabric will work, but this is the one that I found at the craft store. And basically all you have to do to dye your garments is to put this in a pot with water and Add your garments and then boil it for half an hour to one hour. I would also suggest using a pot that you get from the thrift store because you’re probably not going to want to cook in this again. And turn your fan on so that the fumes don’t kill you! Here is the red dye. You can see here I’m adding the dye packets to the dye pot and then mixing up all of the dye so that it’s evenly distributed in the pot and ends up quite dark. After your dye is mixed up you’ll need to add your stump socks to the pot and saturate them in the dye, and then follow the dye’s directions, which usually say something to the effect of stirring constantly for 15 minutes and then boiling for half an hour to an hour while stirring pretty frequently. After that you will want to let your stump socks cool down, and then usually I like to drop them in the sink and run cool water over them for a couple of minutes, like maybe 10 minutes, and then after that, squeeze out all the excess dye with your hands. After that you can pop them in the washer, and I like to wash them like probably about four times or so, to make sure all the residual dye is gone, and then after that you will have socks in whatever pretty colors your heart desires! If you’d like to get lighter color socks, then you can just use less dye. Okay everybody, that’s all for now! If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments section below. You can subscribe if you like, I put out new videos every Wednesday. You can follow me on Facebook, and see you next time! Bye!

13 thoughts on “AmputeeOT How to dye your stump socks for amputees

  1. Hey Christina – My prosthetist has me wearing silver moisture-wicking liners – because of their inherent properties, do you recommended attempting to dye them? – Thanks!

  2. NIce idea. Surprised that no company makes colored stump socks.
    Can you say "market opportunity"? Christina, dye queen LOL.

    I would suggest mapping the color to the sock thickness. e.g. thinist socks are purple, down to thickest as red (or the reverse if you prefer). That way you don't have to memorize the color map. You just know the rainbow sequequence ROYGBIV. Also, why do you buy so many different sizes, when you can make up ANY size with just 3 sizes? 1, 2, 4, 8  is all you need.. 3 is 1+2, 5 is 1+4 etc.
    Buy extra 1 ply since that will be used the most as you incrementally change size.

    I would also suggest using very little dye so that you get pastel colors if you're not into BOLD color. And then you'll have lots of dye left over for future socks.

  3. I have about 40 fabric dyes and soda ash from when I use to do tyedye. I wonder if I could use the soda ash to prevent bleeding? I also wonder how mod podge would hold up on a prosthetic leg? Anyone here ever try it?

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